Far Cry 5 Leitfäden auf Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Hier sind unsere Leitfäden für Far Cry 5 auf Playstation 4. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten von unseren Benutzern die meisten "Daumen hoch" und erscheinen näher an der Spitze!

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The Best Weapons in the Game


  • Recurve Bow: An excellent option for silently taking out outposts. It's also a flexible weapon, as you can replace regular arrows with explosive ones to deal with tough enemies.
  • SMG-11: While this sidearm doesn't do too much damage, it has an exceptional rate of fire that allows you to take down enemies with impressive speed. It's particularly great if you're in a vehicle because it's a light sidearm. 
  • Shovel Launcher: This is a rather hilarious weapon, but that in no way hinders its effectiveness against vehicles. You can use it to launch shovels against helicopters, trucks, SUVs, and planes (if you aim well).
  • D50: More popularly known as the Desert Eagle, this little sidearm packs an incredible punch. If you're an accurate shot, it's a great second to a low-damage rifle.
  • M-79 Grenade Launcher: This handheld grenade launcher was a fan favorite when it was first introduced in the second game and, as a result, continues to make an appearance. It does a ridiculous amount of damage, leaving no trace of your target's existence behind once you're done with them. While the rate of fire is low, this is a sure one-hit-kill weapon if you've got decent aim.

Specialists: Where to Find Them and What They Can Do


  • Boomer, "The Good Boy," is a scout. You'll find him in the Holland Valley region of Hope County. To unlock him, you must complete "Man's Best Friend" at Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm. He's great for scouting outposts and other locations to tag enemies but not the best fighter of the Specialists.
    His abilities are:
    • Pointer: Tags all nearby enemies.
    • Retriever: Sometimes fetches a weapon after an attack.
  • Cheeseburger, "The Fearsome Grizzly," is a Heavy fighter. You'll find him in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County. You must complete "A Right to Bear Arms" at the F.A.N.G Center to unlock him. He's a great fighter with lots of health, and we'll keep the enemies' focus off you by trying it to himself.
    His abilities are:
    • Bear Arms: Exercises his right to attack.
    • Cross to Bear: Draws focus during combat.
  • Peaches, "The Feline Powerhouse," is a Stealth unit. You'll find her in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County and must complete "Here Kitty Kitty" at Peaches Taxidermy to unlock her. She's great for stealth takedowns no matter the location, but she's weak, so you'll need to guard her if your enemies spot her.
    Her abilities are:
    • Pounce: Takes down enemies silently.
    • Stalk: Stays hidden when moving through tall grass.
  • Nick Rye, "The King of the Skies," is a pilot. You'll find him in the Holland Valley Region of Hope County. You'll need to complete the "Wingman" mission after liberating Ryr and Son's Aviation to unlock him. He attacks from the air, meaning he's not particularly stealthy or fast, but he's a great asset when you're trying to take out vehicles.
    His abilities are:
    • Bomb's Away: You want a bomb? He'll drop it.
    • Light 'Em Up: You want a strafing run? Look out.
  • Hurk Drubman Jr, "Just Dangerously Stupid," uses an RPG. You'll find him in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County and will need to complete "The Prodigal Son" to unlock him. His RPG is deadly against weapons, which is great when you want to blow them up but not so great when you're trying to take hostages.
    His abilities are:
    • Heat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles.
    • Junk It: RPGs on vehicles are more destructive.
  • Sharky Boshaw, "The Pyrotechnics Phenom," uses Flamethrowers and Shotguns and is considered a Heavy Flamer. You'll find him in the Henbane River region of Hope County. You must complete "Burn Baby Burn" at the Moonflower Trailer Park to unlock him. He's a close-range fighter who prefers flamethrowers and shotguns and tends to set everything on fire.
    His abilities are:
    • Fire It Up: Attacks have an extra spark to them.
    • Shatterproof: Resistance to most explosions and impacts.
  • Grace Armstrong, "The Sharp-Shooting Hero," is a sniper. You find her in the Holland Valley region of Hope County. You'll need to complete "Grace Under Fire" at the Lamb of God Church to unlock her. She's a slow-firing sniper for enemies outside of your normal attack range.
    Her abilities are:
    • Boom Boom: Her sniper shots scare enemies.
    • Friend Sight: Her laser sight is easier to distinguish.
  • Jess Black, "The Master Huntress," is a Hunter. You'll find her in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County and will have to complete "A Dish Served Cold" after liberating the Baron Lumbermill to unlock her. She's stealthy, so she's excellent at silently taking down outposts and hunting with her bow.
    Her abilities are:
    • Concealment: Enemies have a harder time detecting her.
    • Feral Friendly: Wild animals see her as one of their own.
  • Adelaide Drubman, "The Chopper Queen," is a pilot. You'll find her in the Henbane River region of Hope County. You must complete the "Friendly Skies" mission at the Drubman Marina to unlock her. She flies a helicopter in for when you need support, meaning she's not the most stealthy character when in the air. She has massive magazines on the ground, which means she shoots a lot more and reloads a lot less.
    Her abilities are:
    • Call a Chopper: A helicopter will be delivered when it is called on.
    • Less Reload: The capacity of her magazine means that she doesn't have to reload as often, which means she can shoot for longer.

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