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Last Updated: March 20, 2022
Riders Republic
  • First Released: Oct 27, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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Getting a foot up in your competitors


Riders Republic, much like many other online games, has no in-game cheat codes or console commands. Even taking that fact into account, there are still ways to get a foot up on the offline competition. If you were to research and download a trainer, it can help you win and mess around in singleplayer. It can give you boosts such as Unlimited stamina, freeze AI in races and unlimited air ride and funkies boosts. Keep in mind, this will most likely lead to you getting punished for cheating if you attempt to use it in multiplayer.

Secret Hidden Bike

Easter Eggs

Unless you have spent many an hour playing Riders Republic and searching far and wide for hidden aspects of the game, you might have missed this one. The is a hidden bike that can be unlocked by finding 4 different doors which teleport you to secret areas and award you 5 stars.

Star Glitch


In the canyonlands, head towards the Big Bridge. Take your wingsuit and fly underneath the bridge, you will earn points for flying underneath it, reach 200 000 points and you will earn a star for being a daredevil. Once you have earned the star, backtrack as far as possible and then just repeat the process, you will earn a star every time. You can earn on average about 80 stars in 10 minutes.

Wetarded Smurf showing us how the stars glitch works.

Speed Glitch


If you are looking to get from one place to another super-fast, take a look at this one. To get this one on the track, you will want to switch between the Snow race skis and the paramotor. Equip your rocket wing to gain height and face the direction you want to go. Boost, but before it is over, switches over to the skis, then quickly activate the paramotor for a very short time, basically select the paramotor, and then open the change sports menu again as soon as you can. Switch back to the skis and you should go flying off into the distance.

R3nn0c showing you exactly how to initiate the speed glitch.

The Secret Cosmetic

Easter Eggs

It looks like Riders Republic just loves to reward those who spend lots of time exploring and doing things that the average player would not do. To unlock this secret cosmetic, all one has to do is head to Riders Ridge, look around for a tall tower that has the words “Lab” on them, head on over and to the back of the tower. From there, there will be an option to teleport up to the top of the tower. Look around at the ground below and you will notice some words painter on the ground that say “Aim Here” with a target. Equip your wingsuit and land on the target, causing you to wipe out. If you hit the sweet spot of the target, you should unlock a secret cosmetic.

Watch out for Batman!

Easter Eggs

There are many outfits in Riders Republic, however, we are focusing on just one for this Easter Egg. If you look through the outfits, you could just stumble upon an outfit that might just remind you of one of Batman’s enemies. Of course, we are talking about the outfit called Scarecrow. Could this skin be a reference to the Batman Franchise? That decision would be up to you, unlock the skin and find out!

The Different forms of Unlockables


Riders Republic offers many unlockables from forms of transport to outfits that you can wear. We are just going to cover a few outfits which might peak the interest of players who want to stand out and rock their new looks.

Scarecrow outfit - Nothing better than being outstanding in your field, unlocking this skin, and rocking the slopes dressed as a Scarecrow. Check out the Easter Eggs section for the theory behind this skin.

Crazy Astronaut Outfit - With this skin, your wins will be out of this world. Be above the competition while being dressed as an astronaut.

Redneck Unicorn Outfit - Do you like making the competition feel bad for losing to a unicorn? Well, this skin is for you, land those jumps dressed as a pretty pink unicorn!

Love Bites Outfit - Kick the competition back to the prehistoric era and take a huge bite out of their ego. Rocking the dinosaur can be just the outfit you are looking for.

Arrr Outfit - Never offer parlay to your rivals, it will take more than sea legs to stop you from leaving your competition in the dust.

Leap to new heights


If you were to initiate a front flip or a backflip and cancel it halfway so that you are upside down, then get on and off your bike as quickly as possible, it will pop you up into the sky a little higher than you could usually jump. This will enable you to get to places you cannot usually reach with one jump.

R3nn0c Showing us the jump glitch.

Snowmobile Clipping


If you are looking to get into the map, then this is the glitch for you. Look for a nice tight spot that you can walk into where you just fit while walking. Select your snowmobile, then spam getting on and off your snowmobile. This will eventually phase you into the terrain.

R3nn0c showing us where works the best to clip into the terrain.

Beginner Tips


One of the best things to do in a game like Riders Republic is to take advice from players who have played it for a long time. Searching for guides and tips on Youtube will give you a plethora of information that you can learn to help you improve your skills at the game.

Quest Mode showing us 11 Beginner Tips to help improve the learning curve.

Grinding for gold


Sometimes it is not just hints and tips to help you on your way to learning the game, but learning to earn progress in the fastest way will help you as a new player get to where you want to go.

Ubisoft Gameplan showing us how the grinding get you places.

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