Albert Penello defends Xbox One performance claims on NeoGAF

September 10, 2013 by Staff - 3 Comments


Microsoft’s Albert Penello has been an extremely busy man on the NeoGAF forums and most recently took up the challenge to back up his claims that the PS4 is nowhere near 30% more powerful than the Xbox One.

To be honest it’s a lot of technical speak that none of us here are that great with. Nonetheless, we hope that some readers find it interesting. Check out Penello’s full post here with the key take-outs quoted below.

As an aside, we think it’s awesome that he’s right in the trenches defending and promoting the Xbox One. Good on ya Albert – hat’s off to you!

  1. 18 CU’s vs. 12 CU’s =/= 50% more performance. Multi-core processors have inherent inefficiency with more CU’s, so it’s simply incorrect to say 50% more GPU.

  2. Adding to that, each of our CPU’s is running 6% faster. It’s not simply a 6% clock speed increase overall.

  3. We have more memory bandwidth. 176gb/sec is peak on paper for GDDR5. Our peak on paper is 272gb/sec. (68gb/sec DDR3 + 204gb/sec on ESRAM). ESRAM can do read/write cycles simultaneously so I see this number mis-quoted.

  4. We have at least 10% more CPU. Not only a faster processor, but a better audio chip also offloading CPU cycles.

  5. We understand GPGPU and its importance very well. Microsoft invented Direct Compute, and have been using GPGPU in a shipping product since 2010 – it’s called Kinect.

  6. Speaking of GPGPU – we have 3X the coherent bandwidth for GPGPU at 30gb/sec which significantly improves our ability for the CPU to efficiently read data generated by the GPU.

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3 responses to “Albert Penello defends Xbox One performance claims on NeoGAF”

  1. Jameson_Bond says:

    include a link to the source you hack!

  2. Thunder Gun says:

    Did anybody read the original post? It is riddled with grammatical errors. I’m sorry, but if you intend to make a knowledgeable point, and presumably have access to Microsoft Word, I expect better.

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