Tour de France 2021 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
Tour de France 2021
  • First Released: Jun 2, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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New to game tips


Energy Saving

It is always important to race along with the front of the pack, utilize your abilities, and without wasting too much energy. 

Follow Attacks

Once you are in front of the pack. Wait until you see another rider make an attack, use this opportunity to follow the attack. This will make it easy to allow the AI to do the work for you as you break away and further to the front of the race. The race will speed up for a bit as you do the follow and you will fast forward a portion of the race.

Taking Lead

Taking lead will often cause your rider to work hard to stay in front. Work smarter not hard. You may want to take lead in moments where you want to reach a checkpoint first on the race, as well as the checkered flag of course. But staying in front all the time, instead of "piggybacking" off other racers. The idea is to ensure you do not use any stamina while you are in lead during the race.

Relay Time

Try to use your descents to create more relay time, people will not frustrated and unimpressed with you as you keep your relay time. The Relay time will remain high and you will not lose any stamina. 


Keep your Gel packs in mind. A gel pack will increase your stamina and energy levels depending on the pack you use. Utilizing your gel pack in the right moment, such as right before a climb can be the difference between a win and a loss in a race. They can be easy to forget. 

Lukas Plays is known as one of the best Tour De France players and is easy to watch, he goes over some tips and tricks that he has learnt in playing Tour De France 2021.

How to win an uphill sprint


Hill climbs and sprints will work best with this tip, but it can apply to all uphill climbs.

Hill and Sprints attribute for efforts above 100%. The efforts drain the red energy gauge. 

You will need to find out which indicators your rider is strongest at and adapt your race to these attributes. Climbs such as the Mur de Bretagne have a steep start and then a gradual flattening towards the end. 

Understanding your rider’s abilities and understanding the type of map will help you determine where you will need to push on the map. If your rider is strong in hill riding, make sure to use the rider’s energy while going on steeper inclines. If your rider is a sprinter, use the rider’s energy while going on a straight. 

Gels play a large role. The red gill will allow you to refill the energy gauge, though it can only be used when your effort level is below 100%. For a hill rider, use the gel in the steepest sections of the race. Vice versus for the sprint riders. 

Each stat will affect your performance, if a rider has a low acceleration, they will not be able to follow a good attack or sprint easily. You should keep your rider’s stats in mind. Because the rider is bad at sprints and attacks, you should preferably maintain a high tempo in your rides. As you play you will naturally gather these stats and how to handle them. Stamina along with resistance is going to affect the energy gauge and determine how long you can sustain the effort levels. 

It is recommended that you instruct your team to take red gels halfway or further into a final short climb. The riders often do not do this, but by instructing this action you will see a drastic improvement in their performance. 

Trainer Cheats


There are no built-in Cheats for Tour de France 2021. However, you are able to download a "Trainer" for this game that will add in your usual cheat functions to the game. The train will add the old-school cheats that you can use on Tour de France

Adding a Trainer to this game will allow you to use the following cheats. 

• Unlimited Energy Meter

• Unlimited Attack Meter

• Unlimited Stamina Meter

• Game Speed

• Edit: Pro Team Funds

This Video shows you how to add a trainer to your game through a highly trusted trainer from the community.

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