Xbox One accessories video showcase

August 7, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


Microsoft have put together a series of three videos that showcase different Xbox One accessories. Namely, the Play & Charge Kit, the Chat Headset and of course the Wireless Controller.

Each of the videos is extremely well done and captured in high definition, enabling you to see every single detail. Basic notes on how they work and other features are also included. For example, did you know the Play & Charge Kit features a 9 foot cord and will fully charge your controller in under 4 hours? The impulse triggers on the Xbox One controller are also very cool. Take a look for yourself!

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  • Mike Shermer

    Not really in depth enough on the controller or the headset for me… kinda wished they could have gone to inbuilt rechargeable batteries and wireless charge…

    • Skeptical

      Yeah like how long is the charge going to last!?