Ryse: Son of Rome Cheats on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: September 28, 2023
Ryse: Son of Rome
  • First Released: Nov 21, 2013
  • Genres: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox One
  • Developer: Crytek GmbH
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Earn Easy XP


Follow the steps below to easily earn XP.

  1. Choose Mission 3 (Trial By Fire).
  2. Press the D-pad right to set XP as your combo bonus.
  3. Play until you reach the shore, at the point where ships crash onto the beach.
  4. As you fight, try to get the highest combo you can, to increase your XP bonus. You will also get more XP on a higher difficulty level.
  5. When it is time for your character to attack the tower, let the enemy archers kill you. You will restart the level.
  6. Repeat this process until you have enough XP for the upgrades you want. It takes 250,000 XP to upgrade everything. You will need to fight this battle about 10 times for maximum XP.

Guide to Legendary Difficulty


  • Several things change in Legendary difficulty. You do not get extra execution bonuses, and you will not have an obvious signal before an enemy launches a heavy attack. Flaws in the combat system also are more noticeable, as you can't afford to make mistakes. You must master the system and make use of everything it has to offer, even aspects you didn't need to use on lower difficulties.
  • Do not try to play the game on Legendary until you have almost all of Marius's executions and abilities unlocked. Since your execution bonuses will be much smaller, you need every bit.
  • Master your ability to dodge and block enemy attacks. You need high combos to defeat enemies, and you can only take about four or five hits. Damage executions can be quite effective.
  • You will face many more heavy attacks than you did on lower difficulties. Keep an eye out for enemies about to use a heavy attack and either dodge the attack, or block it at just the right time.
  • You can use heavy attacks of your own when you hold down X or Y. This will make combat easier for you, especially against more difficult enemies.
  • The blocking system is also very effective against bosses. Once you practice, it will become second nature. If you block a boss's heavy attack, the boss will be thrown off balance, which provides a good opportunity for you to use your own heavy attacks.
  • When you are facing multiple enemies at once, vary your attacks between them. If you try to focus on just one, the others can attack you. If you attack each of them, you can hold them off and make your way to victory.

Earn Free Gold


You can earn gold for Ryse: Son of Rome by reading the tie-in comics found here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/ryse/comic/

As you read each comic, you will notice hidden pouches of gold in some of the panels. Click on them. The site will ask you to enter a Gamertag to credit the gold to, so you can either enter your own or someone else's (if, for example, you want to give the gold to a friend who plays Ryse). It is possible to receive a maximum of 50 gold per comic, although there is more than that available.

If you leave or refresh the page, the comic's tracking feature seems to reset.

Of the three listed comics, the first two, Claudius and Porcius, are currently available.

Look in the locations below to find the gold hidden in Claudius:

  • Page 5 - In the bottom panel, an impaled barbarian has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.
  • Page 6 - In the top panel, an attacking barbarian on the left has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.
  • Page 8 - In the top panel, to the right, there is a pouch of gold next to an old man.
  • Page 14 - In the top panel, a soldier holds a pouch of gold in his left hand.
  • Page 17 - In the top panel, a pouch of gold rests beside a fallen soldier.
  • Page 19 - In the top panel, there is a pouch of gold on the left side.
  • Look in the locations below to find the gold hidden in Porcius:
  • Page 4 - In the bottom panel, there is a pouch of gold on top of the wagon to the right.
  • Page 7 - In the top pane, the soldier standing in the middle has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.
  • Page 10 - In the bottom panel, the barbarian on the left has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.
  • Page 14 - In the top panel, the soldier wearing the purple cape has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.
  • Page 20 - In the top panel, the soldier on the left wearing the red cape has a pouch of gold attached to his belt.



