theHunter: Call of the Wild Schummeln auf Xbox One (X1)

Letzte Aktualisierung: 19. März 2023
theHunter: Call of the Wild
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Feb 15, 2017
  • Genres: Simulator, Sport, Adventure, Shooter
  • Bewertungen: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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Unlock Callers/Weapons/Gear


When you level up (earning XP from hunting animals, claiming outposts, finding points of interest, etc.), you’ll unlock more callers and other gear.

new  to  the  game    on  xbox  seems  hard  toi  gain  money  points  etc
tom frasher, vor 2 Jahren - Antwort

Crouch Run Glitch


If you aim down your sights with any weapon and double tap B then un aim after the second tap you will have the abilty to crouch run. Works 99.99% of the time!

is  it  patched
jayden calabrese, vor 3 Jahren - Antwort

Faster than running while crouched


Sometimes when you go prone and swap to crouch fast enough you will be crouched and run as if you put on a 2x run, when this happens he sound you make stays at crouch level.

This  doesnt  work..
Ryan Jeffery, vor 2 Jahren - Antwort



There are persistent rumors that it is possibly to very rarely encounter Bigfoot/Sasquatch roaming the game, especially around Halloween. However, these rumors are currently unconfirmed and may be the result of a joke.

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i  dont  have  enough  money  i  dont  even  have  enough  to  sleep
Devon, vor 6 Monaten Antwort
I  need  more  money
Landen Beck, vor 1 Jahr Antwort
Use  your  .243  it  gives  you  for  free,  buy  all  the  free  ammo  you  want  because  it's  free  and  shoot  a  lot  of  whitetails  at  Layton  lake
Notreal, vor 7 Monaten Antwort
Plus  d'argent
Alexa Trudeau, vor 1 Jahr Antwort
Question.  how  do  i  know  which  call  i  am  holding  without  actually  using  it?  plz  help?
kelton appis, vor 1 Jahr Antwort
is  there  an  easy  way  to  get  money  without    any    DLC's    such  as  a  glitch  or  money  cheat
icy shadowwolf, vor 2 Jahren Antwort
That's  actually  a  good  Question.  Btw  i'm  new  here.
kelton appis, vor 1 Jahr Antwort
If  you  get  into  a  game  where  the  host  has  a  high  ping  (280+)  then  if  you  kill  any  animal  and  go  to  harvest  it  then  if  you  spam  the  X  button  then  you  will  end  up  basically  harvesting  the  rewards  from  the  animal  everytime  you  keep  pressing  the  X  button,
My  friend  just  tried  it  and  with  2  animals  he  went  from  1k  to  250k,
Now  I  am  trying  to  find  a  high  ping  server  to  do  it  myself.  
Hope  this  helps!
Jack Tomo Tomlinson, vor 2 Jahren Antwort
how  do  i  get  the  multi  animal  glitch?
daniel hilbert, vor 3 Jahren Antwort
Can  you  play  single  player  mood  when  you  buy  the  other  maps  for  the  hunter  call  of  the  wild?
Cox, vor 3 Jahren Antwort
I'm  trying  to  kill  a  fallow  deer  at  a  gold  level  
I've  killed  many  weighing  over  90kg  and  get  no  level  rating  
So  I'm  stuck  
It's  the  last  animal  I  need  to  complete  task  
Jeff Durocher, vor 3 Jahren Antwort
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