Scarecrow Targets You in this Arkham Knight Trailer

While not a new game announcement, more of Batman: Arkham Knight was shown at E3. The newest trailer shows Gotham City in all its glory and lots of gameplay, along with some familiar faces. Then there’s the incident partway through…but we’ll leave that for you to see when you watch it. He certainly knows how […]

Arkham Knight is Delayed Until 2015

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are to report another game delay. The much-anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight was rumored to be delayed until 2015. Those rumors were denied…but they turned out to be true after all, or perhaps in a later development. We hope this means early 2015, but […]

Even the Odds in This New Arkham Knight Trailer

It’s hard to not be interested in Batman: Arkham Knight, especially after the new details and screenshots we shared last week, and the new trailer released today, “Evening the Odds,” made us even more excited. Arkham Knight will release on October 14 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, so have a look at some […]

Arkham Knight Screenshots Show Oracle, Riddler, and More

If you’re eagerly awaiting news on Batman: Arkham Knight, these latest screenshots should be just what you needed. While they don’t reveal anything particularly new, they do show many characters from the game, including Oracle. Rocksteady has said Oracle will have a bigger role in this game than in the previous Arkham games. Another screenshot […]

Who is the Arkham Knight?

It feels like more information is released about Batman: Arkham Knight every day, but the one question that keeps coming up without any definitive answers is, quite simply, “Who is the Arkham Knight?” According to Rocksteady, he’s a new character created just for the game, but they haven’t been so specific that fans are willing […]

Rumors About Preorder Figures for Titanfall and Arkham Knight

Titanfall will launch in just a few hours, so naturally we’re curious about what sorts of sales figures it will pull in—especially with the number of people who seem to be pinning their Xbox One hopes on the game. According to NeoGAF user Pete “FamousMortimer” Dodd, who claims to have inside information, approximately one million […]

Arkham Knight Coming October 14

We’ve shared a lot of details on Batman: Arkham Knight over the past week, and if you’re as excited for the next Arkham game as we are, we’ve got a special piece of news for you—the release date. While Rocksteady hasn’t officially announced the release date yet, both the GameStop and Steam listings for the […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Details, Size, New Villain

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Rocksteady’s next (and last) Batman game will be called Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ve got a lot of new details for you now, starting with the title itself. Since Arkham is a location and Batman is the Dark Knight, the obvious conclusion to come to is that “Arkham […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Officially Announced

The Batman rumors can finally quiet down somewhat—we know what Rocksteady’s new game is. It is not the rumored Batman: Hush, although Hush himself could still play a role in it. It will be called Batman: Arkham Knight, and it will release sometime this year. This morning, a sales listing for Arkham Knight was discovered […]

Is Rocksteady Working on Batman: Hush?

You might have already heard the early rumors—a GameStop employee reported receiving materials for a new Batman game, which led to other theories and claims that Rocksteady is about to announce a new game. Now, something even more interesting has entered the mix of speculation. The official Facebook page for Batman: Hush posted an image […]