Arkham Knight Screenshots Show Oracle, Riddler, and More

April 16, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Arkham Knight screenshot 5

If you’re eagerly awaiting news on Batman: Arkham Knight, these latest screenshots should be just what you needed. While they don’t reveal anything particularly new, they do show many characters from the game, including Oracle. Rocksteady has said Oracle will have a bigger role in this game than in the previous Arkham games. Another screenshot shows Jim Gordon.

Arkham Knight screenshot

Of course, one of the key things that will make Arkham Knight stand out from its predecessors (and generally has everyone impressed already) is the role of the Batmobile, so we aren’t at all surprised to see it prominently displayed.

Arkham Knight screenshot 2

And where would the Batman franchise be without its iconic villains? We’ve gotten to see several of them, detailed in all their next-gen glory.

Arkham Knight screenshot 3

Arkham knight screenshot 4

Check out the full gallery of new screenshots to see more, although to our surprise, there aren’t any new images of the Arkham Knight himself or of Scarecrow, who is supposed to be the main villain this time around. With any luck, Rocksteady will release another batch of screenshots soon.

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