Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Schummeln auf Xbox One (X1)

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Elternspiel: Cuphead
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Jun 29, 2022
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure, Indie
  • Themen: Action
  • Bewertungen: PEGI 3, ESRB E10

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Chef Saltbaker Glitch


When you are at the Bakery and enter the mission “ A DISH TO DIE FOR,” Chef Salt Baker will load, and you will begin dodging items and shooting at him. 

A glitch will occur when you knock out the Chef, the chef's brother will appear on your screen, and your screen will freeze temporarily. You will then be graded and can move on. 

PhatxBoyxFresh shows you a glitch that occurs with Chef SaltBaker.

Secret Djimmi Cheat (How to get 9 Hearts)


When you start the Cuphead DLC, you must run quickly around in circles to summon Djimmi. He will appear, and on the screen, it will say, “ I grant thee infinite wishes on Simple and Regular Modes.” He will double your HP, this will make it easier for you to get A+ ranks.

You must then equip the Twin Heart charm, this will give you a maximum of 9 HP and unlock a new achievement.  

BeardBear shows you how to cheat in “Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course”.

Easter Winchester Glitch


When you fight the Sheriff Boss Ester Winchester on Regular Mode. There are four phases that the boss is supposed to have during the battle.

A glitch occurs during the battle with her. Ester will be standing up, trying to suck you in with her vacuum. You must dodge the money bags that are trying to kill you.

You will then turn into a rocket and must aim for the vacuum opening. Ester will then change her position and hold the vacuum, shooting out safes.

After a series of money bags have flown out, Esther will be in a lower crouching position shooting out safes. The game will glitch, and Esther will stay in the same position. You must then continue to shoot at her until you turn into a rocket and will blow her up.

Soboz shows you a glitch that happens when you fight Ester Winchester.

Mortimer Freezing Glitch


You must load the level “SNOW CULT SCUFFLE,” where you will fight the boss, Mortimer Freeze. 

You will begin fighting Mortimer Freeze, and he will be flying above you, dropping some items to try and kill you.

The boss Mortimer Freeze will then summon a snowman. The snowman will break free from the chains. This is when a glitch will occur, another snow giant will appear to be hanging from chains above the first snowman that Mortimer summoned. 

The second snowman will hover above the first snowman, following its movements for a brief moment then it will disappear.

EnigMind takes you through a glitch in Cuphead DLC.

How To Defeat The Bosses


There are six bosses that you will have to defeat in “Cuphead The Delicious Last Course” that appear on the Inkwell Isle Four. 

The first boss that you will have to defeat is the Bootlegger Boogie. The best character for you to use in this fight is Ms. Chalice.

The best weapon for trying to defeat the first boss is the Crackshot weapon. This weapon is powerful and can administer effective blows to the boss.

At the beginning of the fight with the first boss, there will be a Spider Mobster that will make cobwebs bombs. You will have to set the cobweb bombs off by running through the cobwebs. 

You will then have to defeat a dancing bug that emits two types of beams. There will be a yellow beam that will quickly turn red and kill you. You must roll away from the beams and avoid being zapped by the red beams.

There will be a snail that you will see at the start of the third phase of the fight. You must try to damage the snail as much as you can. There will be an Anteater that will appear soon after. You must shoot your weapon directed at the snout of the Anteater. 

Be careful not to get caught by the Anteater as he will use his tongue to lick-attack you. If you do get caught, you can always parry the attack out of the lick-attack. The snail will reappear after you have destroyed the Anteater. You must finish the snail off, and you will beat the first boss.    

The second boss fight is called “Glumstone” this is where you will have to defeat a giant troll. The best character for you to use against Glumstone is Cuphead.  

At the beginning of the fight, you will be faced with the challenge of having spikes that are below you. You must ensure that you stay on the pillars and avoid falling or being knocked off the pillars.

Watch out for the gnomes that will crawl up the sides of the pillars and try to damage you with a hammer. There will also be two gnomes that will appear from the mouth of the boss. They will try to bomb you with their potion plumes.

You will then have to defeat puppets and gnomes that will pop out from beneath you. Using the Twist-Up weapon will give the best advantage to progress to the last phase of the fight.

