Everspace on Xbox One (X1)

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  • Genre: Shooter, Simulator, Indie
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,Xbox One
  • Developer: ROCKFISH Games
  • Publisher: ROCKFISH Games
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,
  • First Release (Any platform): May 25, 2017

Galaxy on Fire reference Easter Eggs

There is a shipwreck you can find that belongs to a Lt. Maxwell, whose log indicates he got lost in this system. This is a reference to Keith T. Maxwell, the protagonist of Galaxy on Fire 2 from the same developers.

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Basic Tips Hints

Different weapons are more effective against different things. Use the Pulse Laser to take down an enemy’s shields and the Gatling to destroy the hull.

You can make use of crossfire to your advantage. Although Terrans and Aliens won’t normally start fighting each other (although either group will fight Outlaws), if you can get Aliens to accidentally shoot at something belonging to the Terrans, they will begin fighting each other.

Enemies will follow you in a straight line, so you can use this to your advantage to lure them into traps.

Pick up all equipment and salvage the equipment you don’t want to use.

Try to get as much fuel as possible. Having enough fuel is critical.

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