The Forgotten City Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: June 12, 2022
The Forgotten City
  • First Released: Jul 27, 2021
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Talk to All the Non-Player Characters


The game is about deduction and charm so even if the character seems insignificant still go and speak to them.

Resetting the Time Loop


In the game, you will need to speak to different people and you may make some mistakes along the way. For example, picking the wrong dialogue option and offending a character may distract you from your goal.

To reset the time loop all you would have to do is break the golden rule and commit a crime. This will cause you to make your way back to the time portal and reset the time loop. 

Save Your Game 

Another option is if you are attempting something that could be risky. This may result in a mistake that will lock your character out of a loop. If you have saved your game you can bypass being locked out of the loops by reloading your last saved game. 

Seek the Golden Bow


This is one of the most important items in the game. The bow can transform foes you shoot into solid gold. The bow’s power includes turning items and aspects of the environment like water into gold. 

The bow is difficult to get. You will need to start with lying to the assassin staying near Roman baths. This will result in leaving him to the fate the cowering women would have suffered. This will result in you getting the standard bow.

Then you can take that bow to the market and find Desius who will exchange it for the fake golden bow. You can take the bow to Diana at the shrine and exchange it for the genuine bow.  

Silver Tongue Trophy

Easter Eggs

To get the trophy, you will need to talk to 3 different people but you need to choose the correct dialogue options. 

You will encounter Naevia first, you must choose these dialogue options : 

“This has nothing to do me me” 
“It’s not just this statue whispering to me. A lot of them do it. But it’s always the same voice.” 
“It’s like someone else is whispering to me through the statues.” 
“No, I swear” 
“I ended up here by accident. All I want to do is leave.” 
“I got trapped in tunnels under the city and came up inside the palace.” 
“I never had any intention of hurting you”
“Wait! I can undo all of this if you tell me the treatment for rheumatism.”   
“I can wind back the time, and make it so that I never came in here.” 
“I’m reliving the same day over and over again” 
“I just need to get back to the shrine of Proserpina.”
“Because you’ll never remember this conversation.”
“Goodbye, Naevia”

Naevia will let you leave peacefully. 

The next step will be to speak to the Egyptian who is hiding deep underground. This will also give you the secret Nimble achievement.

When you are deep underground look for a round circle and stand in the middle. This will release a giant rock, you will need to step out of the way. You will need to do this in 3 circles. 

When you are ready to leave you will face Khabash. You will need to choose these dialogue options:  

“There’s no need for this to end in violence.”   
“Just hear me out.” 
“If something can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.” 
“Isn’t being a good person a worthwhile pursuit, in and of itself.” 
“Even if your beliefs about the afterlife weren’t quite accurate, isn’t the important thing they motivated you to live good lives.”
“Are you going to abandon a lifetime of good character, now that it matters most, just because you found you were misled?” 

Khabash will let you leave peacefully. 

The last person you will need to speak to is the God of the Underworld. 

Choose every dialogue option in order : 

“What’s your story?” - choose all the dialogue options 
“What is this place?” - choose all the dialogue options 
“Are you responsible for the Golden Rule” - choose all the dialogue options except “How could you let this happen”
Lastly, choose “That’s all the questions I had.”
“I’m from the future.” 
“I was hoping you could tell me.” (Lie)
“Shouldn’t you know this, as the God of our underworld”
“I’d like you to put an end to the golden rule” 
“How can you expect us to live without sin if you can’t do it yourself.” 
“You’ve given terrible punishment to hundreds of people, some for minor sin and some who committed no sins at all.” 
“If our positions were reversed, you wouldn’t want me to punish you for the sins of other people.”
“What makes you kind superior to mine?”
“Why does wisdom and technology make you superior.” 
“So you think you’re not obliged to treat us fairly, because you’re more powerful than us?” 
“What was is it the Roman Stoics said? Treat your inferior as you would wish your superior to treat you.”  
“But didn’t you say Jupiter was your leader? There’s a hierarchy within your kin.” 
“So are you treating humans the way you would wish Jupiter to treat you?”
“I’m saying: if you cant follow your own rule, how can you expect humans to?”  
“You’re not a monster. You’re a human, and you made a mistake.” 
“Humans make mistakes. It’s in our nature.”
“Perhaps he made a mistake too.” 
“Perhaps when you took on human form, you took on some human foibles as well.”
“We just want to return to the world.” 
“I’m ready” 

You will receive the in-game Trophy

Wizard Worm goes in depth on what the trophy is, as well as exactly how to obtain the trophy.

Finding the Hidden Graffiti's


In the game, you will find graffiti written on the walls. Sometimes giving you warnings, humorous anecdotes, or past events. One of the in-game objectives are finding the graffiti's

Aurelia’s Bar: On the wall beside the bar in the tavern. 
Translation: “Let the buyer beware” 

Aurelia’s Bar: On the wall behind the tables opposite the bar.  
Translation: “The only way out is”

Domitius’s Room: On the wall above the bed in the room.
Translation: “Theophilus had an orgy with four girls here and disappointed all of them equally”  

The cave behind the Tavern: If you take the far exit from the entry door to the slums, the writing is on the opposite wall. 
Translation: “May the gods be kinder to you than they were to us, stranger.”

The cave behind the Tavern: After exiting the tavern, take the stairs on the right. At the top of the first step of stairs, follow the left-hand path all the way to the end to find a wooden room.   
Translation: “The bloodless shadows wander without flesh or bone”

Stairs to the Theatre: On the side of the stairs leading to the theatre. On the main path halfway between the tavern area and the bridge to the central plateau. At the ornate stone archway at the entrance.
Translation: Don’t steal anything, Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t”    

The cave behind the Theatre: Use the right path at the first fork and then go right again at the second fork. You will find a locked gate to the secret shrine. The graffiti is on a wall to the left of the gate.
Translation:  "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" countered by "To the lions with you, cultist"

The Forum: The graffiti is on the wall between Fabia's bakery and Desius's shop.
Translation: "Oppius the thief stole my purse and I"

Vergil's shop: On the wall beside Vergil's shop. We'll need to comment on this to Vergil during the “The Sinner lead”
Translation: “Sinner”

Public Toilet:  Located on the left-hand wall as you enter the public toilets.
Translation: "Whoever defecated here needs to see a doctor."

Wizard Worm show's you exactly where each of the graffiti's are.

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