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Last Updated: April 10, 2022

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  • First Released: Sep 20, 2021

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Plug and not playing ball Glitches

Another frustration for users has been the “plug and play” feature that is offered with this game. Gamers have stated that the game is not properly detecting the Steering wheels that they are wanting to use as the primary controller for their playthrough.

The Developers are looking into the glitch and so it may not be around too much longer. 


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Fast and Furious, Not Friends, Family Easter Eggs

Although the list of easter eggs in this game is short, one can not help but wonder if the achievement “Not Friends, Family”, which requires you to have every Team member join the team, is not a nod to the popular racing movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious”. 


Street Outlaw Movie Quotes Easter Eggs

The game has been based on the series “Street Outlaws”, therefore there can be a lot of things to be considered as “easter eggs” because of references to the show. For example, in this mission, “pimp juice” is an actual item that is used on the show.

If you are a fan of the show, throughout the game, you will find references to the show that other people might not have noticed which can add a sense of wonder to the game based on the show that you watch.

If you haven't seen the show, go check it out! it's amazing, This video goes into the Pimp Juice part mentioned earlier


80s and 90s Car Bundle Unlockables

Although not technically considered an “unlockable”, the “80s & 90s Car Bundle” DLC is offered for free. One can claim this DLC at no additional cost. However, to apply the in-game body kit additions, you must own the Foxy, Fire89 and/or the CaroRC Skill vehicles to apply the offered body kits. 



Unlocking the "Foxy" vehicle Unlockables

Cars such as “Foxy” can be unlocked doing specific objectives in the game, for example, “Foxy” is unlocked by winning the Detroit Regional NPK and then going over the Progression Overview to claim it.

Street Outlaws 2 offered many different unlockables, mainly 26 drag vehicles and 5 challenge cars in which the user can further their career within the game. Getting a look at the cars that can be used is always a good thing, as it can help you take a look at when you are wanting to work towards it, videos such as this one created by Hopezera Gaming can shed some light on what you would like to work towards.

There are many other unlockables such as 36 locations and a multitude of car mods and upgrades such as tires, rims, and window tints. With these care mods and upgrades, you get to choose between over 250 options. You can even unlock custom garage aesthetics. 

Here you can see a list of all unlockable cars


Cursor bug Glitches

Certain bugs have been known to cause frustration to the players of the Street Outlaws 2, one such one has been mentioned many times, and that is the bug where the mouse cursor seems to always appear on the screen when using a controller on the PC version.

This can cause issues when viewing the map, if the cursor appears on the side of the map, it will drag the map over to view that side. 


Bank bug Glitches

There has also been mention of the bank not working as it should during gameplay and winning races. Users have stated that funds for winning races have not properly been added to the pool of savings that they have in the bank. However, sometimes the funds are added correctly. 

This glitch can be abused if done right, though it's unpredictable. 


Bearings Done Right Guides

Getting your bearings of a game can help you out immensely, so watching videos on players moving about the menu and showing how things are done can help you out a lot when starting a new game. Videos such as these that navigate the menu and show you where everything is will help you with finding out what is where.

Take your time to see what you can get right in the Garage sections.


Mad Scientist Challenge Guides

Keeping your eyes out for content creators that complete challenges can help you learn to complete challenges that you may have been stuck on for a while, such as “The Mad Scientist Challenge”. 


Videos such as these can help you see ways in which you might never have thought to try and complete harder missions and challenges.


Modding your car Guides

There are multitudes of ways to tune and mod the vehicles you can unlock in Street Outlaws 2, so many players out there will look into videos that help out with learning and simplifying ways in which to improve your vehicle. 

When you do this right, your gameplay can change drastically. Depending on who you are, it might be fun to fiddle with the different mods. However if you are as eager and want to get the point like me, you may want to consider checking out videos on youtube. 

Finding streamers and content creators can help out a lot, such as this video here created by AverageGuysGaming on Modding vehicles.


Secret Trophies Trophies

Although there are many trophies to be earned during this game, the list of mentionable ones can include those that not many players have managed to achieve, such as:

‘Not friends, Family’

- Have every team member join the team.

4% achievement rate. 

But these ones are my favorite:

- Reach the maximum Mastery rank of 3 vehicles.

4% achievement rate. 

The Next Mad Scientist:

- Acquire every Gold Medal for all Challenges Missions.

6% achievement rate. 

Nothing Personal:

- Win 10 items during Grudge Nights, these can be Parts or Mods.

7% Achievement Rate. 

A Sweat, Not Broken:

- Complete all Challenge Missions.

10% Achievement rate.


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