Maquette Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: August 31, 2021
  • First Released: Mar 1, 2021

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Chapter Select (secret option)


There is a secret Chapter Select option that lets you choose a chapter to replay. To access the Chapter Select option, go to either the main menu or the pause menu, then hold left on the d-pad and tap L1 five times. The Chapter Select option will appear. Do be aware, though, that auto-save will overwrite your most recent auto-save, so either keep a separate save or  turn off the auto-save option if you want to revisit past chapters before you’ve finished the game.

Doghouse / Crew Creatures

Easter Eggs

In the Gateways chapter, you can enter the green house’s doghouse by either using the green crystal or by going through the small crack in the wall. Inside the doghouse, you’ll find numerous pictures of cats and dogs. This also awards you the “Crew Creatures” trophy/achievement.

Basic Tips


You can return to the dome at any time, so keep that in mind if you get lost or want to check out a different area first.

There are also four elevators that you can use from the dome.

Glowing objects on the replica table mean that they can be moved.

Interacting with the replica table and placing objects in it will be key to opening up new options in the world.

Puzzles often have multiple solutions. Think carefully about how to approach the situation and look for different possibilities to explore.

If you’re trying to speedrun the game, save at the start of each chapter so that you can reload if you run into trouble. Alternately, you can use the unlockable Chapter Select feature to retry.

All Puzzle Solutions


Puzzle-solving is at the core of the gameplay in Maquette, with several puzzles you need to solve in order to move on. If you’re having trouble with any of the puzzles, the video guide below walks through each puzzle in the game.

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