Scarecrow Targets You in this Arkham Knight Trailer

Arkham Knight screenshot 12

While not a new game announcement, more of Batman: Arkham Knight was shown at E3. The newest trailer shows Gotham City in all its glory and lots of gameplay, along with some familiar faces. Then there’s the incident partway through…but we’ll leave that for you to see when you watch it.

He certainly knows how to make an impression, doesn’t he? In case you’re unsure, when the game glitches and crashes in the trailer, that was intentional, although it’s certainly startling when you see it for the first time. Good to see Scarecrow is messing with our heads as much as ever…

Arkham Knight scarecrow

Scarecrow isn’t the only reason fear is important in Arkham Knight. Batman has a new “fear takedown” move, which takes down thugs armed with guns through the power of intimidation. Of course, Batman has always been about scaring criminals, but we find it interesting that fear becomes a part of combat in a game where Scarecrow takes center stage as the lead villain.

As you can see, the Batmobile looks as awesome as ever, too. This game just looks better and better the more we see of it. Are you excited?

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