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The game is awful, you need aim bot to survive or unlimited revives it's the BOTsystem there too OP at presrige 8 I can't play this game any more it's too hard, killing plauers is easy, killing BOTS is the issue.

Rating: 1

By: Duke - 1 year ago

It is great. Something new to do. I am happy.

Rating: 10

By: Kevin - 11 months ago

Amazing game that has me completely involved

Rating: 9

By: Larry - 10 months ago

Great game too play on the ps5

Rating: 10

By: Bo Kinder - 9 months ago

It’s okay I like to play the game but tired of cheaters so want to use it on them

Rating: 7

By: Jack Robinson - 9 months ago

Goooooooood keep it up nice job again

Rating: 10

By: Samuel Barnard - 9 months ago

Call off duty: Modern Warfare II

Rating: 8

By: Bshshs - 8 months ago

Good job i like the fame tho

Rating: 10

By: Edward - 8 months ago

Good job it always can get better but good job on MW2!

Rating: 9

By: Jonathan - 8 months ago

Love this app best app ever

Rating: 10

By: Kenneth Felton - 6 months ago

Entertaining ,challenging , yet fun...A good way to pass time.

Rating: 9

By: Wayne dawg - 5 months ago

J'en ai marre qu'il y a pas un serveur pour les meilleurs et autres pour les moins bon car a chaque fois c'est toujours les mêmes qui son top 250 a force sa Vien lassant comme jeux

Rating: 2

By: Corentin Bernard - 4 months ago

I love it so so much but I suck so that’s why I want hacks

Rating: 10

By: Evan Griffin - 3 months ago