Gran Turismo Sport Schummeln auf Playstation 4 (PS4)

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  • Genre: Racing, Simulator, Sport
  • Plattformen: PlayStation 4
  • Entwickler: Polyphony Digital Inc.
  • Herausgeber: Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated
  • Bewertungen: PEGI 7, ESRB E
  • Erstmals veröffentlicht: Oct 16, 2017

Unlock Sport Mode and Go-Kart Freischaltbar

If you go to the Racing Etiquette section and watch the two videos on proper racing etiquette, you’ll not only unlock Sport mode (as watching these videos is a requirement to get in), but you’ll also unlock a go-kart.

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Pit cheat Schummeln

On most offline races and events not you can use a pit cheat but there are some tricks to doing so.

1. You can't cross the start/finish line.

2. You have to reverse into the pits (backwards) or this cheat will not work. 

Start a race. Stop before starting line. Turn around and head for the pits. 

Enter backwards and reversing.

After, entering it will place you before the starting line.

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As  of  November  3rd  2019.  I  have  not  tried  this  before  today  but  as  of  today  it  does  not  let  you  go  into  the  pits  in  reverse  it  spins  you  around  and  does  not  give  you  a  chance. - Greg, vor 2 Jahren - Antwort  

GT Sport Super Fast Credits Builder Hinweise

Achieve huge credits and quick level ups in 12 minutes! 

Head over to the campaign mode and go to the premium lounge event. The event doesn't limit cars in a given race so theoretically anything from N100 to N1000 could go head to head, if it's on the list it can race.

The Blue Moon Raceway is where you want to head to. Pretty much any N500 car on racing super soft tyres is capable of winning here, though I'd suggest the Ferrari F40 is one of the quicker ones. Tune it however you like, but stay on super soft tyres and below the N500 limit of about 450bhp. 

Winthe race, which you should do in just under 12 mins (try to beat our 11:37) and the handicap bonus you get for the weaker car means you'll walk away with about with 210,000cr. 

Repeatas many times as you can take going round and round and round making left turns.

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What Can You Do Offline? Hinweise

If you’re playing offline, you’ll have access to Arcade Mode, which includes single races against AI opponents (no tournaments), split-screen multiplayer for two players, Time Trials, Drift Trials, and limited VR support. You will not be able to access any other modes, and you can only use cars and tracks you unlocked while online.

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Audience Members and Kojima Ostereier

When you’re given the option to view your replay after completing a race, you can use the “Walk” choice while viewing Race Photos to explore the racetrack with a camera tool. If you use the camera tool to view the audience and select “Shoot,” you’ll be able to zoom in and focus on the audience to find (and take photos of) several interesting audience members, such as members of Polyphony Digital (the developers of Gran Turismo Sport) and Hideo Kojima.

You can also zoom in on the hot air balloon above the track to see that it really does have additional people in it, along with other interesting details about the way the course was designed.

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Settings for Tomahawk VGT in Nurburgring Hinweise

More understeer makes it easier to drive.

Checkout the settings in the video.


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I  got  into  the  go-karts  but  I  would  like  to  get  a  couple  more  that  would  be  cool  but  how  would  I  unlock  the  big  trucks  too  so  I  need  to  unlock  more  go  karts  and  a  big  trucks. - Tony Blakeley, vor 1 Jahr - Antwort  
Is  there  any  way  to  get  more  go  karts - Tony Blakeley, vor 1 Jahr - Antwort  
How  do  you  get  to  racing  etiquette  in  the  game  to  unlock  sport  and  go-karts?

Marlin   - Marlin Widdershoven , vor 2 Jahren - Antwort  

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