Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: October 7, 2021
Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy
  • First Released: Mar 17, 2021

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Earning extra XP and salvage points


This trick can be done by yourself or with other players at the multiplayer menu. You can create a private match by selecting rescue mode and choosing the beach map. Then select the survivor team and customize your load-outs. 

You can then choose the top option and once you have reached a high enough level, you're the option to select second wind as your offensive skill. You must then set the survival skill to advanced looting and exit the loadout screen.

Then you can go to match options and change the time limit to any time you desire. This takes about 8 - 10 minutes. Then select the medkits to retrieve option to 20 and start the match. 

Then you can retrieve the medkits that are scattered on the map. Remember that there are places where the medkits will always appear .This option will enable you to retrieve the medkits quickly in random areas. 

Once you appear on the map, there will be a circle near the area of the medkits at the spawn point. A white waypoint icon will indicate where the next medkit can be located and you can sprint to that location to retrieve the medkits and drop them at the drop off point, 

While collecting medkits you can collect salvage as this respawns quickly once the salvage has been collected.

You can keep collecting points until the match ends and then you can start a new match and then repeat this process. Remember you can also quit in between rounds and retain your points. 

You can do this approximately every 5 minutes and you can earn up to 10 000 XP and 2 000 salvage. 

The Well of Tears map In Shantytown


The Well can be located In the first Two tombs Lara will complete and this I'll give her the Shantytown Relic map, which is a partial map of Shantytown.

You must travel to Helicopter Hill camp located in Shantytown. Use a rope arrow to pull the entrance of the tomb open and you can drop in. You will need to walk through the town to find a building painted with white murals but be careful because it is protected by boobytraps. You will need to destroy the floor to allow you to access the cave below that will lead you to a straight path to the tomb. 

Once you're inside the tomb you will see a hanging platform, begin to collect the yellow canisters, and throw them onto the platform. This will cause the platform to lower. Once the platform has reached the ground, Lara can stand on it and remove the canisters. 

She can then step off the platform by using the upper ledge to jump onto the raising platform. From there she can then jump onto the left ledge to reach the treasure chest and get the map.

Unlimited Hide Farming


In Rise of the Tomb Raider, on the map Geothermal Valley, there is a glitch near some bridges North of the initial base. The glitch will allow you to farm unlimited Hide. In order to do this, you will need to walk into a rock in the stream, eventually, you will fall into the map and down into a cave below you. 

Once you land you will see a hide in front of you to collect. After collecting the animal hide, leave the tunnel and head back to the bridge where you started. Repeat from the beginning and the dear's hide will reset. You can then harvest the hide from the dear again. 

A guide to using the Hide Farming glitch.

Baba Yaga DLC Unlockables


Wraithskin Outfit

The Wraithskin outfit can only be unlocked by playing the Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC, You can obtain this outfit by defeating Baba Yago.

When you are wearing this outfit, you gain a bonus that will allow you to increase the duration of your cloud from a poison arrow. 

The outfit has a fearsome animal design that will terrorize the hearts of the enemies. The outfit includes the mask that Baba Yago wore, along with the vestments. 

Dreamstinger Bow

This Dreamstinger Bow is unlocked by successfully completing the Baba Yago: Temple of the Which DLC. The bow allows a special upgrade to your usual ancient bows by changing the poison arrows in a way that causes the enemies to hallucinate. 

How to Unlock Dreamstinger, Wraithskin Outfit

Fighting a T-Rex

Easter Eggs

On the first level in the second Tomb Raider game, "The Great Wall", as you walk in, there is a hidden level underneath you. You can walk to the edge of what is basically a death pit. If you drop at the right place, you can survive the fall, you will be able to shimmy over and find a hidden level.

You will end up in a dark cave, and a T-rex will spawn, you can do your best to kill this T-rex, but another will spawn, and this will repeat until it finally kills you! 

The hidden T-Rex level and more easter eggs from the first Tomb Raider.

Kill Feefee the Crab

Easter Eggs

Feefee was first seen in the “Turning point” trailer for the release of the game. Previously the fans of the game would name some of the biggest monsters with funny nicknames.  In the reboot trailer, To make a joke fans found a tiny crab in the trailer, and named this "monster" Feefee.

Feefee is now an easter egg with a distinctive heart on its shell. Killing Feefee, who is located on the shipwreck beach is part of the storyline and cannot be missed. It will also give you a secret achievement of 5 game score points. 

The Man in the cave is from Cast Away?

Easter Eggs

One of the first enemies in Tomb Raider is a shabby-looking man that seems to have gone crazy. The man first seems interested in helping, but if you give him that chance, he clearly is not actually interested in giving you the helping hand. 

Hughes, a game developer, speaks about this enemy who lives in a cave as a scavenger, as he has come in on a crashed ship. Hughes mentions "Not everyone keeps their S*** together". Sound familiar? 

Crystal dynamics once said they would love to build the infamous "Wilson" ball into the story but it never made it into the game. Was that Tom Hanks we were fighting against?

Cast Away and other easter eggs in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The Players Choice.

Easter Eggs

In Tomb Raider, when Lara first gets her hands on a machine gun, she finds herself in a situation where she needs to kill a man to put him out of his misery, as rubble has fallen onto him. 
This seems to be the only choice for Lara to make, however, you can choose to leave him and not kill him yourself. He will eventually call on to his friend’s but this will ruin your ambush. 

Hughes, a games developer explained that the team decided to add this in because they wanted to allow a choice in the game. Instead of forcing the player to "make the choice", it would actually remain a choice to make. 

Things to know before you start playing


You can't clear an area the first time you visit it.

The game design does not allow players to do everything the first time that you visit each area. For this reason, it is better to push through the story, get the right gear, and go back later to collect the trinkets

The animal's hearts are their weak point.

The large animals have actual hearts, you can shoot the animal to wound it but that won't kill it. One of your skills allows you to see that animal's heartbeat and helps you to kill your target in a single shot but if you don't have the advantage yet, you can try and guess. 

Finding the Explorer Backpacks.

The backpacks allows you to see all the locations of the GPS survival catches on the map. You don't need to comb your surroundings for glimpses in the sun.

A Few hints when playing Tomb Raider for the first time.

Indiana Jones

Easter Eggs

When playing the level "Peru - Tomb of Qualopec", you will play the infamous scene where you will need to dodge a large rolling rock threatening to squash you. If you take a closer look at the large rock, you will see a hat and a whip carved into it. This is a clear reference to Indiana Jones's rolling rock escape in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

To find this easter egg, you will need to enter the room with the partially collapsed floor, once you are in, walk up the ramp, a few steps in and the large rock will start rolling down towards you. The easter egg is there for a second before the rock rolls away and breaks. 

A clip of the easter egg

Cold Darkness Awakened DLC Unlockables


Ushanka Outfit

The Ushanka Outfit can be unlocked by rescuing all 15 prisoners while playing the Cold Dark Awakened DLC. The outfit looks like a traditional Ushanka, with a camo jacket and a red scarf. This outfit has an added bonus that reduces the amount of damage you will take from enemy melee attacks. 


The Voidhammer is unlocked at the same time as the Ushanka outfit and is identical to the Break-Action shotgun, it only has a different skin to the weapon. 

Showcasing the unlockables and a guide to collecting them.

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