Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: November 8, 2021
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
  • First Released: Jun 3, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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A Metal Gear Solid Reference

Easter Eggs

You can unlock an achievement called "Solid Sandman", making a reference to Metal Gear Solid. This Achievement is possible by completing "Act 1: Leave No Man Behind" in a certain way. 

After loading up the "Leave No Man Behind" level, go through the following steps

Step 1

 As the level starts, run up the small hill, and you will see a sniper's perch, and you will see all the enemies to take down. 

Step 2 

 You will need to kill the enemies 1 by 1, ensuring that none of them are alerted by your presence

Step 3

 There will be a sniper to the West of the compound you have taken out, you will need to find the sniper, and kill him swiftly without being spotted by him.

If the sniper identifies you, or any of the enemies from the compound are alerted of your presence you will not receive the achievement 

Once you have completed this, you will receive the Solid Sandman achievement.

The achievements picture will be a box with eyes on them, making a reference to the Metal Gear Solid game’s ability for the player to hide in a box

How to get this easter egg.
That  Easter  Egg  is  from  Sniper  Ghost  Warrior  2,  not  Sniper  Ghost  Warrior  Contracts  2
Marcos Martín, 2 months ago - Reply

Use Bushes As Camouflage


You can walk close by enemies by using long grass, or bushes as camouflage. As long as you stay stealthy within these areas, you can walk around an enemy, and he will not notice you.

Tajmid Hights collectibles


There are collectibles in each map, these collectables are often just a note book containing a short story, or a notebook entry, adding just a little more something to the games vibe.

In Tajmid Hights there are 5 collectibles too find across the map.

Isabella's notebook. 

Isabella's notebook is a small note about Isabella's feelings on the "village creeps", this can be found right in the heart of the camp, and may be the most difficult to get to. The notebook is hidden in a smaller enemies nest on a gray table. 

Nim Tanak, or Half-Boy

Nim Tanak, or Half-boy is a brief script to a movie about a child who unnexpectedly saved everyone from a villain, the story can be found to the north of the map near camp site on east of the mountain. The book itself is in the cave anf hidden underneath the boardwalk. 

The City Of Nothing In The World

The City Of Nothing In The World is a cassette tape about a girl who has hurt herself, and her journey to healing her body. The collectible can be found in the in a more heavy guarded facility, down South of the map, you will need to be extra-stealthy, or take out these guards first, then inside a broken building, above a green crate you will find this cassette tape.

The Praying Baker

The Praying Baker is a book about an unlikely friendship between fish and man, and a betrayal from a master. The collectible can be found near the centre of the map, in an open field. The field has 2 upright wind mills, and a 3rd broken windmill, under the broken windmills rubble you will find the book. 

Hamza Khans Notebook

Hamza's notebook is a diary scription about a business man going through with a big deal. This notebook if found just North of the centre of the map in an enemies resting nest. It is placed on a gray table next to an explosive crate.

a guide to finding each collectible

Unlocking Abilities Order


As you develop in the game as a sniper, you will have the opportunity to unlock certain traits, items, and abilities. You do this by gaining points from playing the game. These are the most useful and needed abilities to unlock first.

Augmented Eyesite: This ability gives you thermal vision, giving the player a better vision of the enemies while in denser areas.

Tracking Plugin: This allows you to tag multiple enemies in a certain range, helping you to keep track of the enemy locations while taking your shots.

Universal Camouflage: As the name suggests, allows you to Camouflage much better in all areas.

Details on these added unllockables, and other important hints.

Interrogate When Possible


If you sneak up behind an enemy and get close enough, you will be able to Interrogate the enemy. This will be the best way to recon an area and gather a large amount of details you previously did not have. 

When you interrogate a hostile, they may sometimes choose not to provide you with the information, but they will provide the information majority of the time.

You can gather details such as all the enemy locations, traps, the location of the high-profile target, where certain buildings are, and more.

14 Hidden Camouflage Weapon Skins


The game allows you to find and unlock a certain Camouflage wrap to add to your weapons, this allows you to change the coloring and look of your weapon within this game. From your regular army camo pants, to what almost looks like a lightning bolt on your gun, these are exciting items to find in the game.

In order to unlock these items, you will need to find the cases one-by-one that are hidden across all the levels in the game. The cases will be in locations you may not always simply stumble across and you will need to keep a lookout for. Once you find the case, you will be able to interact with it, and your game will indicate that you have unlocked a new camouflage. 

You can add the camouflages to your weapons in the menu under the "Loadout" tab. You can select the "Camo" tab, and select the Camo of your choice. 

Here is a video that provides details on where you can find each Camouflage weapon skins.

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