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Last Updated: March 29, 2022
  • First Released: Aug 30, 2021

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Enabling Cheats


Enabling Cheats
Thankfully Rustler takes a page out of its predecessors and has a built-in way of using cheats. To enable the cheats, open your command console by pressing the tilde key (~) and typing “EnableCheats Bastard” and then press enter. Now you have the full power to warp reality to your whim. 

“SetMoney amount “ 

Replace the amount with the amount of money you want.

This gives you the set amount of money that you specified.


Gives you every weapon in the game.


Gives you an automatic crossbow with Ten Thousand arrows.

“SetHealth HP Armour”

Replace HP with the amount of health you want and Armour with the amount of armor you want.

“AddWeapon weapon”

Replace “weapon”  with the weapon you want and it will give it to you.

“Spawn Horse”

Will spawn a random horse for you to use.

“TeleportTo location”

Teleports you to the location you specify.

“SetStars 0-5”

Set your wanted level to the number you specify.

“AddSkillPoints Amount”

Gives you the amount of skill points you specify to unlock all the cool skills.


Awards you with a shield to help defend against those pesky opponents.

Some of my favourite Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Through the game, you will receive a quest from the Spanish Inquisition, somewhere in the exchange with these red-clad rascals, the phrase “A-ha! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” is spoken, this is a nod toward the famous scene in Monty Python where the Spanish Inquisition made an unannounced visit. This scene was made immensely popular once the internet got a hold of it and made it into a famously popular meme.

I am Iron Man
Though Rustler takes place many many years before the likes of the Avengers show up, there are still references to them in this medieval game. You might come across a reference to the superhero that goes by the name of “Iron Maiden”, one can not help but wonder if this is a reference to one member of the Avengers: Iron Man

Gotta Catch them all
If you’re not following the main quest line like many players, you might just pick up a side quest or two that look familiar. When roaming around and doing side quests, pay attention to the requests that some NPCs require of you, you might notice a specific mission where a stableman is requesting you to find all the different types of horses. This sounds oddly familiar, if you ever played or watched the series Pokemon, this will be a blast from the past, could this stableman be a Pokemon trainer stuck in a different world?

Pimp thy Horse
When cruising around town on your horse, you might just notice the hut in which you can customize your horse. The hut is labeled “Pimp thy Horse”, this is a reference to the MTV original show Pimp my Ride. So if you are a fan of the show, grab a horse and head on over to Pimp a Horse to set it up in your own personal style.

I’m not your buddy, guy!
The two main characters' names are Guy and Buddy. Ignoring the obvious strangeness of these names, some players might recognize these names. These names could be a reference to the famous scene from the South Park episode “Canada on Strike”. In this episode, the characters get into an argument where one states “I’m not your friend, Buddy” to which the line “I’m not your Buddy, Guy”. One cannot help but wonder if this episode is where the two characters in Rustler received their names from.

Monty Python
Throughout this medieval game, there are tons of references to the Monty Python show. Not just because they are both set in olden day times, you might come across references like that of the Holy Hand Grenade which makes its first appearance in Monty Python. Keep your eyes and ears out for tons of Monty Python references and easter eggs.

Beginner Guides & Tips


Focus on the Skillset
Rustler offers skills as you level up, grinding levels can be of use, but can only take you so far. If you are wanting to get better at the game and proceed further in your career, focus on leveling up your skills, to do this, you will need to collect horseshoes. Focus on collecting these and upgrading your skills, if you pick the wrong skill, don’t be despaired, you can reset your skills for 100 gold.

It has a lot to do with the weapons
Although the sword and shield combination is more than likely the best weapon set, make sure to familiarise yourself with all of the weapons in the game. This will eliminate any difficulties if you ever don’t have access to a sword and board.  Also, different weapons offer different strengths in certain situations, for example, a spear has a lot more reach than a sword. Master them all to be the most ferocious medieval threat.

Doing the sidequests
When playing through the main questline, you might run into a bit of difficulty, this may be the perfect time to focus on doing some side quests. Doing side quests helps you become familiar with the map and practice fighting opponents, it will also help you earn some gold to spend on other things within the game to help you prepare for those stronger main questline opponents. These side quests can also play on your humorous side and let you in on a few more of those easter egg references.

Watch your Health
Your health in Rustler does not regenerate automatically, so all the patience in the world won’t help you there. If you are low on health, smash some barrels around the town and look for gold or even some life-saving food. You can buy healing potions or food from vendors, both of which will regenerate your life and keep you alive.

Neatpick gives you a playthrough of all the missions and timestamps.

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