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Last Updated: July 10, 2022
Scarlet Nexus
  • First Released: Jun 23, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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The Haunted OSF Hospital

Easter Eggs

The abandoned hospital is a little out of place in the game and quite unsettling. There are hidden creatures in the hospital that send shivers down the spine. If you linger on a place in the hospital long enough you may get to see some of the ghosts roaming around but you can’t interact with them. 

The Mysterious Text Data will be obtainable in the Seventh Phase of the game.  This is when you will need to visit the hospital. There are ten pieces of data total, and they will reveal horrifying events that happened in the hospital and have since been covered up.

Aisuku explores the abandoned hospital and the ghost easter egg.

XP Superfarming method


Scarlet Nexus's XP system opens up doors and opportunities for upgrading and picking up as many skills on the skill tree as possible. The following XP farming method will help you gain a 100KXP within a few minutes and get your character to level 99 with a low effort. 

Once you reach the Bond missions, the enemy levels will be scaled to match your own. When you go out make sure you have your defense items to help with the method and farming XP.

In the game, the Session pound gives you the most xp. You want to try paralysis them so that you can increase your xp multiplier. Then you can brain crush them, once they have been maxed out. You can use psychokinesis, hypervelocity, electrokinesis to stop them from exploding on their own accord.  

You will need to go through the trailhead and into the mountains and you will need to repeat this process especially when there is a large number of session pounds who are ready to use their brain field to increase the xp multiplier while keeping your SAS gauges going. The SAS system lets you use another party member’s unique power and enhance your own skillset.  

Do not go to the objective once you have been to all the spawn areas. Travel to a different area but do not go to your hideout. Then you can go back to the trailhead to rinse off and repeat. Once you are satisfied you can finish the mission. 

There are other good farming methods such as Nuclear Winter.

The Identity of a Septentrion

Easter Eggs

A psionic hormone was discovered in the human brain, granting people extra-sensory powers. Those with acute extra-sensory abilities are known as psionics. 

Since then, psionics has been scouted for their talents and recruited to the Other Suppression Force (OSF) as humanity’s last line of defense.

Every year, new people join the OSF. At the start of the game, it is the 567th recruitment. 

In some of the early Scarlet Nexus footage, we see Yuito Sumeragi as he is starting with the OSF. The younger brains are more powerful, so all members’ aging is halted. It is possible for multiple members to have the same power but each person only has one ability.

There are also different groups within the OSF. The Septentrion is the seven elite agents with notable powers. People might try to work their way up the ranks into the group.

The seven soldiers are widely revered and are at the top of the power hierarchy.  

These soldiers are very mysterious and only a couple of them are known by the public. The known members are Karen Travers, Fubuki Spring, Seto Narukami, and Luka Travers. It has been speculated that Kodama's twin sister, Yuta may be a member of the OSF because of a brain message conversation in Kasane’s story. There is a rumor that one of the unknown three has a Transformation power as Yuta has.

Character Weapons and Equipment guide


You will start the game with a basic weapon and not many things to equip your character. As you progress through the game you will collect more equipment and buy better items to equip your character.

You will want to what becomes available in the store because this will make a difference in the game. 

These are considered the best weapons for each character.

Otori Katana (Yuito)
This magnificent katana was created by a legendary and talented artisan. The design highlights the Phenix who is considered to embrace life and death. You will need to collect Yasutsuna Dojigiri (Revised), Phantom Art "Phoenix and Moth" Document, and Buddy Rummy Analysis to get the Otori. 

Hitori (Kasane)
The design of the weapon is inspired by Tiger Moth, who is known to be fearless and headstrong. The Hitori radiates elegance and power. You will need to exchange: an Improved Dancers Fan, Phantom Art "Phoenix and Moth" Document, and Rainy Rummy Analysis to get the Hitori.

Sekiei Knife (Kagero)
The Sekiei bears the motif of the Lizard, who is known for their stealthy movements. You will need to get collect: the Invisible Dancer v6+, Phantom Lizard and, Juttie Chinery to get Sekiei.

Shojin Hammer (Luka) 
A mighty hammer, which is speculated to have been created by a psionic artist. The Shojin bears the motif of the elephant, which is known for its strong and intelligent nature. You will need to exchange: Weight Hammer V6+, Phantom Art: Elephant and, Court Mort Analysis to get the Shojin.  

Houga Crossbow (Kyoka) 
The crossbow is created by an artist who specializes in the art of creating weapons. The Crossbow bears the motif of the honeybee, which is known for its clam but fearless nature when the need to fight arises. You will need to exchange: Pronghorn 286+, Phantom Art: Honey bee and, Dispen Fisher Analysis to get the Houga.  

Kiseki (Gemma) 
Kiseki was made by an artisan who dedicated his life to making weapons. The Kiseki bears the motif of the turtle, which is known for its vitality and longevity. You will need to exchange: Gauntlets: Peerless Adam. T6+, Phantom Art: Turtle and, Coil Moil Analysis to get the Kiseki. 

Ayame Saw Blade (Arashi)
The blade was created by a sculptor who envisioned beauty and strength. The blade bears the motif of the horse, which is known for its speed and elegance. You will need to exchange: Innocent Rabbit Hug 6, Phantom Art: Horse and, Brawn Yawn Analysis to get the Ayame saw blade. 

Enmu Revolver (Tsugumi)
Revolvers are not known for being a subtle weapon but they can be in the hands of the right person. The revolver bears the motif of the swallow, which is known for its impeccable eyesight. You will need to collect: Lily Bell M20-6C, Phantom Art: Swallow and, Naomi Randall Analysis to get the Enmu Revolver.   

Kan’nen Baton (Shiden)
The baton is gorgeous but it is also powerful as it is able to emit electrical currents. The baton bears the motif of the catfish. You will need to exchange: a special baton type R-6+, Phantom Art: Catfish and, Rotunda Pagoda Analysis to get the Kan’nen Baton.

Kaen Torch (Hanabi)
The Torch is speculated to have been crafted by a genius creator. The torch bears the motif of the monkey. You will need to exchange: Prometheus Torch Type 6+, Phantom Art: Monkey and, Gunkin Fisher Analysis to get the Kaen Torch. 

Boombstick goes even further into details on the character guides

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