Japanese Rural Life Adventure Cheats on Android

Last Updated: November 7, 2023
Japanese Rural Life Adventure
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Beginner Tips and Tricks to Get Started


Gather Resources and Earn Money

In "Clean Your House," you have no time limit, so you can collect rocks and wood on the expansive map, which goes up to 99. You can even sell some of these resources for quick cash. Remember to gather nails to the maximum as well.

Build a Bench and Buy a Lamp

Your first task should be building a bench and purchasing a lamp. The lamp is a crucial item in the game, allowing you to work at night. By following the first tip, you should have enough money to buy the lamp from the old lady after the first day, making nighttime work possible.

The Importance of Fishing

Fishing plays a vital role in the game. You can sell the fish you catch to earn money, and you can also cook fish to have a source of food. This gives you an easy and consistent way to make money in the game.

Utilize the Item Map

The in-game map is a valuable tool for your success. When you're feeling lost and don't know where to find specific items, open the item map. It provides information on when and where to locate the needed items, helping you progress efficiently.

Relax and Enjoy the Game

"Clean Your House" offers a relaxing and cozy gaming experience. Take your time to explore, gather resources, and enjoy the journey. There's no rush, so immerse yourself in the game's tranquil atmosphere and hope for a satisfying gaming experience.

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Raising Koi from the Summer Fest


1. Getting Koi Fry

In "Summer Fest," to raise koi, you'll need koi fry. These small koi are only available during the Summer Fest event while playing the fish game.

2. Placing Koi Fry in Your Pond

Once you have the koi fry, you can place them in your pond. You can only put one koi in the pond at a time. However, there's a trick to raising multiple koi simultaneously.

3. The Trick for Efficient Koi Raising

To raise multiple koi simultaneously, keep switching the koi in your pond. This way, you can feed all of them in a single day. This technique requires a substantial amount of soybeans and wheat to provide food for all the koi. With proper care and feeding, you should be able to get your koi to reach full maturity after six days of raising them.

4. The Progression of Koi Growth

The process of koi growth unfolds over several days. After day three, you should be able to distinguish which koi are reaching maturity. The koi's development continues to advance day by day. As the days pass, you'll see them growing, maturing, and getting bigger.

5. Day Six: Ready to Sell

By the end of the sixth day, your koi should be fully grown and ready to be sold. Keep in mind that the selling price for mature koi is quite promising, making this a rewarding aspect of the game.

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