Xbox One to use More GPU for Graphical Performance?

Some criticism has been launched at the Xbox One’s graphical capabilities lately, but we may see an improvement soon. Currently, 10% of the GPU is reserved for the Kinect attachment, even though many games make limited use of the Kinect, if they use it at all. A new rumor currently doing the rounds is that […]

Albert Penello defends Xbox One performance claims on NeoGAF

Microsoft’s Albert Penello has been an extremely busy man on the NeoGAF forums and most recently took up the challenge to back up his claims that the PS4 is nowhere near 30% more powerful than the Xbox One. To be honest it’s a lot of technical speak that none of us here are that great […]

Major Nelson looking forward to the truth coming out

Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hyrb – more commonly known by his Gamertag ‘Major Nelson’ – has come out in support of comments recently made by his colleague at Microsoft, Albert Penello. Have a read of the full article here, but basically Penello has said there is no way the PS4 has a 30% performance […]

Microsoft: Xbox One vs PS4 performance difference not that great

Albert Penello, Microsoft Director of Product Planning, new “go-to-guy” for Xbox One info, and someone who we think is doing a helluva lot better job at promoting the X1 than Don Mattrick, has been posting in the NeoGAF forums of late. In fact it seems Penello has been a member for quite a while (being […]