Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Fehler auf Playstation 4 (PS4)

Letzte Aktualisierung: 12. November 2022

Hier sind unsere Fehler für Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course auf Playstation 4. Die vertrauenswürdigsten Artikel erhalten die meisten "Daumen hoch" von unseren Nutzern und erscheinen weiter oben!

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Chef Saltbaker Glitch Fehler

When you are at the Bakery and enter the mission “ A DISH TO DIE FOR,” Chef Salt Baker will load, and you will begin dodging items and shooting at him. 

A glitch will occur when you knock out the Chef, the chef's brother will appear on your screen, and your screen will freeze temporarily. You will then be graded and can move on. 

PhatxBoyxFresh shows you a glitch that occurs with Chef SaltBaker.

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Easter Winchester Glitch Fehler

When you fight the Sheriff Boss Ester Winchester on Regular Mode. There are four phases that the boss is supposed to have during the battle.

A glitch occurs during the battle with her. Ester will be standing up, trying to suck you in with her vacuum. You must dodge the money bags that are trying to kill you.

You will then turn into a rocket and must aim for the vacuum opening. Ester will then change her position and hold the vacuum, shooting out safes.

After a series of money bags have flown out, Esther will be in a lower crouching position shooting out safes. The game will glitch, and Esther will stay in the same position. You must then continue to shoot at her until you turn into a rocket and will blow her up.

Soboz shows you a glitch that happens when you fight Ester Winchester.


Mortimer Freezing Glitch Fehler

You must load the level “SNOW CULT SCUFFLE,” where you will fight the boss, Mortimer Freeze. 

You will begin fighting Mortimer Freeze, and he will be flying above you, dropping some items to try and kill you.

The boss Mortimer Freeze will then summon a snowman. The snowman will break free from the chains. This is when a glitch will occur, another snow giant will appear to be hanging from chains above the first snowman that Mortimer summoned. 

The second snowman will hover above the first snowman, following its movements for a brief moment then it will disappear.

EnigMind takes you through a glitch in Cuphead DLC.


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