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Last Updated: November 10, 2023
Monster Hunter Now
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  • First Released: Sep 13, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
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How to Unlock New Weapons


You begin the game with the Sword & Shield, and the other five weapons become accessible throughout the game as you progress through the story and increase your Hunter Rank. The Great Sword becomes available once you reach and complete the first part of Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp. 

This is an eagerly awaited moment for fans of the Great Sword, especially for those who have previously played titles like Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. As you continue your journey and reach Hunter Rank 15, you will unlock the Long Sword, Hammer, Light Bowgun, and Bow, expanding your arsenal of weaponry.

How to Improve Your Gameplay


Simplify Your Game Settings

You can elevate your gaming adventure by making simple settings adjustments. Begin by tapping on your hunter's portrait, typically in the screen's bottom left corner. Once you do this, select the "60 fps While Hunting" option to ensure a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience. 

Moreover, you can fine-tune the graphics settings according to your device's capabilities, allowing you to choose from a range of options, from low to high settings. These changes can significantly enhance the game's visual appeal and overall performance.

Unlock Rewards with Adventure Sync

Like Pokémon Go, the game features an Adventure Sync system that can be a game-changer. It is handy when moving, enabling your Palico to keep tabs on the monsters you encounter. 

This nifty feature allows you to track these creatures for future hunts, even if you can't engage with them immediately. Adventure Sync is a fantastic tool to accumulate potential targets and rewards, making your gameplay experience more flexible and rewarding.

Swipe for Dodging

Dodging is a critical skill, and mastering it can significantly impact your success in battles. The initial tutorial guides you on swiping left or right to evade enemy attacks, but there's more to it. Expand your repertoire by swiping upwards, which triggers a forward roll. 

This maneuver can help you swiftly close the gap between you and your target. Conversely, swiping downwards executes a backward roll, allowing you to evade attacks from a monster. You can become a more agile and effective hunter in the game by mastering these swiping gestures.

Strategically Refresh Monster and Resource Locations

While the game offers a more convenient approach than other mobile games, you can still strategically manage the presence of monsters and resource nodes in your vicinity. After you've cleared an area of its inhabitants, consider taking a short break from the game. 

Within 10 minutes, the monsters and resources will reappear, making it easier to complete objectives and gather materials without extensive travel. This efficient approach can help you optimize your in-game progress.

Utilize Paintballs for Distant Battles

The game introduces a handy feature known as Paintballs, which can greatly aid your hunting endeavors. These paintballs serve as markers, allowing you to designate monsters you encounter, even when you cannot engage with them immediately. 

By marking these creatures with paintballs, you can revisit them later for battle once you're ready, provided you do so before the paintball timer expires. This feature simplifies the process of making the most of your encounters, particularly when your time is limited.

Prioritize Forging New Armor for Enhanced Defense

As you advance, it becomes increasingly important to focus on upgrading and forging new armor. While the concept of armor abilities remains familiar, the emphasis now shifts toward strengthening your defense. 

This transition is vital as you encounter tougher and more challenging monsters in the game. Equipping resilient armor is the key to overcoming the escalating trials you'll face.

Unlock Unique Abilities through Overgrading

A fresh and innovative feature in the game is the concept of overgrading armor, offering you an exciting avenue to enhance your gear. Overgrading takes your armor to a more powerful tier, and as you progress, it unlocks new abilities. 

These abilities often become available when your armor reaches Level 2 and Level 4, adding a layer of complexity to your gear progression. This system encourages you to explore the depths of your gear and discover new strategies for success.

Aim for Monster Parts to Improve Crafting Materials

In traditional Monster Hunter fashion, the game lets you target specific parts of a monster to increase your chances of obtaining rare crafting materials. When you focus your attacks on a particular area, you have the potential to "break" it. This process significantly boosts your chances of acquiring valuable ingredients for crafting, ensuring that your crafting endeavors are more efficient and rewarding.

Perfect Your Dodge Timing

Mastering the art of evasion is pivotal, especially given the absence of joystick controls. Achieving a perfect evade hinges on your timing - the ability to dodge enemy attacks at the very last moment. 

When you execute a perfect evade, you open up a window of opportunity for a counter-attack, which inflicts significantly more damage. This skill enhances your survivability and contributes to more efficient hunting.

Reach Hunter Rank 11

Your journey through the game can be greatly enhanced by rapidly attaining Hunter Rank 11. This milestone brings about a pivotal change in the game, as it allows you to earn experience points for your hunter simply by defeating monsters and gathering materials. This significantly simplifies your progression and paves the way for a richer and more diverse hunting experience, enabling you to tackle an array of monsters with greater freedom and ease.

Attack Smaller Monsters

On the game map, you'll encounter small monsters, which can be taken down with just a few hits from your weapon. It's easy to overlook them in favor of larger, more rewarding prey with valuable crafting materials. However, engaging with these smaller creatures brings several advantages. They provide unique drops crucial for enhancing your armor and weapons. 

Moreover, battling these little foes helps build up your Special Skill gauge, which carries over from one encounter to the next. This means you can kick off a challenging fight against a formidable large monster with a potent attack right from the start.

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