PS4 can record 15 minutes worth of gameplay footage


Have you been wondering how much gameplay your PS4 will be able to automatically and continuously record? The answer is 15 minutes. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed the number to CVG just yesterday. All recording will be done by your console in the background and be available to edit and publish once you’ve finished what you’re doing.

The recorded footage can be accessed through the new DualShock 4 controller’s share button from where you’ll be able to edit, crop and add titles to your clips – all on your PS4. You can then share your videos across social networks using Ustream.

The 15 minute figure also compares favorably to the Xbox One’s automatic recording capabilities – it can take 5 minutes worth of gameplay footage. We can’t wait to see how this new feature is used by gamers once the PS4 is released and are sure there will be a lot of scope to utilize it in describing cheats, glitches, guides and more!

4 thoughts on “PS4 can record 15 minutes worth of gameplay footage”

  1. Wow this will be a cool feature. So much easier to share things with friends! Like when I’m owning them in Battlefield!

  2. I think they should just let people record there gameplay with there capture cards, I have an elgato and want to record lots more than 15 minutes, they vcould still change this “Problem” but beggers can be choosers, and knowing sony they will have a way to suprise us and make up for this


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