The Callisto Protocol Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: April 21, 2023
The Callisto Protocol
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Dec 1, 2022
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Science fiction, Horror, Survival
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Cheat Engine


While Callisto Protocol does not include a built-in cheat system, there are still ways to add cheats to the game as a way to spice it up a little. Downloading and using a trainer is one of the ways you can add cheats to the game.

We suggest you read up reviews on any trainer or software you add to your system, but the NAGuide trainer has worked for multiple users and provides a vast range of cheats to enable.

The NAGuide Trainer provides the following cheats:

Set Movement Speed (default = 1)

  • Refill Health
  • Low Health
  • Add Callisto Credits
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited GRP Energy
  • Godmode
  • Easy Kills
As a trainer may be difficult to add to the game for an inexperienced user, here is a guide that helps you add cheats for Callisto Protocol.
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Ernie Holcomb, 11 months ago - Reply

Schofield Landmark

Easter Eggs

Glen Scofield was one of the Dead Space co-creators and is now the founder of Striking Distance. He is also the director of Callisto Protocal. It feels only right that a piece of him should live somewhere. And this is reflected in the naming of a ravine on Callisto's surface after him.

Other Zombie Games' Influences

Easter Eggs

The various influences from older games are evident throughout this game. They serve as a shining memory of the older titles. 

The mechanics of smashing glass cabinets around the prison are similar to Resident Evil Village, and the Biophages are closely modeled after the clickers from The Last of Us.

Both versions are blind and only take notice if you make a noise, so the stealth function and the Blind’s design beautifully capture this aesthetic.

Also, Jacob being hung upside down with the infected mimics the sequence, which is similar to where Joel is hanging upside down defending Ellie in The Last of Us.

Philip K. Dick's B.I.P

Easter Eggs

The name of the central area of the game, the Black Iron Prison, has special meaning to it as well, because it is a direct reference to the acclaimed science fiction author Philip K. Dick, whose books as well as short stories made appearances in films like Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, and the TV series The Man on the High Castle.

Back from the days of Dead Space

Easter Eggs

For those who have played the game “Dead Space," one of the more obvious Easter eggs appears during the fourth chapter, when a new biophage that springs tentacles mutates into a more difficult opponent.

The original message read “cut off their limbs” and appeared as you got the plasma cutter. “Shoot the tenticles” is an important instruction to follow as they will be much more difficult to kill once they mutate.

MetaSquad goes through all the Easter Eggs.

Predator Area Design

Easter Eggs

There is also a clever Predator Easter Egg. This area hosts a massive jungle with a vast treeline, and somewhere in this jungle, you hear what sounds like the klicking of a predator, but as soon as you make your way to the source, another strange, four-legged Biophage Rusher jumps at you. 

Eyes Wide Shut

Easter Eggs

A huge eye-opener happens in the final moments of the game when you get to know exactly who is behind the Callisto protocol. You find out that it is not the Warden of the Black Iron Prison but rather an entire cult known as The Commonality, who in turn have conferences wearing masks to hide their faces.

These ominous gold masks look a lot like the masks from the secret society scenes in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

References to Alien films

The Callisto Protocol is packed with references to Ridley Scott's Alien Universe films, with loads of inspiration that went into the design of the creatures as well as the environment. There are bodies stuck to walls, covered in a slimy organic matter from Biofphage secretions, as well as egg-like pods carrying leeches that attack you.

In one case, a leech attached itself to Dani’s face exactly the same way a facehugger would. The UJC spacesuit closely resembles the suits from Prometious; the bloodworm Biophages shoot from pods that resemble facehugger eggs; and Elias is from Faralon’s Hope, a name that sounds the same as Hadley’s Hope from Aliens.

Braindance Session

Easter Eggs

Within the Callisto Protocol, there is memory sharing technology available. One cannot help but think of the Braindance Tech from Cyberpunk 2077.

Wrong Timeline.

This game takes place three hundred years in the future, around the year 2320.

All the birthdays line up perfectly relative to their individual timelines, except for Edward Bates.  If one looks at his birthday, it is listed as 2527, or two hundred and twenty-seven years after the events of the game. That makes him a possible time traveler.

PUBG References

Easter Eggs

The original idea of the Callisto Protocol was for it to become part of the PUBG universe. The easily recognizable helmet from the character on the cover of PUBG is lying on the workstation table. And this, as explained by Dr. Mahler, is that the Biophge infection also occurred on the planet named Paramo, which is the name of a volcano in PUBG.

Darth Maul's home planet.

When actor Sam Witwer appears in the cast. A Star Wars reference seems inevitable. 

In the Callist Protocol, he is one of the antagonists, named Leon Ferris, and in turn, his data-bio reveals that he is from Rimohtad on the moon Io, which is Dathomir spelled backwards. which is Darth Maul’s place of origin.

How To Master The Callisto Protocol In A Few Easy Steps


You can master the Callisto Protocol even on its hardest setting by paying attention to these easy suggestions. The Callisto Protocol has been popular in the survival horror community for a while, but many players find it to be too difficult. In order to make the game much easier for you, I've broken down every aspect of it in this video, including upgrades, resource management, efficient dodging strategies, and appropriate stealth. This is your one-stop resource for all things related to the Callisto Protocol and how to increase your chances of permanently leaving Callisto. 

Your enemies also form groups, and they can grab you while offscreen, which will do much more damage to your health, especially in hard mode; keep them in your sights and learn to use the baton as effectively as possible, thinning the groups out as you play through the situation. 

Only use your Gripp for crowd control if there are easy environmental kills; in these bigger rooms with more enemies, there are almost always death traps, in which you can use your Gripp much more effectively.

The best way to increase your stun baton's damage output is to invest in upgrades early on and upgrade everything on the left tree of the upgrade path. Scavenge for any credits you can find and put as much work as possible into this weapon, as this will be your primary weapon. Ammunition is scarce and should be conserved for groups.

Take advantage of the stealth mechanics; this will greatly play to your advantage. Simply crouch and press the indicated button to perform the insta-kills. And the really great thing about these kills is that no enemies will be alerted as long as they don't see them being performed. They are crazy loud, but they won't alert your enemies at all. 

This ability will become increasingly useful as you get to the part of the game where you are confronted with blind enemies; they cannot see you but can hear you, but they cannot hear the stealth kills, and this is extremely useful.

Resource management is paramount. Make sure to stomp on all downed enemies, as this increases your chances of being rewarded with extra ammo, callisto credits, batteries, and many more items that will be useful. 

Take the time to carefully observe your surroundings and make sure you did not miss anything. Running and gunning in this game will only get you killed

Fun my life goes through some tips in the game.

How To Upgrade Your Weapons And On Which Ones TO Focus


The absolute star of the game is the stun baton. Where the pugade tree has a middle line, this middle line increases your blocking. On the right, you will be unlocking skills to sever enemy limbs, which makes them much less effective in combat. On the left, you will focus on the damage that you deal, heavier attacks, and a bit more range.

The gun is an amazing supplement. Always go for increased ammo capacity and then for a bit more damage because, remember, the gun is a supplement for the stun baton.

And then you also have the glove and grip weapon, which, in their own way, help with specific scenarios within the game.

Elbethium Gaming goes through some guides in the game.

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