Picture Title Description Score
Colosseum Recruit
Complete Your First Multiplayer Campaign
I Have A Story To Tell
Complete The Beginning On Any Difficulty
I Will Avenge You, Father
Complete S. P. Q. R. On Any Difficulty
Saving Private Marius
Complete Trial By Fire On Any Difficulty
Trouble In Sherwood Forest
Complete The King On Any Difficulty
Heart of Darkness
Complete Edge Of The World On Any Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can
Complete Pax Romanum On Any Difficulty
Ave, Caesar
Complete The Wrath Of Nemesis On Any Difficulty
Settling Old Debts
Complete The Son Of Rome On Any Difficulty
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Complete The Game On Any Difficulty
First Blood
Perform Your First Combat Execution
Time To Fly
Perform Your First Environmental Execution
Something I Found On The Way To The Forum
Collect One Chronicle
Roman Tourist
Collect Your First Vista
Letters From The Front
Collect One Scroll
To Protect And To Serve
Meet Nero
Forever Lost
Find Your Mother And Sister
Who's That Girl?
Meet Boudica
Inner Demons
Find Out What Really Happened To Your Parents
From The Dead
Become The Righteous Hand Of Vengeance
Not My Type After All
Defeat Boudica
Photo Album
Collect All The Vistas
Finders Keepers
Collect All The Chronicles
Ancient Scholar
Collect All The Scrolls
I Have A Story To Tell (Legendary)
Complete The Beginning On Legendary Difficulty
Ave, Caesar (Legendary)
Complete The Wrath of Nemesis On Legendary Difficulty
Grace Of The Gods
Unlock The First Reward Of The Gods
Champion Of The Gods
Unlock All The Rewards Of The Gods
The Bigger They Are
Defeat Glott
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Defeat Commodus
Colosseum Warrior
Fight On Each Multiplayer Arena Environment
Give Caesar What Is His
Purchase And Use An Upgrade In Combat
Been There, Done That
Replay Any Single-Player Level
Avid Reader
Complete A Comic Book By Collecting 6 Chronicles In A Level
Medium Rare
Use An Execution To Set Fire To An Enemy
There's No Such Thing As Luck
Kill An Enemy By Perfectly Deflecting An Arrow
Only The Finest
Equip Your First Rare Item In Multiplayer
Son Of Vulcan
Equip Your First Tier 5 Item In Multiplayer
It's Just A Flesh Wound
Revive Another Player 3 Times
Step Right This Way!
Use A Trap To Kill An Enemy
Get In Combat With All Executions And Upgrades Purchased
I Will Avenge You, Father (Legendary)
Complete S. P. Q. R. On Legendary Difficulty
Saving Private Marius (Legendary)
Complete Trial by Fire On Legendary Difficulty
Trouble In Sherwood Forest (Legendary)
Complete The King On Legendary Difficulty
Heart Of Darkness (Legendary)
Complete Edge Of The World On Legendary Difficulty
Siege Me If You Can (Legendary)
Complete Pax Romanum On Legendary Difficulty
Settling Old Debts (Legendary)
Complete The Son of Rome On Legendary Difficulty
Bad To The Bone
Complete The Game On Centurion Difficulty
My Empire Of Dirt
Complete The Game On Soldier Difficulty
Comboing My Way Through
Defeat 10 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Any Damage
Colosseum Veteran
Complete 20 Multiplayer Campaigns
Simply The Best
Achieve Rank 100 In Multiplayer
Say Hello To My Little Friend!
Equip Your First Tier 2 Item In Multiplayer
Brothers In Arms
Perform A Co-op Execution
Bloody Centurion
Defeat 100 Enemies In Multiplayer
Monstrum Combo
Defeat 25 Enemies In A Row Without Sustaining Any Damage
Head Executioner
Perform 100 Executions In Any Game Mode
Perform 50 Double Executions In Any Game Mode

Hidden Collectibles Locations Guide


Hidden collectibles are scattered throughout the game, and you can earn gold and achievements when you find them. Search the locations described below to find all of the collectible chronicles, vistas, and scrolls. Scrolls will be held by dead soldiers. The collectibles are grouped below based on chapter and type.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

