Tomb Raider Hints on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: June 10, 2023

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Earn 10K XP and 2K Salvage in 5 Minutes


Follow the steps below to earn at least 10,000 XP and 2,000 salvage in five minutes.

  1. First, you must start a private multiplayer session, although you do not need the help of other players if you want to play alone.
  2. Once your session is created, choose Rescue mode on the Beach map.
  3. Choose the Survivor team,
  4. Next, you must customize your Loadouts. Choose the top option, set your Offensive Skill to "Second Wind," and set your Survival Skill to "Advanced Looting."
  5. Once you have your Loadout set, go to Match Options. The Time Limit is your choice, but you will need at least 8-10 minutes. Set "Medkits to Retrieve" to 20.
  6. Start the match.
  7. As soon as the match begins, collect the medkits by sprinting to each white waypoint, grabbing the medkit there, and returning it to the drop-off point, which will be a circular area near where you spawned. Medkits spawn randomly, but some locations will contain medkits every time.
  8. On your way to each medkit, pick up the salvage you pass along the way. The salvage will respawn.
  9. Even if you quit in between two rounds, you will keep any XP and salvage you already earned.

Easy Chatterbox Achievement


To get the "Chatterbox" achievement you must listen to everything your friends have to say during each of the seven times when you can talk to them. Talk to each person until you are no longer able to. When you have heard everything an individual has to say, the auto-save icon will appear. You must hear every conversation in each of the seven moments listed below.

  1. Talk to Whitman before you look for 50 pieces of salvage.
  2. Talk to Whitman again after you get the salvage but before you repair the Axe.
  3. Talk to Roth after you help him during the wolf attack.
  4. Talk to Roth again when you meet him after you get the rope arrows, before you use the zipline.
  5. Talk to Sam, Reyes, and Jonah when you reach the Shipwreck Beach.
  6. Talk to Whitman, Sam, Jonah, and Reyes at the beach camp before you go to the Endurance to help out Alex. The first three are on the beach and Reyes is on the boat.
  7. Talk to Whitman, Jonah, and Reyes when you return from the Endurance.

Easy Crab Cakes Achievement


You can easily get the "Crab Cakes" achievement when you start the "Gone Missing" mission at Shipwreck Beach. Head to the beach and shoot a crab that has a pink heart on its shell. If none of the crabs have pink hearts, return to the camp, wait a minute or two, and try again to see if one has spawned.

Easy Epic Fumble Achievement


You can easily get the "Epic Fumble" achievement in Shantytown. Just before an enemy throws dynamite at you, shoot him to make him drop it. Since there are often other enemies nearby, there is a good chance the explosion will kill two of them for the achievement.

Easy Boom Goes the Dynamite Achievement


You can easily get "Boom Goes the Dynamite" achievement in Shantytown. During the rooftop ambush, enemies will throw bundles of dynamite at you. Shoot one out of the air with your shotgun.

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Are  there  any  for  the  PS3?

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