Playstation 4 now launched in 48 countries

Sony’s Playstation 4 is now available in a total of 48 different countries with the release of the console in the following 15 markets: Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, South Africa, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Uruguay. We know for sure that the console sold out in […]

Amazon buy two get one free PS4 games deal

Target is running a “buy two get one free” games deal for the Xbox One and now Amazon has just revealed details of its own “buy two get one free” promo for the Playstation 4. Full details are here but basically the promotion will start on Tuesday at 9am PST and run for only four […]

How to upgrade the PS4 hard-drive (picture guide)

The Playstation 4 comes with a 500GB hard-drive as standard but with some games clocking in at around 50GB each, it won’t take very long to fill that up – particularly if you are going “all digital” this generation and also plan on storing some media on the console (although note that you won’t be […]

Want to know what thousands of PS4s look like?

Playstation 4 consoles ready for shipping from an warehouse…

Ultimate PS4 FAQ – no media server functionality or MP3 playback

Today Sony released both US and EU versions of an “Ultimate FAQ” for the Playstation 4. The FAQs cover mostly hardware issues such as media playback, game installation and other console features. Following is a couple of high level points that we picked out. Background downloads of game updates don’t require a PS+ subscription. Firmware update discs […]

PS4 bundle prices reduced on Amazon UK

Just a quick note, Amazon UK has reduced the price of all it’s Playstation 4 bundles by between £5 and £20, so if you’re thinking about pre-ordering now could be the time to do it. Check out details of all the available bundles right here, a basic list follows: Killzone Bundle (Sony PlayStation 4 + […]

What 120 PS4 Dev Kits look like

Ever wondered what a couple pallets of Playstation 4 development kits would look like? Well wonder no longer because Naughty Dog games just received 120 of them (individual kits, that is). The image above was tweeted out by Christophe Balestra, Co-President of the games studio that has most recently achieved massive success with The Last […]