  • Chronicle 1: Once you're in the palace, you will be told to lead Nero to the vault. On the way, you will pass through a hallway marked by two swordsman statues. In the room beyond the hall, search the alcove on the left side of the room.
  • Chronicle 2: When Nero hides at the top of the staircase, climb the stairs to the left to reach the hall. Go to the back and search the balcony.
  • Chronicle 3: When you rejoin Nero, climb up the stairs to the right. Search the area around the first pillar to your left.
  • Vista 1: After you cross the bridge, there is a turret section, and then you will approach the palace. On your way up the steps, search the area to your left.
  • Vista 2: When Nero hides at the top of the staircase, climb up the stairs to the right. Go down the hall and make your way through the wreckage. Search the area around the pillars to the left.
  • Scroll 1: You will have to use scaffolding to make it across a broken bridge. Once you climb up, look to the left. A short path will lead you to a fallen soldier with a scroll.

Chapter 2: S.P.Q.R.

  • Chronicle 4: You will reach a courtyard that contains a sun dial. Proceed forward and turn right. Search the area behind the fountain near a gate.
  • Chronicle 5: After you cut the bridge's rope, you will need to descend scaffolding. Leave, turn right, and follow the right wall. Search the door found along the wall.
  • Chronicle 6: You will make your way through an alley when Marius's objective is to drop the bridge. Keep an eye on the right hand side and watch for a small path. Search the area behind the hand cart.
  • Vista 3: You will begin in a courtyard with a sun dial. Search the benches to the left.
  • Vista 4: After you meet Marius's father, your new objective will be to go to the Roman Forum. When you enter a tunnel, search along the left wall.
  • Vista 5: After you reunite with Marius's father, search the left wall along the dark road.
  • Scroll 2: After you reach the courtyard, move past the sun dial and search the shadows.
  • Scroll 3: After you meet Marius's father, you will encounter soldiers protecting civilians in an area with a pool. Search the back right corner.

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire

  • Chronicle 7: While you're on the first wrecked ship, go through a hole in the deck to reach the lower area, and search the area behind you.
  • Chronicle 8: When you reach the shore, head along the coastline. Go around the jagged rocks to find an alcove containing the chronicle.
  • Chronicle 9: After you are attacked by archers, head up the hill and look to the left to find an alcove.
  • Chronicle 10: As you approach a Testudo Formation section at the beach, search the area to the right of the fortified area.
  • Chronicle 11: After the Testudo Formation, you will fight several archers. Once you are finished, search the area to the right of the platform where the Roman soldiers are.
  • Chronicle 12: A new road will open once the archers are defeated. Keep an eye on the right wall to find a hidden path that will lead you to a chronicle.
  • Vista 6: Search the left bulwark after you climb up to the deck of the wrecked ship.
  • Vista 7: As you make your way up the tower, search between the tall windows.
  • Vista 8: After you fight the barbarian archers, you will be on a wooden platform. Search the area around the barrels to your left.
  • Vista 9: Before you destroy the tower catapult, search the area around the unmanned Scorpio turret.
  • Scroll 4: Search the left corner of the ship that has crashed into the rock wall.
  • Scroll 5: When you reach the shore, defeat your enemies and then search the wreckage on the right side of the beach.
  • Scroll 6: After you form a Testudo Formation, search the center of the courtyard.
  • Scroll 7: Once the gate mechanism is destroyed and the bridge has been dropped, head for the steps and search the area to the right of them.

