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Last Updated: November 29, 2021
Resident Evil Village: Deluxe Edition
  • First Released: May 6, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Weapons to prioritise


CP is very limited throughout the game and Lei may take a while to farm. 


The wolfsbane does between 150% and 200% (sometimes even more) making this the first weapon you use should use in every boss fight. This weapon can be used on every enemy in the game. 

The Wolfsbane has a long reload time, fires slower, and small magazine size. You waste time reloading.


You may want to find a short inventory space. The biggest advantage of the launcher is flashbangs. The weapon is capable of stunning large groups of enemies for a couple of seconds. This will allow you to use other weapons to pick them off, or allows you to gain separation between a more difficult opponent. Infinite ammo with the launcher is not necessary. 

The explosive rounds are also useful and you can use the rounds with pipe bombs on Soldat Panzers, and breakable wall sections. You can throw 3 pipe bombs in the time it takes you to reload the launcher once. 

3. WCXThis weapon requires an upgrade to unlock infinite ammo. It does almost twice the damage per shot and has an 80 round magazine when upgraded. You will spend less time reloading and more shooting. 

This weapon will be great for handling hordes of enemies and suppressing Dimitrescu’s daughters and has a very high DPS. The rifle has a much lower stun chance per bullet compared to other weapons. You should use this weapon on Lycans, Moraica, and Kipepeo and not on bosses.  

4. S.T.A.K.E 

The magnum handles very much like a slow handgun. This is very good at excellent for single and small groups of enemies with a high magazine capacity. The Stake is not the most powerful shot-per-shot weapon. 



The trick is to not worry about doing any damage until you have destroyed the archways. You are then going to want to run until you make a full circle around the arena. Then you will need to aim at the white body on top of the dragon.  



If you have only played the game once you probably did not have a chance to notice this neat little trick. Sometimes, you will need to sell weapons to make space for more powerful weapons.

Luckily, you do not lose your upgrades once you have traded the weapons in for money. 

You are able to buy the weapons back and you can still keep the upgrades. But the weapons progress and get better and better so you shouldn’t need or want to go back.



This strategy is for the opening fight in Village of Shadows difficulty. You are able to use this strategy on other difficulties. For this to work you will need to survive for a total of 5 minutes. 

You will start by looting the house across the starting area and collecting the herb. In a box near the house is a shotgun and the ammo will spawn.  

Shoot the Lycans in the first house in 2-second intervals. Try letting them play most of the attack without hitting the barricade. 

You can leave at least 3 handgun bullets before you return to the second room. Shoot the sandbags when the Lycans enter.

Sometimes in the basement, there are heavy Lycan spawns. You are going to want to run across to the house. But if they are not there, you can sit by the little window and wait until the Lycans come. Then you can shoot the sandbags when you ran out. This will give you 10 seconds. 

After the Lycans break into the last house, you can lure them upstairs. Then drop down and run outside. You will need to make sure you block the door in case any Lycans attack you. Then ran across the river to the second barrel.     



You will need to make sure the Answerer is activated before you are able to strike at enemies. The weapon activates by either holding the aim button or pushing the attack button. The Answerer will then act like the default knife where it shares the same attack animations.

When you hold the aim button, this will enable you to activate the weapons double blade mode. The weapon will instead share the same attack animations as the Karambit Knife. This does not include the “hold aim” attack. This mode will deactivate once you have switched weapons or you change the color of the blade.

While the Answerer deals the most damage of a melee weapon. The Answerer is not a very powerful weapon. It will take multiple hits to kill lesser enemies. But, it is the best weapon option for completing the Knives Out challenge. You are able to use the Answerer to complete the Don’t Trust That Snack Oil challenge.

A great feature of the Answerer is that you are able to change the color by holding the aim button and pushing the interact button. There are 3 color options: red, blue, and green. When attacking, the sparks will shoot out of the weapon and these will also change color.

Each color will alter the way the weapon functions. Red mode deals with the most damage. Green Mode deals with the least amount of damage but will recover health with a successful hit. Damaging the inactive soldats and any animal will also heal you. Blue Mode is a defensive ability and reduces the damage taken while blocking to almost zero. 

The Answerer is a spoof of the lightsaber from Star Wars. It shares the same 3D model as the Target Locator. 


Easter Eggs

If you go and inspect the mirror, you’ll see that it is covered for a specific reason.

There is no easily identifiable reason given, but mirrors are often covered in supernatural tales. Resident Evil leans heavily into all things supernational. It is speculated that Mia has covered the mirror so that she won’t have to reveal her true self.

This video goes into details about multiple other Easter Eggs hidden in the game.



You are able to go hunting and the meat you get from the animals can be given to the Duke. He will cook you a tasty meal which will increase your health and defense. 

Some of the recipes require more than your standard animals for example a chicken. As you explore locations you may see pictures of different animals. Hunting the animals in the pictures will help you get the special ingredients needed for the other recipes. 

There are 3 special animals scattered around the game and here is where you can find them : 

Juicy game: from the altar go through the red door and down towards the Maiden of Wat statute. Go to the opposite side of the entrance to Dimitrescu’s Castle with the gravestones on your left. Then you will want to look for the largest tree and focus on the left of its branches and you will see a bluebird. 

Quality game: one of the first places you visited in the game is Luiza’s house. Walk through the field to the small shack on the right of the house but be careful of monsters. When you open the door you will see a large white pig through the window. You will need to climb through the window to kill the pig. 

Finest Fish: this ingredient isn’t available until you have defeated the Moreau and obtained the Crank for Mechanical Doors. You will need to go to the altar near the shopkeeper. Then go towards the ceremony site and take a right down a wooden pathway near the river.

When you reach the end of the path slot the crank in the hole, using it to lower the down bridge. Once you reach the other side use a boat to go south to the end of the river. Jump out of the boat and turn left and you will see a small pond of water with some fish. Then look for the fish with the golden hue.  

This video goes into detail about things that may have been missed in the game.

REGINA ROSIE [The Red Queen]

Easter Eggs

At the beginning of the game, you will notice there are wine bottles scattered around the Winters house. If you look closely you will see that the wine bottles are all the same brand, Regina Rosie. The name is Romanian and means “Red Queen”. This is a subtle hint at who makes the wine and what the secret ingredient for that wine is. 

It is also a reference to another video game series developed by Capcom, called Dino Crisis. Regina was the protagonist and Rosie refers to her hair color. 

Regina Rosie is made by Lady Dimitrescu using techniques that are said to be traced back to the 15th century. The techniques referred to are the use of normal wine with a splash of blood from Lady Dimitrescu’s victims from the dungeon in her castle. The game will later reveal that the bottles are not random but play the part in a narrative arc.

Nitrate Nether goes into detail regarding this fantastic easter egg added in the game.

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