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Last Updated: October 20, 2021
Necromunda: Hired Gun
  • First Released: May 31, 2021

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Money Farming Glitch. (25000 Credits per minute)


You are able to make a large number of Credits to use by repeating the same level

Step 1

Make sure you have at least upgraded to level 1 of Vocal Implant from your Cerebral Implant tab. The more you invest in Vocal Implant, the better. 

Step 2

Complete the Kolossus 44 mission, this will unlock B-Missions and show you the "Save the Witches" option on your train maps. However, it will also show up in your A-Missions.

Step 3

Head to the A- Missions or S-Missions tab and refresh until "Save the Witches" appears. Once it appears, start the mission.

Step 4

Rescue the Witches, The Witches are marked on the screen. Just rescue them no need to kill anyone.

Step 5

Repeat this mission, once you have done it a few times it can take under a minute to complete. You will gain 25000 Credits per completion. 

The video shows you exactly what to do to make the most out of this exploit.

Post mission looting and how it works


Once you have completed your mission you will be presented with a loot screen. From here you can decide whether you will grab certain items or leave the items and get credits from them instead. This can be confusing on what is worth keeping and what should be traded for credits. 

Whether you failed or completed the mission will not make a difference.

The screen will show you how much all "non-transferred loot" can be sold at the bottom of the list. When you click on an item, you will be presented with a brief description.

For each item, can click on them and assign it to its respective spot available in its retrospective slot. If you do not have space, you can swap the item for another item in the used slots. The item from your mission loot will go into the slot, and the item from the slot will move to the loot tab.

Because you have limited inventory for each item, you will need to decide what is worth more and what is needed.

It may be best to fill up the available slots when possible. When you have a duplicate weapon or armor piece so that you can compare their stats at a later stage and sell the lesser of the two. Go to the artifice or weapons shop and compare your stats here. 

Shadowcoast gaming provides a good example of how to utilize the looting system in this video.

Product Recall of the Lasgun

Easter Eggs

There are multiple posters within the game pointing out a specific Nihilis Pattern Lasgun. The gun needs to be recalled due to it not meeting quality standards. 

The poster reads "House Can Saar would like to offer their profoundest regrets and apologies to any serving soldier in the Astra Militarum currently issued with a Nihilis pattern lasgun with an issue date from M35 to M40." 

This poster is a nod to the gun in the Imperial Guard.

Here we see the recall notice.

Cypher Bounty Poster

Easter Eggs

There is a poster of Cypher the final level boss. 
Cypher, known as "Lord of the Fall, and the Dark Angel's most hated foe" is a popular Warhammer 40k character.  The notorious fallen angel stands as almost a myth in his world and when he does appear, it is always a short visit before he vanishes again. Looks like the Dark Angels have bounty for him going.

Here is a picture of Cypher on a poster found within Necromunda: Hired Gun.

House of Helmawr sign

Easter Eggs

At the start of the game, you will enter an Underhive with an elevator. Behind the elevator is a sign with the writing "Enforced District. Obey - Do not Blasphem - Do not betray - House of Helmawr"

Die-hard Warhammer 40K fans may recognize the house of Helmawr, as this is the acting authority of Necromunda. This just show's the immersion of the creators and their ability to involver the full Warhammer universe. 

More information on the House of Helmawr here

The Best Early Upgrades


Once you have completed the first mission of the game, you can speak to Rogue Doc. When you interact with the Rogue Doc, you can upgrade both yourself and your Mastiff. 


3 Great options are the Bionic Head, Bionic Body and Bionic Paws, Once you have gotten these upgrades, he will look, well very Bionic. To view this live you can exit the interaction with Rogue Doc, and visit the Mastiff. 

Upgrading order

Bionic Nose- This will increase his enemy detection radius.

Improved Reflexes- This will increase his chance of dodging as his reflexes are improved from the paws implant.

Speed- This replaces Mastiff's legs giving him an increased speed.

From there you can upgrade him according to your own play style, but these will help you as you start out. 

Personal Upgrades

It is important to focus on your own personal upgrades as this will help you greatly within the game. There are three main upgrades to focus on before looking into others.

Vocal Implant- Vocal Implant will allow you to influence people more easily. This can help you get better bounties on contracts throughout the game.  (You will need to unlock Cerebral Implant first to get further vocal implant levels) This will help you a lot in the game as you need to upgrade weapons and gain credits for various aspects of the game. Having a vocal implant makes a great impact on you credits available. 

Heightened Senses- Heightened senses will allow you to slow down time and everything around the player. Although everything is slow around you, the player will still move that a normal pace. Level one of this gives you already 8 seconds of the ability to utilize in the more hectic moments. 

Haywire Pulse- Haywire Puls will allow you to send an electromagnetic energy pulse and short circuit the energy systems around you. It can also deactivate enemy refractor fields or stun opponents. This is very helpful when you are surrounded.

Shadowcoast Gaming shows you where to go for these upgrades and any extra information you may want to know.

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