Warhammer: Chaosbane Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: June 25, 2022
Warhammer: Chaosbane
  • First Released: Jun 3, 2019
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Unlockable Features


Several features locked at the start of the game will unlock as you progress through it.

  • Chaos Difficulties (1-5) – Complete the main campaign.
  • Expeditions – Once you finish a map in the campaign, that map’s Expeditions will also be unlocked.
  • Boss Rush – This unlocks as soon as you beat a boss, and bosses will be added to the Boss Rush as you beat each boss in the campaign.
  • Invasion Mode – Added to the game as part of a patch.
  • Relic Hunt – Complete the main campaign.

Unlocking these features will unlock them for every character on your account, so you don’t have to repeat it. For example, if you unlock the Chaos difficulty options, you will be able to start a new character on Chaos difficulty from the start.

Skills, abilities, and features will also unlock as you make progress through the story.

Relic Maps


Once you finish the main campaign, you’ll unlock the Relic Hunt and Relic Maps, which can be accessed at the Collector’s Guild. These special challenge maps add negative modifiers, which increase depending on which type of map you pick. A Lesser Relic Map will have one negative modifier, a Greater Relic Map will have two negative modifiers, and a Grand Relic Map will have three negative modifiers.

Relic Maps drop the highest tier of loot, which is red loot.

Collector's Guild Rewards and Skills


As you donate equipment to the Collector’s Guild, you will level it up, which gives you rewards and special skills.

Rank 1 – This is the starting level.

Rank 2 – 100 Gold Crowns, Tomes of Knowledge (Experience Gain +10%)

Rank 3 – 200 Gold Crowns, Cleanup Team (Gold Gain +10%)

Rank 4 – 300 Gold Crowns, 50 Red Fragments, 50 Yellow Fragments, 50 Blue Fragments, 50 Green Fragments

Rank 5 – 400 Gold Crowns, Master Armourer (Max Health +5%)

Rank 6 – 500 Gold Crowns, 100 Red Fragments, 100 Yellow Fragments, 100 Blue Fragments, 100 Green Fragments

Rank 7 – 600 Gold Crowns, Master Cobbler (Movement Speed +5%)

Rank 8 – 700 Gold Crowns, 50 Link Fragments

Rank 9 – 800 Gold Crowns, Scroll of the Elders (Enemy Champions Damage +2%, Damage Taken +2%)

Rank 10 – 900 Gold Crowns, Lucky Charm (Loot Quality +100%)

Rank 11 – 1000 Gold Crowns, 100 Red Fragments, 100 Yellow Fragments, 100 Blue Fragments, 100 Green Fragments, 50 Link Fragments

Basic Tips


The Healing Potion in your inventory is not a limited resource. Rather, it operates on a cooldown timer. Once the cooldown is finished, you can heal again.

Fragments are very important. Fragments can be used for revival, upgrading your equipment, and unlocking God Skills.

When you die, you can also pay Fragments or gold to respawn at the same spot.

Increasing the difficultly level will increase your chances of getting more and better loot.

You’ll be able to upgrade gear as soon as you unlock the Blessing system, but since you need to expend Fragments in order to upgrade your gear, you might consider waiting until later in the game or even in the end-game, when you have powerful equipment you plan to stick with for a while.

Go out on Expeditions every now and then and pay attention to the special Events that can randomly occur, to get even more experience and loot.

The type of character you’re playing and your playstyle will determine which skills and stats will be best for you. Take a look at your skills to see what stats they make use of, and this should help you decide which stats to prioritize for your build.

Fragments and Blessings Guide


There are six types of Fragments you can use for various purposes, including upgrading your equipment through the Blessings system by spending Fragments equivalent to your level. Fragments can upgrade your equipment in the following ways:

  • Divine Fragments – Required for Blessings
  • Red Fragments – Increase Damage
  • Yellow Fragments – Increase Damage
  • Blue Fragments – Increase Health
  • Green Fragments – Increase Health
  • Link Fragments – Combine fragments for a special effect
  • Red + Yellow – Armor piercing
  • Blue + Red – Increase critical damage
  • Green + Red – Increase critical chance
  • Green + Blue – Increase armor
  • Orange + Blue – Increase max energy
  • Orange + Orange – Increase counter-attack damage

Keep in mind that if you bless/upgrade an item and then bless/upgrade it again, the second upgrade will override the first.

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