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Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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  • Genre: Puzzle, Strategy, Arcade
  • Platforms: Mac,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Wii,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,iPhone,Nintendo 3DS,iPad,Android,Windows Phone,PlayStation Vita,Wii U,Browser,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd.
  • Publisher: Rovio Mobile Ltd.,Activision
  • Ratings: ESRB: E,PEGI: 18+,OFLC: G
  • First Released: Oct 7, 2012

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Golden Eggs Locations Guides

Six Golden Eggs are hidden in the game. When you find one, you unlock a bonus level. Follow the instructions below to find all of the Golden Eggs.

The first is found on Tatooine, in level 1-13. First, get rid of the red bird, because you don't want to risk killing the pig that's shooting at you. You will need those lasers to get the egg. Next, locate the egg near the top of the screen. Then, use the black bird's Force Push to deflect the shots into the egg to collect it.

The second is found on Tatooine, in level 1-25. Locate the egg near the bottom of the screen, as well as the round piece of metal near it. Then, fling the red bird to destroy the bush that will otherwise block the metal. Use the black bird's Force Push to push the metal against the egg.

The third is found on Tatooine, in level 1-31. This one is trickier than the previous to. Locate the egg near the back of the level. You need to hit it with an asteroid. Use Force Push to clear a path through the asteroids. Fling a bird in that direction, and then use Force Push to push an asteroid down to hit the egg.

The fourth is found on the Death Star, in level 2-18. Locate it near the bottom of the screen, and notice that there is a tunnel-like shaft descending down from it. Then, send the Han bird just slightly to the left, so that he falls. Once he is out of sight, shoot. If he is at the right point, the shot should bounce off the sides of the unseen tunnel and make its way to the egg.

The fifth is found on the Death Star, in level 2-33. Locate it near the top of the screen. Throw your Han bird at the planetoid that holds the egg shrine. Once you hit it and begin to bounce back, aim at the egg and shoot. With excellent timing, you can destroy the wall of the shrine in two shots and hit the egg with your third. Otherwise, you can send your Han bird to try again.

The sixth and final egg is found on Hoth, in level 3-17. This is a very difficult one to get. Zoom out to locate the egg near the top of the screen, and notice the wood-and-metal shrine. Use your first Han bird to weaken (not destroy) the left metal leg of the shrine. Next, use Leia to clear away any obstacles. Send another Han bird out, and shoot again. You want to destroy the left metal leg with your first or second shot, and have your third ricochet off the falling roof into the egg. You will need excellent timing and luck.

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