EA Sports UFC 3 Hints on Xbox One (X1)

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Basic Tips Hints

Combos are critical. Be sure to learn combos.

Hits are more effective when your opponent is low on stamina. Try to hit them right after they finish a combo.

Attack your opponent’s legs while they’re moving, because their legs will be more vulnerable.

Use uppercuts to stop body punches.

You can perform a feint for any move by tapping the block button immediately after starting the move. Use this to trick your opponent by letting them think you’ll make one move, feinting with that move, and then taking them by surprise with your actual move when they counter the feint.

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How to Perform the Mighty Wiz Bar Hints

The Mighty Wiz Bar is a tricky move to pull off, but it is very effective (and also leads to an Easter egg). First, initiate a clinch. From there, you need to go into over under position, and then double under position. Move into a back clinch and then perform the takedown. Make sure to go through these in the correct order, and you’ll pull it off successfully.

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