You will then be swallowed by the boss and have to complete the fight from the inside of his stomach. You must avoid the birds that fly around by jumping over them. There will be bones and drumsticks that will fly your way, avoid them as much as you can.

You will have to shoot the stomach of Glumstone while avoiding the flying items. Continue to attack the stomach, and you will defeat the Glumstone boss.

The third boss is Mortimer Freeze, and this fight is called the Snow cult scuffle. To beat this boss, you must use Ms. Chalice as your character.

At the beginning of the fight, the boss will be flying above your head. You must use the Crackshot weapon because you will need to be accurate as your shots will be targeted upwards towards the flying boss.

You will have to stay clear of the boss when he reaches behind him and pulls out a whale. He will try to smash you with the whale and end your game.

The next phase of the fight will see the boss summoning a snowman. The snow giant will try to roll at you, and you must jump over him. The snowman will occasionally turn into a refrigerator and will shoot ice blocks at you. 

When you are about to defeat the snowman, he will grab his stomach and create snow platforms. You must jump onto these platforms to ensure that you don’t receive any damage.

The last stage of the fight will see you fight against a giant snowflake. You must stick to the platforms that are the furthest away from Mortimer, and you will defeat the boss.

Esther Winchester is the fourth boss that you will have to defeat in this game. The fight will begin in her saloon, she will try and shoot you with a boomerang. You can avoid being hit by the boomerang by staying towards the left of the screen, as the boomerang won’t reach you. 

You will encounter an eagle that will fly down and try to grab you. Beware that the eagle also drops dynamite, and you can’t kill him. 

The second part of the fight with Esther Winchester will require you to dodge the barrage of incoming projectiles. She will use a vacuum that will suck up coins and safes. She will also suck you towards her.

After she has sucked up the items, she will then begin to shoot safes at you that will result in money bags being projected all over your screen. The best technique you must use to avoid these projectiles is to steer your rocket towards the top half of the screen.

Esther Winchester will then be turned into a sausage at the end of the second phase. She will then shoot steaks at you, and you must avoid them. You will have to shrink your rocket to get through to the last phase of the fight.

The last phase of the fight is against a can of sausages. The can of sausages will have a damaging weapon that will require you to have the Heart Ring to keep your health high.

The sausages will shoot two links that open and close. It will be tricky for you to avoid the closing links, but you must look for the gaps in the links. Survive the sausage can, and you will defeat the boss and on to the next one.

The battle with the fifth boss takes place on the top of an airplane. The first phase of the fight will see you fight against a Bulldog. The Bulldog will continually shoot 3 bones at you, you will have to avoid these bones by jumping over the lowest one, and you will be able to parry the other two.

The Bulldog will also fireballs of yarn at you from his cat. You must just avoid these balls, and you will be able to move on to the next phase of the fight.

The second phase of the fight will see you be attacked by a jet-packed powered puppy. He will fire letter-shaped items at you. You can parry these letters and dodge the other letters you can. You will then move on to the final phase of the fight against a dog with a laser.

To avoid being shot by the laser, you will need to be out of the range of the laser. You must avoid the dog bowls that will be projected your way, and you will be able to defeat the fifth boss.

The final boss in “Cuphead The Delicious Last Course” is the Chef Saltbaker. You can use any charm for this boss, you must equip your charm with a homing gun.

At the beginning of the fight, you must avoid different food items that the boss will throw at you. You can predict what he will throw at you next by looking at what he is preparing next.

You must be careful of a flame that will, from time to time, come down from the top of the screen. Constantly aim your shots at the Chef, and remember that you can parry certain items like ice cubes instead of trying to dodge them. 

The boss will grab you in the palm of his hand for the next phase of the fight. You will notice that there are four pepper shakers in the next phase. Aim at the pepper shakers, and they will launch at the boss.

For the third phase of the fight against the boss, you must try to remain in the center of the screen while jumping onto different platforms.

You must aim at the boss’s heart to inflict the most damage. You will then have defeated all the bosses in Cuphead DLC.

Beardbear shows you a walkthrough of all the bosses in Cuphead DLC.

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