Oddworld: Soulstorm Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: February 9, 2023
Oddworld: Soulstorm
  • First Released: Apr 5, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 12,

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The 9 hidden key locations


The first hidden key is the Copper Square. It can be found on level 2. It is located right after the Stun mines tutorial.

A player must drop down from the top platform to the middle platform and they will see a yellow door with an exclamation mark on it. 

The player must drop a bomb to kill the slig on the lower level. After the slig has died, the player must drop down to the lower platform and the key will be found in front of the yellow door.

The second key is the Copper Round, which is found on level 5. A player must possess a flying slig and jump off the slig, to the third platform. Once the player has landed they will find a secret door.

The player must enter the door into a secret area and will emerge into a new area where there will be a lower platform with 3 sligs patrolling.

The player must destroy all three sligs and jump onto the platform. At the end of the platform, the player will find the key.

The Copper Triangle is the third key and can be found on level 6.  A player will enter the area, and will then have to jump onto a platform and pickpocket a slig, where they will find the key.

The Silver Square key is discovered on level 7. The key is located on a slig, which a player must tie up and pickpocket after they have defeated the Slig Mama.

The Silver Round key is found on level 9, called the “Slig Barracks”. The key is located right after the Fizzy Pow tutorial.

On the 11th level, a player can find the Silver Triangle key. The key can be found on a sleeping slig, that a player will find in the Power Station 2A. 

The Golden Square key is found on level 13, called “The Escape”. The key is located on a slig at a holding Pen 2.

On the 14th level, a player must find a slig at the depot yard. The Gold Round key will be located on that slig.

On the 16th level called "Brewery", a player must find a slig in the extractor just before the final train gate. 

There the player will find the Gold Triangle key on the slig.

Gamerpillar takes a player through all the hidden key locations.

Move Abe’s Eyes

Easter Eggs

On the Main Menu, there is an image of the character Abe. A player can move Abe’s eyes by using their right joystick around. By holding the trigger bar down a player can open and close Abe’s eye.

Ali the Mudokon shows players an Easter Egg he discovered on Oddworld: Soulstorm.

The Hijack Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

In the “Hijack'' level a player will be on a moving train. There is a secret area that can be found right before the Slig Mama section. A player will need to have a key to unlock the secret area.

Once a player has unlocked the secret area a message will appear on their screen. This message says “ Best to not overthink it” and has reference to a cartoon called Dexter’s Laboratory.

Sgabbit Gabbiar discovers the Easter Egg in the "Hijack Level".

Shrykull Infinite Glitch


On the stage called “The Yards” there is a lift section where a glitch appears when a player is on the edge of the lift and gets struck by lightning.

Once a player has been struck by lightning, they will be struck off the lift and proceed to fall. The player won’t die from the fall and will be seen moving at the bottom of the screen untouchable. The player will be forced to restart at the checkpoint.

Lordxernom shows players the glitch that occurs after a player is struck by lightning.

Slig Barracks Glitch


Once a player reaches Slig Barracks and has saved 26/45 Mudokons. This is the place where a player gets the silver key.

A player must drop down and pull the lever to stop the red lightning and continue to finish the rest of the level. Once a player reaches the door, an invisible wall will appear, and the player will be forced to switch off their console and restart their run.

Path Skip and progress lock


In the Play Station version, a player must hold R1 and press OO XX SQUARE SQUARE and the player will jump ahead to the next level. This can also be done on PC, by holding SHIFT and pressing the arrow keys LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

Saxdude26 shows a player how to use the Path Skip Cheat

How to Possess a Slig


When a player possesses a slig, they must find another slig that is nearby and shoot the other slig. 

As the last bullet is fired, the player must switch the possession from the first slig to the second nearby slig and shoot the previously possessed slig. 

This seamless switching keeps the bullet flow and avoids reloading.

Guides Gamepressure demonstrates how to possess a slig.

How to jump off a cliff and survive


If a player accidentally falls off a ladder or high cliff. They can survive the fall if they press jump again, just before their character Abe hits the ground.

This will create a double jump and the player will avoid killing their character.

Change Flying Enemies Weapons


A player that possesses a flying slig can change their flying slugs weapon by tapping R1. This will only work if the slig has more than one weapon.

Technical Gamero shares a few tips and tricks with players.

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