Official Xbox Gamescom Stream

The team at Xbox has put together what you might call a highlight reel of all the best Xbox One pieces from Gamescom so far. While it was originally released as a live show, the video has remained up as something of a showcase for the Xbox One. If you haven’t been keeping up with […]

Xbox One accessories video showcase

Microsoft have put together a series of three videos that showcase different Xbox One accessories. Namely, the Play & Charge Kit, the Chat Headset and of course the Wireless Controller. Each of the videos is extremely well done and captured in high definition, enabling you to see every single detail. Basic notes on how they […]

PS4 user interface leaked via test kit video

The user interface, more commonly known as a dashboard these days, for the Playstation 4 has not yet been revealed. However this leaked clip should give us some idea of what it could look like when Sony finally decide to do the big unveiling. The footage comes courtesy of a very early PS4 testing kit […]

PS4 can record 15 minutes worth of gameplay footage

Have you been wondering how much gameplay your PS4 will be able to automatically and continuously record? The answer is 15 minutes. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed the number to CVG just yesterday. All recording will be done by your console in the background and be available to edit and publish once you’ve finished what you’re […]

Xbox One can record last 5 minutes of your gameplay

Here’s some newly confirmed information regarding an Xbox One feature a lot of you are probably excited about – automatic recording of gameplay. It is now known that the Xbox One is able to automatically record the last five minutes of your gameplay. Details concerning the time length were given by Microsoft Studios creative director […]