New Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja Cheats on Xbox One (X1)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
New Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Nov 23, 2022
  • Genres: Platform, Adventure, Arcade
  • Themes: Action
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Game Codes


Sound test

Place the cursor over OPTION on the title screen. On controller 2, hold down the right d-pad and the L shoulder button. Hold down the left d-pad and R shoulder buttons on controller 1, then press Start.

Stage skip

Press C, A, B, right, up, left, A, and controller 2 during the title screen animation. Upon successful entry, a sound effect is heard. Pause the game while pressing A, B, and C. When you press Start to resume, you will be immediately warped to the following stage.


  • Infinite Lives (European version): Obtain a high score and enter "NESRABBIT" as your name on the name entry screen. If done correctly, you'll gain infinite lives, and your name will change to "B BUNNY."
  • Infinite Lives (USA version): Obtain a high score and enter "DATABUNNY" as your name on the name entry screen. If everything goes according to plan, your name will become "YO DUDES" and you'll have endless lives.
  • Level Skip (USA version): Obtain a high score and enter "BUNNYEAST" as your name on the name entry screen. If everything goes according to plan, your name will become "EXCELLENT" and you'll be able to skip levels by selecting.


  • Alternate ending sequence: Holding the shoulder buttons X, A, L, and R will change the final cutscene of Joe and Mac being chased off the screen when the text "Sound Creator Atomic Hanada" scrolls into view during the ending.
  • Extra lives: Simply replay the levels that have them to earn extra lives. Once you have all of them, select START to return to the world map. Repeat as necessary!
  • Replay level: Go to a level on the map and press START; SELECT to replay one you've already completed. 

All of the bosses


Sleepy T-Rex
The first boss is incredibly simple. There are only two attacks on the T-Rex. The first one involves opening its mouth and letting those annoying little creatures shoot out at you. 

Jump over them or, even better, shoot them in the face. It charges forward in its second attack and tries to hit that! However, it isn't particularly inconvenient and doesn't even cause harm.

Sharks can be seen below. They will suddenly jump and attack you. You have the ring launcher at your disposal, which makes the battle simple.
Keep moving and jumping if necessary to avoid the sharks; kill every shark to win the battle. Exercise caution because they occasionally jump in groups of three or more.


It comes at you from below. The good news is that you can kill the piranhas and be released. Shooting will be ineffective. Aquamonster is unstoppable at this time. Throughout the entire battle, you must keep in mind another crucial factor. To defeat it, you must shoot at its head, which is the only part of it that is weak. 

You must therefore leap over it and strike it with your weapon. Jump to avoid it when it emerges and moves beneath you. It will return to the water after you defeat it!

Crazy Mammoth

This one is really difficult. Crazy Mammoth will keep advancing and retreating while hurling boulders at you. Fortunately, you can use your weapon to break these boulders. Instead of avoiding them. 

Aim for its head as well, because it is more exposed there. After sustaining enough damage, it will lose its trunks; however, boulders will drop at you, two at a time, and you must avoid them. Due to the slick ground, this is really challenging, so take care! During this time, Crazy Mammoth won't move, so stay clear of the boulders and keep shooting at it until it collapses. 

Freak Pterodactyl

It often flies around and charges at you. It will also travel and stick its head out at the bottom of the screen, just like the AquaMonster. Then it is unstoppable. When it does, make a high jump to avoid it. You need to exercise caution when it charges somewhere else on the screen. Jump or crouch appropriately. Avoid its charges and keep firing at it to end the battle quickly.

Long Neck

Long Neck is a tough cookie with a lot of life. Additionally, you can only harm it by shooting at its head! It will launch tiny boulders to get going, which you can thankfully break. You might be tempted to simply remain beneath it and jump up when the boulders are launched. Don't even consider it. It can lower its head very quickly, and you won't be able to dodge it in time to avoid getting hurt.

Be ready for some quick jumping and crouching as Long Neck will change color after taking some damage and become even crazier. The bad guys will eventually emerge as well, and you'll need to either kill them or simply avoid them because they vanish so quickly.


Do not be fooled by the four life bars. It forms a ball and moves across the screen as a ball. Avoid getting poked by the spikes. When Spike is rolled into the ball, he can also climb walls. 

Even worse, while it's rolled up, you can't harm it, so you have to wait for it to stand up. Even when it stands up to give you the "evil glare of death," it will quickly fall back into the ball, so you must act quickly to use your weapon against it in that brief moment. Spikey's only options are to jump and roll; when it stands up, you should move swiftly. Good luck!


Only Skullo's head is at risk, which is unfortunate given that it is constantly moving. Skullo's head will drop down and attack you if he runs out of life bars. If you jump over it, it will return to its previous position. Rinse, repeat, and lather... If you have a flame shot, use it to deal more harm.


T-Rex is challenging. It releases objects in your direction from its mouth. Additionally, it has the ability to throw little breakable boulders at you. Be prepared; these attacks are very difficult, especially the boulder attack, but more so because it has a large life bar. 

You should watch out for when he rolls his head around like a punching bag; this will also hurt you. Jumping and rolling is very helpful in this battle to avoid its attacks. Use all of your strength and concentrate on the head. You should be okay if you have a flame shooter and a ring launcher.

Next, you'll be inside the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Kill all enemies as you advance. Take care to avoid the spikes as you advance. In this section, bad guys will drop from above and attack you, so be ready to take them out. They arrive in trios.

You can see the ring launcher on a ledge above you to the right. You must advance until you can jump onto the ledge. Simply high jump to the upper ledge, jump over the fire and take a few steps back to obtain it. Continue to the right after obtaining it. Another group of those rolling baddies will soon be encountered.

A ring launcher isn't very helpful. As long as you don't have a full life bar, make it a point to kill these guys because they'll drop life bonuses. After this section, a sizable boulder will fall. Continue walking until you spot a strange object protruding from the ceiling. 

Sick Devil

The sick devil is extremely vexing! First of all, he'll show up, laugh like a child, and then, all of a sudden, not only is everything better, but if you're playing with Mac, he'll create a copy of himself, who will then change into Mac (or Joe) and roll at you. First, tend to him! Aim up whenever you can. Also, keep an eye out for when he appears to concentrate before suddenly charging with his spear from the bottom of the screen. Simply roll to hit him instead of being hit or high jump to avoid being hit.

The cute green-haired girl will come over to kiss you after you've hit him enough. This is him again! In any case, he will now be even sicker. He'll have a new, cheap attack where he changes into four invincible devils that rotate in the center of the screen. Avoid being hit when he does that. He'll turn blue after that. This time, he will appear somewhere on the screen and thrust his spear while concentrating. Just make sure you're far away. Take advantage of this chance to strike him! 

Additionally, he'll pelt you with flame shots and even flame rings. You can easily avoid flame shots, but you should take caution when it comes to those dreadful flame rings. Alternatively, you can roll right through them. He can also shoot flames in a line, and when they hit the ground, they will solidify into pillars. As you hit Sick Devil, his color will change; eventually, he will turn a deep blue. At all costs, deflect his blows and strike him when you can.

If you keep doing this, you will eventually kill this boss.

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