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Last Updated: April 9, 2022
Disciples: Liberation
  • First Released: Oct 20, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Warlord, Hexblade, Seeress, and Witch are the four classes available.

Warlord is the best class to play if you want to deal burst damage at close range. This class’s main purpose is to deal physical damage, which allows you to slay difficult-to-kill enemies.

Seeress is a magical class that relies heavily on skills and spells to defeat opponents.

Hexblade is a class that combines both magic and melee damage. They are a hybrid in that they can deal with both physical and magical damage.

Last but not least, the witch class is largely focused on weakening rivals. This class is favored since it allows enemies to have less potency, lower stats, and die slowly.

Critically Clueless goes through 4 class selections.

The Castle


This is where you can get resources, recruit allies, train them, and create structures. It will also get you access to more advanced facilities.

In order to update the castle, you must make progress in the main story.

After you have visited two of the starting regions and recruited two companions, you will be able to make the first upgrade.

Because the castle has four levels, you’ll have to return to Yllian after completing a region in Disciples Liberation to check it out. You can double-check if you wish to add new allies if the update is not there.

You can increase Avyanna’s leadership level by upgrading the castle, allowing you to command more units.

The upgrade to the castle is worth divine essence, wood, iron, and gold.



This can be found in Heurik, a demon-infested land, where we must disguise ourselves as a succubus with healing abilities for allies.

It’s worth noting that succubus slabs are effective allies; Lilryna has the following abilities:

Soul drain deals damage while also healing for 25% of the damage done to the enemy.

She has a seductive charm that raises morale by 2 and also heals HP.

Dangerous beauty causes her to have a demoralizing impact on attackers when she is hit, even giving Lilryna a 10% chance of status evasion.

A sweet kiss confuses enemies and weakens them by lowering their physical resistance.

To find Lilryna, you need to travel south from Heurik when first entering the city, passing a source of health before continuing south. Lilryna can be found by a building with a few statues embedded in a cliff, and by speaking with her, you will learn about a party that you can either join or leave. If you stay in Heurik, you must do as the demons do, which is entering the parties and observing the recruitment process. If you chose to fight Lilryna, you are able to kill her.

Recruiting Units


To recruit units, you must first gain access to Yllian Castle. From there, you can begin recruiting units. When you return to Yllian, you must choose between recruiting units in the heart of the abyss, the stone ring, the temple, or the graveyard.

You can only make Zombies, Soldiers, Shadow Throwers, and Taken if you haven’t upgraded your buildings. You’ll be able to recruit a total of more than 50 units, each of which will be affiliated with one of the four factions.

The recruited units can be deployed alongside the characters on the front lines, each with their own set of attributes and skills. You may also put them at the bottom line.

Completing quests and leveling upon your own will gain you experience points. In Yllian, you can level up in the same building where you recruit from.

Keeping in mind that you’ll need a lot of resources and gold to update your recruits’ levels so that they’re on par with Avyanna’s.

Fred Chuck Dave talks about the Unit types and abilities.

Waiting in combat


In Disciples Liberation, what is combat?

This game offers a lot to us which is fantastic; it allows us to be in continual motion, in a way that we will notice that we become involved with a hexagonal system that works in turns, indicating that we must wait our time to move or battle. Ultimately, this is due to the fact that battle is a key aspect of the game.

How to wait in combat

It is essential to avoid any sort of movement in order to not unnecessarily spend an action point. In this sense, we must be cautious about pressing the “wait” button; this is part of a strategy in a turn-based system where we are allowed to utilize a person who can use stealth or the healer when necessary, rather than wasting points on a healer.

Being stealthy provides us an edge since it lets us wait for our opponents to move to the appropriate potion, then take your turn and move to a position that we can strike without inconvenience.

TekHed Gaming & Tech talk about the combat basics.

Skill points


You get skill points when leveling up your character, which you can then assign to your skill tree. These skills also grant you passives that grow stronger as you gain power.

You achieve higher skill levels and unlock a wider variety of passives if you have more points.

Resetting your skill points

When you return to Yllian, you can reassign all skills to your main character for 1000 gold. To do so, go to the castle menu and look under collect resources.

You are given the option to first change class and then skills points.

Beating Veran


It is important to remember that he’s a boss, so he’ll try and put himself above us; but we must position ourselves in locations where we’re allowed to be safe; there’s a designated area where we may go. After completing the first round, we will notice that the enemies located in the background will try their hardest to attack us; they normally run in a straight line and are indicated in red; we must stay out of the red region so that they cannot comply with us. In this regard it is important to remember that:

  • This boss is known for attacking everything in his vicinity
  • It's nearly impossible to heal ourselves during an attack
  • A power surge is the boss’s most complex strike

It is vital to remember that in order to get rid of this boss, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Utilize troops that can perform status effects
  • In addition to bleeding and fire, this boss can be poisoned.
  • Because we can be far enough away from the danger, using units from a distance is more viable.
  • While we are in this battle, it’s possible to have healers with a wide area of impact.
  • We have a maximum of five close combat units, with distance units supporting us.
Colora shows you how to defeat the Veran.

Eliminating poisonous creepers


These deadly vines are obstacles blocking trinkets and treasures, to get rid of them you will need to do the following:

The first step is to complete Heurik’s main story and then select Bagthal as a companion.

Bagthal is a warrior who has been shaped by his experiences, a warrior worthy of The Pits. To unleash Bagthal’s world spell, Clear Vines, you have to take on his companion quest and defeat the Host of The Pits.

To take your treasure, you will need to click on the vines and burn them. You’ll be able to get rid of the vines whenever they appear once you’ve unlocked the skill.

Restoring Mana


Mana is a magical essence that you need in order to cast spells with Avyanna, and therefore it is inevitable that your Mana will run out after a certain number of spells, and you will need to restore it.

First and foremost, you need to understand that there is no spell you can use to recover Mana during a battle because such a spell does not exist.

During a confrontation, though, this meter does fill up, but it does so without you having to do anything, so you will have o wait for it to be replenished gradually. Each turn, the gain varies from two to five points, but it is guaranteed, so no need to worry if you wind up depleting your crew at some time.

Finding Mana sources all across the world is a faster approach to regenerating mana. These are colorful formations of rock with mineral blue streaks flowing through them that can be found during missions.

When you find one, zoom in until it turns soft blue, then select it to restore your mana. You can then utilize the Fountain’s Mana when you require it.

Wizward Worm shows beginners some very helpful tips and hints.

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