Chapter 4: The King

  • Chronicle 13: After the first fight, you will move beneath a fallen tree. Search the left-hand path. The chronicle is near a wrecked ship.
  • Chronicle 14: You will pass by several rocks on your way to a forest path. Once you pass rocks marked by white circles, search the area to your right for an alcove.
  • Chronicle 15: After you cross through the piles of bodies and find the objective crate, don't touch the crate right away. First, search the area behind the desk in the room.
  • Chronicle 16: On your way up to the bridge scaffolding, look to your right. There is a barrier you can jump over to reach the chronicle.
  • Chronicle 17: While you're in the cave, proceed until you find a sunlit room that contains a corpse. Search the area behind the rocks.
  • Chronicle 18: You will use the Testudo Formation and then fight enemies. After you regroup with the Roman soldiers, head to the cave beside them and search along the left wall.
  • Vista 10: Jump into the canyon river and search the tall boulder to the left.
  • Vista 11: After you use the Testudo Formation in the cavern, fight the rest of the enemies and then regroup with the Roman soldiers. Search the area around the nearby torch.
  • Scroll 8: After you are ambushed in the area with the hanging soldiers, continue downstream and search the area to the left of the water.
  • Scroll 9: You will make your way through piles of corpses and climb up onto the scaffolding. Search the shadows to your right before you move on.
  • Scroll 10: After you are ambushed on the bridge, search the platform the enemy archers were on. The scroll should be between stacks of barrels.
  • Scroll 11: At the top of the bridge construction, head forward to the red flags. Search beneath the small structure to your right.

Chapter 5: Edge of the World

  • Chronicle 19: When the soldiers at the start of the chapter as you to move on, don't. Instead, turn around and head up the hill. Search the grass to the left.
  • Chronicle 20: After the soldiers say they saw an animal running in the mist, head up the rocks and search the brush.
  • Chronicle 21: After you fight the barbarian by the campfire, jump over the fallen log and climb up the hill to your right. When you reach the point where the roach opens up, search the brush to the left.
  • Chronicle 22: You will fight a group of barbarians in a campsite. Once they are defeated, search the rock wall to the left side of the waterfall.
  • Chronicle 23: After you save the first group of Roman soldiers, fight until they want you to get into position. Instead, make your way to a trench in the water. A chronicle waits at the end of the trench.
  • Chronicle 24: After you free the soldiers in the swamp, move to the other side of the spiked fence and search the area to the left of the road.
  • Vista 12: You will be kicked into a cave where you must fight a barbarian with an animal head. After the battle, continue up the main path and search the area near the torch to the left.
  • Vista 13: While searching the swamp for enemies, keep an eye out for a forked tree. A vista sits against it.
  • Scroll 12: In the area where barbarians attack from below while archers attack from above, head down a path that leads to the right. The scroll is beyond several fallen tree limbs.
  • Scroll 13: As you head through the cave path, you will cross a natural bridge and see a fire to the right. Do not go toward it. Head left and cross the dark campsite to find a scroll on the other side.
  • Scroll 14: Eventually, you will clear a campsite and be requested to lead the formation. Instead, head through the gate and search the high brush.
  • Scroll 15: In the swamp village with the large fire, search the area around the hut to the left of the fire.

Chapter 6: Pax Romana

  • Chronicle 25: You will pass through an alley onto a street near the beginning of the chapter. Search the left side to find a pub. The chronicle is between two tables.
  • Chronicle 26: After you free the civilians from the burning building, go around the docks to find a bakery. Search the area around the ovens.
  • Chronicle 27: When you reach the bridge where the Roman soldiers are defending against enemy archers, head down the small path to the left.
  • Chronicle 28: In the market, climb onto a white crate and make your way onto the platform. Make two left turns to find the chronicle.
  • Chronicle 29: While you're on the ramp between houses as the town burns, turn right instead of left to find the chronicle.
  • Chronicle 30: When you get the objective to reach the line of defense, make your way along the exterior wall and search the area.
  • Vista 14: After the rooftop battle, return to the ground, head down the alley, and turn right to emerge onto the street. Make another right turn and search the area to your left. The vista is near a fire.
  • Vista 15: After you perform a Testudo Formation and take out the enemy archers, continue on alone. When you reach the second ramp, search the area to your right for a vista hidden beneath the roof.
  • Scroll 16: After the battle on top of the courthouse, return to the alley below. Head through the open gates to your left and search near a small pool of blood.
  • Scroll 17: When you reach the wooden platform where you look upon the soldiers below and are tasked with taking out the enemy archers, head along the scaffolding to the left to find a dead end that contains a scroll.
  • Scroll 18: After you save the civilians, you will enter a street with wagons in it. One wagon is on fire. Head inside the building near it and search the back corner.
  • Scroll 19: You will have to climb up the scaffolding beside the bridge as soldiers defend against enemy archers. As you climb, watch for a walkway that leads to a platform beneath the bridge. Make your way to the far side of that platform.

