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Last Updated: April 21, 2023
Scars Above
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Feb 27, 2023
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Themes: Action, Science fiction, Horror
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T

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Scientific Collection Glitch


Scars Above is a Sci-Fi action-adventure third person shooter game. Like most games, there are 46 different trophy quests that you can attempt to complete, in order to gain Trophy XP. The platinum trophy called ‘Scientific Collection’ has a glitch that will prevent you from obtaining the trophy.

In order to obtain the platinum trophy , you will have to scan every enemy that is encountered. If you die directly after scanning an enemy and fail to reach one of the pillars in the game, the game's progression tracker will glitch and will not count the scan.

When you attempt to redo the trophy you won’t be able to rescan the enemy. One of the ways to bypass this glitch is to backtrack your way to a pillar after scanning an enemy and interact with it.

Backtracking on the path that you have just travelled should be clear of enemies, and will reduce the chances of dying. Alternatively, you can just pass the trophy challenge without dying, to avoid this glitch.

EpiPlays explores a glitch found in Scars Above.

How To Defeat Exo-Alluvial


Exo-Alluvial is an aggressive creature and first enemy boss that Kate must defeat in the first chapter of Scars Above. Exo-Alluvial is a tough enemy to destroy because he has hardened armory, however, there is a weak red spot on his chest that is vulnerable against fire.

The Exo-Alluvial will often block your attacks with his stone arm, you will still be able to break his armour. You will need to equip yourself with the Thermic Charger in order to penetrate the creature's armour.

The Exo-Alluvial will go up on its hind legs before charging at you. He will temporarily expose the weak spot on his chest and give you an opportunity to blast him with the Thermic Charger. 

During the Exo-Alluvials attack,it will begin to violently punch the ground and that will send out a magma stream in your direction. You can also be attacked when the creature charges at you, you’ll need to dodge his punching fists to survive.

In order to defeat the Exo-Alluvia, you’ll need to shoot it twice in the chest with the Thermic Charger. This will cause him to set alight and wear down his health bar. A further third and final shot to the weak area will defeat him.

If you happen to run out of ammo, during the fight, you must collect the red plants around the edge of the battle area. The red plants can be harvested for incendiary extract for ammunition.

CohhCarnage shares a walkthrough guide on chapter one of Scars Above.

How To Defeat the Omnivorous Colossus


As you head through the swamp area, after passing a section of the game where you have previously fought the arachnid swarm, you’ll need to take a left turn which will lead you to an Omnivorous Colossus creature.

The Omnivoros Colossus will emerge from the water and it packs a powerful hit that you will need to dodge. The Colossus is incredibly strong but has two weaknesses; the fat tissue growth on its back, and its open mouth.

To defeat this monster, you will first need to freeze it with the Cryo Launcher. Once the monster has been frozen, you must run around t inorder to shoot the glowing fat tissue on its back with the VERA.

The electrical shots from the VERA will cause the nodes on its back to explode, and the creature will die. Shooting the creature with normal ammunition is a waste of time, you will run out of ammo and die.

DMZ SAMURAI shows you how to defeat the Omnivorous Colossus.

How To Defeat Alpha Boss


In the early stages of Scars Above, you will need to find a way to cross the Blood Eel pit. Along the way, in a clearing, you will come across Alpha, who is a rather large and imposing rock gorilla. You'll need to defeat him before he pummels you into the ground.

Most enemies in Scars Above, have color codes weak spots, the Alpha boss is no different and has orange color coded weak spots. This boss's weakness is fire, you will have to use your flame gun against him to inflict some serious damage.

The Alpha boss will attack you in two ways, either he will charge at you from the opposite side of the area or he'll slowly walk up to you and swing his arms at you. Alpha will also from time to time, lift both his arms and slam them down three times, causing the ground to open in front of him.

When Alpha is about to attack,you must open fire on his chest area. His slow swinging arms will give you a further opportunity to fire at this exposed chest area. Towards the end of the game, Alpha will begin to cover his chest area with one arm. 

You'll need to remain patient and wait for his left swinging arm to create an opening for you to fire. The Alpha will heal himself throughout the fight, just be sure to watch out for his quick charging attacks and you'll be able to defeat him.

LunarGaming Guides shares some tips on how to beat the Alpha Boss.

Use Different Element to Inflict More Damage


There are three types of elements in Scars Above; fire, electric, and ice based bullets. You can combine the different elements to inflict higher damage on your enemies. For example you can use the electric bullets from the VERA electric charger to inflict more damage on creatures that are in the water.

IGN shares some useful tips for Scars Above

Explore your Environment


You’ll be able to level Kate up with ability points that you can spend to unlock some new skills. Scars Above doesn’t give you experience points for defeating aliens, instead you will have to gain knowledge from scanning aliens and things in the game.

Shoot at Enemy Weak Points


When you are fighting enemies in Scars Above, pay attention to where you can inflict the most damage on your enemy. Enemies have weak points on their body and if you manage to shoot them they will die much faster. 

Red damage numbers will appear above an enemy after you have inflicted some critical damage on a weak point. Weak spots are sometimes color coded to show which weapons they are vulnerable to, blue spots are vulnerable to electric weapons.

BILDNER TV Gaming shares some tips for Scars Above.

How To Defeat the Construct Boss Fight


Up until now, all the bosses in Scars Above can be defeated by simply being hit until they are defeated. The Construct boss fight poses a new challenge for you as there are some different gameplay mechanisms to damaging the boss.

In order to challenge the Construct boss, you’ll first need to achieve the fire weapon attachment, and make sure that there is a sufficient supply of ammunition for it. You’ll need to melt parts of the lake during the fight, with your ammunition.

The way to kill this tough boss is to make him stand on the frozen lake and shoot towards one of his legs. His leg will eventually catch fire and begin to melt a hole in the ice, this will cause his legs to get stuck in the lake and present you with an opportunity to inflict some damage.

While the boss is battling to get his leg out of the hole in the ice, you must shoot fire at two of its other legs. This will cause the remaining legs to get stuck in the lake and he will collapse into the water.

Once the Construct collapses into the lake, parts of its electrical coils on its head will be exposed. You must shoot those electrical coils with your VERA electrical gun to inflict some potent damage to the boss until it’s destroyed.

You will now have defeated the first Construct boss, however, there is a second part to the fight where you will have to defeat another Construct. In order to defeat the second construct you must employ the same tactics as the first one.

Fire up the Constructs’ legs so that it can melt the ice and collapse into the lake, then shoot at its electrical coils. The second Construct poses a different challenge, when it reaches half its health bar, the boss will move and get stuck to the walls.

In order to remove it from the walls, you’ll need to shoot four blue power points on the walls. Some of these power points are hard to spot, so it’s best to just shoot towards anything that may seem like a power point.

Once you have successfully shot down all four power points, the Construct boss will fall off the wall and some of its coils will be exposed. Shoot the exposed coils until the boss is defeated.

There are plenty of ammunition pick ups in the area, so you shouldn’t run out of ammo during the boss fights.

LunarGaming Guides explores how to defeat the Construct boss in Scars Above.

Try Different Difficulty Levels


There are three difficulty levels in Scars Above; Rookie, Specialist, and Commander. You’ll need to decide which difficulty to use at the beginning of the game, you can change the difficulty at any time.

It’s advised to begin the game on Rookie as the game isn’t as easy as some may think. Specialist and Commander mode don’t offer a lot of health or weaponry options from the start, acquiring some weaponry first in Rookie mode and then change to the preferred difficulty mode.

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