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Last Updated: November 21, 2023
Arena Breakout
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Jul 12, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter
  • Themes: Action
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB T

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How to Improve Your Gameplay


Set the Right Mentality and Play Smart

Every move is a risk, and danger lurks from the moment you enter a raid until a successful extraction. To navigate this perilous world, prioritize playing smart. Begin by optimizing your settings; placing the settings button in the middle of your screen, small and with low transparency, ensures a clear view for effective hipfire.

Character Customization and Level Advancement

Enhance your stealth by choosing a dark skin tone and black hair during character creation, making it harder for adversaries to spot you through windows. Achieving level 20 is crucial, as is unlocking items, features, and additional maps. Focus on task completion for rapid experience gain, even if missions fail, unless specific items need extraction.

Effective Use of Rider Assists and Difficulty Settings

Experiment with the Riding Aids settings to tailor the game to your skill level. Adjust the brakes, steering, and acceleration assists based on your experience. Always prioritize completing tasks for Evita. At level 12, you will earn a valuable 6-slot keychain. The keychain serves as a convenient preset button for quick gearing before missions.

Map Strategies for Farmland, Valley, and Northridge

Understanding the dynamics of each map is essential. Farmland, the smallest map, favors short-range weapons, while Valley offers more extended engagement distances. In Northridge, snipers dominate, making it crucial to choose the right loadout. Be mindful of damage falloff and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Survival Essentials: Healing, Hydration, and Hunger

Survival hinges on managing hydration and hunger levels. Always carry essential items like health kits, bandages, painkillers, surgical kits, water, and energy drinks. Prioritize using painkillers before entering dangerous situations to avoid debilitating effects. Understanding the intricate health system is crucial for longevity.

Combat Strategies: Third-Party Advantage and Silent Operations

Third-partying is a powerful tactic. Use chaos among other players to your advantage, picking off weakened opponents strategically. Employ silence as a weapon, using a silencer to minimize noise and avoid attracting attention from bots and other players.

Backpack Optimization and Weight Management

Understanding backpack slots' unique designs and utilizing them efficiently is key. Always use a silencer to reduce gun noise, and be mindful of how weight affects speed and stamina consumption. Roll up bags and rigs to save space, and use the weight system strategically for optimal movement.

Advanced Strategies: Healing Tactics and Door Wallbangs

Mastering the art of healing is crucial. Use painkillers preemptively, fix bleeding immediately, and address broken bones promptly. Learn to shoot through doors strategically to surprise enemies and gain an advantage.

Expanding Knowledge and Crafting Efficiency

Familiarize yourself with the gunsmith system, backpack slots, and throwables. Utilize throwables strategically, not just for killing but also for disrupting opponents' hearing. Stay informed about maps, tasks, and item unlocks to optimize your gameplay.

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Beginner's Guide


Enhancing Aim Precision and Loadout Strategies

Ensure the settings button is centrally positioned on the screen. This acts as a crosshair, enhancing accuracy in aiming. Additionally, using an assault rifle (AR) over an SMG is emphasized for its greater damage output. It's essential to prioritize reaching level 20 quickly, unlocking significant features, and earning better items. Investing in high-tier ammo, such as purple or gold, is advised for superior damage.

Strategic Gameplay: Patience and Smart Moves

In the intense scenarios of the game, strategic gameplay is paramount. Rushing recklessly is discouraged, emphasizing the need to play smart and patiently. The training grounds provide an opportunity to sharpen aiming skills, focusing on headshots for efficient kills. Recognizing the significance of special boxes is crucial, as failing or dying results in losing all loot.

Map-Specific Tactics: From Farmland to Valley

Map-specific advice is offered, suggesting SMGs for the close-range Farmland map and opting for rifles or snipers on larger maps like Valley. Camouflage becomes a tactical advantage with darker character skins. Efficiently selling items is facilitated by contacting Dick Vincent and selecting the sell-all option.

Financial Mastery: Ammo, Inventory Weight, and Smart Selling

Completing missions across multiple raids accelerates experience gains significantly. Prudent financial management is highlighted, recommending the purchase of high-tier ammunition over focusing solely on weapons. Maintaining a healthy inventory weight is stressed, affecting movement speed. Rolling up bags optimizes storage space, and careful consideration is advised when selling weapons to prevent unintentional losses.

Survival Essentials: Health Items and Tactical Approaches

You should always bring critical health items on raids, including health kits, bandages, and grenades. Prioritizing painkillers before entering a fight minimizes adverse effects from injuries. The use of silencers, healing bleeding and broken bones is highlighted for survival. Players are encouraged to utilize lower graphic settings for optimal performance, particularly on low-end devices.

Tactical Extraction and Combat Wisdom

Strategic extraction, avoiding danger zones, and carrying only one weapon during raids are essential tactics. Vigilance during close-range battles is recommended, and third-party opportunities should be seized wisely. Keeping spare magazines and rigs well-stocked ensures a continuous supply of bullets. Taunting enemies to deplete their supplies is a clever strategy, as is avoiding killing all bots to maintain a low profile.

Health and Teamwork: Keys to Success

Hydration and teamwork are underscored, emphasizing the importance of drinking water and playing with friends to enhance the chances of survival. 

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