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Find All Collectibles Guides

Sniper Elite 4 has a massive 322 collectibles to find, across the following categories:

  • Letters from Home (50)
  • Letters to Home (50)
  • Last Letters (50)
  • Miscellaneous Documents (75)
  • Sniper Reports (27)
  • Duty Rosters (40)
  • Deadeye Targets (30)

No collectibles are missable, since you can replay any mission, and you don’t need to grab a collectible again if you die. Most are either hidden or dropped by enemies, but the Deadeye Targets are eagle targets you must shoot to collect.

Every mission has collectibles, including the “Compound” and “Railyard” co-op missions.

Follow the videos below to find the locations of every collectible in each mission.


Target Fuhrer Collectibles Guides

There are additional collectibles to be found in the Target Führer DLC.


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