Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Cheats on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated: August 13, 2023
Dokapon Kingdom: Connect
  • Category: Remake
  • First Released: Apr 12, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Card & Board Game
  • Themes: Action, Comedy, Party
  • Ratings: PEGI 7, ESRB E10

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Gold Bug Glitch


A glitch occurs when you use the Gold Bug item while in debt. Using the Gold Bug item while you are indebted will cause you to double the debt you owe.

However, if you lose all your money with the Gold Bug while in debt, you will no longer be in debt. The glitch causes your player to be freed from any debt owed.

The Dokapon Library shares a glitch.

Beginners Guide


This is a role-playing video game where monsters invade the city, and the king has assembled the bravest warriors to save the town. As a player, you are confined to moving on a board and must spin the roulette to decide your fate.

The game has five modes: Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and Town Race. The board is spread over seven continents and eight chapters for you to conquer or be defeated by monsters.

You can choose between the mage, thief, or warrior when starting your game. Eleven classes are available, of which you can have numerous human and NPC characters. You can also name your characters and alter their appearances or colors. 

Spinning roulette wheels will decide how many spaces you can move on the board. You can use the available movement to choose the direction and spaces your player will land on. There are various spaces your player can land on, including; treasure spaces, loot spaces, spaces to collect taxes, and open spaces to duel monsters. 

Once your player lands on a space, there will be a monster to battle. Battle the monsters on the open spaces and defeat them to move forward on the board. Once you have defeated a monster, your player will be rewarded with XP, and you can collect some items.

Every monster you defeat will level up your character. Each monster has a unique attack and defense method. Killing a monster will reward your character with special magic attack moves or defenses that you must use against other monsters.

You must choose the easiest path forward and collect as much loot as possible to excel and win the game. Along the way, you must collect taxes from villagers for the king.

If you land on a space with another player, you must duel the other warrior. Every player is on their own level of advancement in the game, so you may come across an opponent on a higher level with more HP than you.

Two cards will reveal who makes the first move. The first player to make a move can either strike the other player, charm them, attack them, or charge their opponents. While the defending player can counter their attack, defend against it, or simply give up.

If you win against your opponent, you can take their towns, steal their money, take all their field magic, or take their equipment. Defeat all the monster bosses throughout the eight chapters and earn as much currency as possible to win the princess's hand in marriage.

Idea Factory International shares a beginner's guide for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect

How to Beat Overlord Rico


Overlord Rico is the King of the underworld and will only appear in Story Mode. To access a duel against the final boss, you must free all the towns and be granted a passport to enter the “Gates of Heck.”

Overlord Rico is one of the most powerful bosses to beat. It is hard to beat the boss with one simple attack move, especially since he can defend a 999 AT attack if he picks the defend option.

The boss has a Normal and True Form, which he alternates between. He rarely uses the strike action as he has an auto-counter ability which means striking him is off the cards. To surpass Overlord Rico’s strong defenses, you must use a weapon with a second attack built-in, such as the Punisher.

The Overlord’s True Form of offensive magic is the Gigablaze, the strongest fire battle magic that will weaken your defenses. His defensive magic is Bounce, which sends back the magic to the caster. In addition, his battle skill is Strikeout, which will likely break some of your equipment.

Overlord’s Normal Form is similar except for the boss's defensive magic, which changes to Mirror. The “Mirror” defensive magic moves and sends back ½ of the offensive magic attack sent to him.

To counter this boss's strong attacks, you should use a sneak hit from Ninja to take away half of his HP. When your HP is high, you must use at least one Deathblock against him and a Revival to remain in the fight. 

A strong OP sword and deathblock is an alternative combination against the Overlord Rico. Remember to defend against his attacks; you should outlast him in the battle.

Blizzie Fubukie-hime shares a guide on how to beat Overlord Rico

Things to Remember


Focus on Leveling

The game may be about accumulating wealth and improving your net worth standings; however, it is crucial to focus on leveling up your character's skills and job levels at the beginning of the game.

Improving your character's skills will enhance the speed of your kills, and you will then be able to raise money for good equipment or spells. The networth standings of a player are only important towards the end of the game.

Target Red Monster 

Red monster-held towns offer the biggest cash rewards for players. Target all the red monster-held towns first; other monsters are available, but they pose a greater risk for players to defeat.

Improve Your SP

Your player’s skills can be leveled up. A player possesses various skills; one of them is “SP, " the “Speed” at which your player can dodge field magic attacks. Improve your SP to increase your field magic attacks' accuracy and dodge rates.

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