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Last Updated: December 21, 2022
Apex Legends: Legacy
  • First Released: May 3, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Voice Logs

Easter Eggs

In Apex Legends there are tons of Easter eggs in the new evolution update. The first of these is the voice logs. If you listen to the voice logs you will before the match starts you will hear the voices of other characters. One of the voices we hear can be identified as Frances, one of the characters that work for big sister.

Ramparts first Mod

Easter Eggs

While in the waiting room you can explore the area. You will find a few things related to Rampart's childhood such as a small picture stuck on a computer downstairs. The picture shows Rampart with her family just after she had completed her first modification.

Here’s a video that describes the easter eggs above and more.

Unlocking Legends


As you progress in Apex legends you will have the opportunity to unlock new legends. While this isn’t mandatory it is suggested and super beneficial as you can unlock stronger legends. There are two ways in which you can unlock legends. 

The first and most expensive method of unlocking legends is by using Apex Coins. Apex Coins are the in-game currency that you can use to do almost anything. You can buy skins, characters, and upgrades with them. You would have to buy Apex coins from the game store. 

Once you have the Apex Coins you can go to the Legends Tab. The legends you already have will be presented in color and the ones you still need to purchase will be in black and white. Each legend will cost 750 coins so spend your coins wisely. Choose the Legend you will like to purchase and you would have unlocked a new legend. 

The second method you can use to unlock legends is by using Legend Tokens. Legend Tokens are unlocked by players as they gain XP. They are completely free and can be used to unlock new legends and purchase new skins. 

This method of unlocking legend is far more cost-efficient than using Apex coins but it does have a disadvantage. Because you need to gain the XP before you receive the tokens this method takes much longer than simply purchasing Apex Coins. Each time you level up you will receive 600 tokens.

To purchase a legend you will need the same amount of tokens as you would coins. Meaning you would have to save the tokens until you have 750 of them to unlock a legend. If you choose to use Legend Tokens to unlock characters you will only be able to unlock a new character with every two-level upgrade. 

How to Unlock Heirlooms


Heirlooms can be found by opening Apex packs. The chances of finding them in an Apex Pack though are incredibly slim. Alternatively, you can also save any heirloom shards you find to unlock the full set. You can find shards in Apex packs and you can earn them as your progress and level up. There is also the option of buying an Apex pack for $1. 

Know your Abilities


In Apex legends each character is fitted with specific abilities to give them the edge over their enemies. It would be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with these abilities. It's easy to get caught up when you have an opponent in front of you and all you can think of is shoot, shoot, shoot! 

While shooting is effective to a point, your special abilities are there generally to deal loads of damage to help your defeat your opponent faster. So learn the abilities of your favorite characters and when the best time is to use them. 

Crouch Controls


One of the most vital movement buttons you can use other than your basic controls is your crouch button. Crouch allows you to change the position of your legend faster and allows you to slide which helps in evading oncoming fire. Switch your controls to make it easier for you to crouch when you need to. 

Get more practice


If you are new to Apex Legends and you are wanting to develop fast in the game there are two things you can do. First, you can revisit the tutorials to make sure you have fully grasped your objectives and controls for the game. Use a few different legends and practice their abilities so you know when to use them.

The second method is by dropping into the map early. When you drop into the map early you will quickly learn that you have to react fast to find loot and stay alert. This is because most people drop into the map earlier. You might find it difficult at first but over time you will adapt to the pace when you drop in early. 

Adjust your Field of View


The standard settings you enter Apex legends with give you a pretty narrow view of the map. While the might be some benefits to having a narrow view, there are also some disadvantages like missing loot in your peripherals are even getting blindsided by an enemy because you couldn't see them.

Play around with the settings to find what FOV would suit you best. Many professionals suggest that setting your FOV anywhere between 90 to 110 should be sufficient but it is completely up to you. You can always change the settings again later on if you need to. 

Using the Valkyrie

Easter Eggs

The Valkyrie is arguably one of the best characters you can use in Apex. This is because of how versatile she is. You can attack people on the ground and get to them quickly by using your jetpack. Canceling your flight before you reach an enemy can really give you an advantage over your enemy. 

While you are flying, instead of flying right up to your enemy, cancel your flight just before you land near them so that your weapon is drawn and ready for the assault as you land. You can also fly into a wall as and cut your jets to cause a wall jump. Your Valkyrie will draw her weapon at the same time. 

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