Chapter 7: The Wrath of Nemesis

  • Chronicle 31: Climb the ramp beyond the courtyard where the citizens are crying. Once you have reach the spot that overlooks the city, search the alcove to your right.
  • Chronicle 32: In the garden, keep to the wall on the right until you reach a set of pots. Jump over them to find a chronicle.
  • Chronicle 33: After the turret section, break down the gate and head through. Search the area to the right, behind the greenery.
  • Chronicle 34: In the underground area of the Colosseum, make your way to a hall lined with pillars. Head to the right and circle around the boxes and cages to find the chronicle beyond.
  • Chronicle 35: After you clear the far platform in the arena and head up the ramp, watch for an area to your right blocked by crates. Jump over the crates and search the area beyond.
  • Chronicle 36: When you need to reach the aqueduct, take a moment to head past the trees and search the area beneath the bushes.
  • Vista 16: After you pass the piles of corpses, climb up the stone and search the area to your right.
  • Vista 17: When the elevator stops on your way to meet Basilius, search the wall across from the door.
  • Vista 18: Beneath the arena, search the area around a pillar to the right. The vista is near crates and cages.
  • Vista 19: When you step onto a boat in the arena, search the area to your left for steps. Climb the steps onto the upper deck and search around the railing.
  • Scroll 20: In the courtyard where the citizens are crying, follow the path to the left until you reach a citizen near a fallen soldier. The soldier has the scroll.
  • Scroll 21: When you reach the stone path that leads toward the massacre, search the area near the ledge to your right.
  • Scroll 22: At Marius's villa, continue past the doors and search the tent around the corner to your left.
  • Scroll 23: Once you are in the arena, drop into the water and turn left. Go around to the back of the ship and search the water for a soldier with the scroll.

Chapter 8: Son of Rome

  • Chronicle 37: When you need to get reinforcements, head up the stairs and to the left. Jump over the crates and search the back of the hall.
  • Chronicle 38: After a battle, you will force open a locked door and return to the street. Instead of joining the Roman soldiers right away, break down a barrier to the right of the ramp. A chronicle is hidden on the other side.
  • Chronicle 39: Look for the white statue in the ruined plaza. When you find it, search the area to the right for a path through. Circle around the debris to find a chronicle.
  • Chronicle 40: When you get the objective to reach the Riverside, search the left wall of the courtyard. You will find a secret passage behind a curtain. There is a chronicle down the passage.
  • Chronicle 41: In the alley where the citizens cry over the invasion, search the area to your right as soon as you pass a wooden fence.
  • Chronicle 42: As you walk down the road marked with white designs, approach the blocked archway on your right. Open the gate beside it, head through, and turn right again. Break down the barrier that blocks your path. The final chronicle waits beyond.
  • Vista 20: When you reach the soldiers waiting on the steps, climb up and head left. Jump over the fallen pillar and climb up the scaffolding. Search the area.
  • Vista 21: Once your soldier unlocks the gate at the Riverside, head through and jump over the railing to your left. The final vista is hidden there.
  • Scroll 24: Once you defeat the enemies that ambush you upstairs, force open the locked gate and head down the steps. Search the area behind the pillar at the bottom.
  • Scroll 25: In the ruined streets, jump over a fallen pillar that blocks your way and search the area for a hidden scroll.
  • Scroll 26: Search the area along the left wall in the room with the red curtains.
  • Scroll 27: When you head down the stairs to a landing divided by a trench, search the area around the ruined stairs, and you will find the final scroll.

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