Maneater Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: January 21, 2023
  • First Released: May 21, 2020

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Basic Tips


Your Grotto is safe, so if you’re in danger, retreat there. Enemies won’t be able to follow you inside.

While exploring, use your Sonar ability to mark areas of interest on the map.

Eat constantly. You want to get as many nutrients as possible.

You can survive on land until your oxygen meter depletes. Use land to avoid predators and attack humans, while also exploring.

Early on, you should avoid dangerous predators until you’ve become stronger.

As you progress, you’ll also be able to unlock new areas that you couldn’t early on. Consider backtracking to previous regions to seek out Landmarks and other secrets you couldn’t reach before.

While fighting stronger enemies, don’t attack constantly. Instead, get in a few strikes and then dodge to avoid taking damage before moving in again.

If you’re losing health in a fight, look around. There might be harmless fish hiding nearby that you can eat to heal.

If you’re being chased, enemies will be able to attack you from behind. You might consider swimming toward the camera so you can dodge attacks if necessary.

Different abilities will help more in different situations. Consider the sort of situation you’re in and change your Mutations/Evolutions accordingly.

Enemies  can  follow  into  your  grotto  and  can't  attack  you  but  you  can  attack  them!
Rod Allford, 2 years ago - Reply

Spongebob reference

Easter Eggs

You can come across an underwater pineapple house that is said to be a popular home for sea sponges, a reference to Spongebob Squarepants, where the title character lives in “a pineapple under the sea.”

Kaiju Gate

Easter Eggs

There is a giant door that is said to lead to the world of the kaiju, which have been known to come through and rampage (although not in the game itself, much to the disappointment of kaiju fans playing).

Understanding Nutrients


When you eat, you gain nutrients that go toward leveling up and strengthening your abilities. Different types of creatures will give you different nutrients.

  • Fat (yellow) – harmless fish
  • Minerals (blue) – turtles
  • Protein (red) – predators and humans
  • Mutagen (green) – albino creatures

All nutrient types will help you level up, but you’ll need different types for the specific mutations you’re trying to upgrade. Be sure to get a variety, but focus on certain types of creatures if there’s a specific mutation you want to make stronger.

IT reference

Easter Eggs

Pennywise from IT can be found watching you from behind a gate, holding his red balloon, as apparently killer clowns are quite a problem.

Cast Away Island

Easter Eggs

A boat, sign asking for help, and volleyball can be found on an island, all referencing the movie Cast Away.

Cthulhu Statue

Easter Eggs

A statue of Cthulhu can be found in the game in a swamp, with a description talking about people trying to summon him. Cthulhu is one of the most famous entities from the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

All Landmark Locations


There are 63 total Landmarks for you to discover throughout the regions in Maneater. Finding all of the Landmarks for a specific region will reward you with an upgrade, and many of them contain easter eggs besides. If you’re having trouble finding all of the Landmarks, use the video guide below for help.

Arrested Development reference

Easter Eggs

There is a frozen banana stand that says “There’s always money here,” and is said to be a reliable business model that always sees demand, a reference to the Banana Stand in Arrested Development.

Peter Pan Croc

Easter Eggs

While not as specific as many of the other easter eggs, the statue of a crocodile eating a clock is most likely a reference to the crocodile from Peter Pan that bit off Captain Hook’s hand, because the crocodile had also swallowed a clock, giving it a telltale tick-tock sound when it approaches.

Titanic Replica

Easter Eggs

A replica of the Titanic can be found underwater, with two figures on it in Jack and Rose’s famous pose from the movie.

Subnautica reference

Easter Eggs

One of the bases from Subnautica can be found underwater.

How to Unlock All Mutations and Evolutions


Evolutions and Mutations will improve your skills and give you new abilities as you progress through the game.

Mutations come from story events, exploration, or defeating bosses and apex enemies. Here is how you can unlock all Mutations.

  • Bone Teeth – defeat the Dead Horse Lake Apex Barracuda
  • Bone Fins – defeat the Golden Shores Apex Mako
  • Bone Body – defeat the Sapphire Bay Apex Hammerhead Shark
  • Bone Tail – defeat the Prosperity Sands Apex Great White Shark
  • Bone Head – defeat the Caviar Key Apex Orca Whale
  • Bio-Electric Teeth – raise your Infamy Rank to level 1 and defeat Bayou Willy
  • Bio-Electric Fins – raise your Infamy Rank to level 5 and defeat Ensign Tyler Dixon
  • Bio-Electric Body – raise your Infamy Rank to level 6 and defeat Butcher Boy Brady
  • Bio-Electric Tail – raise your Infamy Rank to level 8 and defeat Mama Maybelle
  • Bio-Electric Head – raise your Infamy Rank to level 9 and defeat Commander Percy Metcalf
  • Shadow Teeth – find every Landmark in Dead Horse Lake
  • Shadow Fins – find every Landmark in Golden Shores
  • Shadow Body – find every Landmark in Sapphire Bay
  • Shadow Tail – find every Landmark in Prosperity Sands
  • Shadow Head – find every Landmark in Caviar Key

Evolutions likewise are unlocked through a variety of methods and can be equipped to improve your abilities. Here is how you can unlock all Evolutions.

  • Advanced Sonar – find Fawtick Bayou Grotto
  • Hearty – raise your Infamy Rank to level 2 and defeat Bobbie Bojangles
  • Amphibious – defeat the Fawtick Bayou Apex Alligator
  • Protein Digestion – find every Landmark in Fawtick Bayou Grotto
  • Fat Digestion – defeat Scaly Pete at Sapphire Bay
  • Mineral Digestion – raise your Infamy Rank to level 3 and defeat Pookie Paul
  • Adrenal Gland – raise your Infamy Rank to level 4 and defeat Candyman Curtis
  • Mutagen Digestion – raise your Infamy Rank to level 7 and defeat Lieutenant Shannon Sims
  • Reinforced Cartilage – find every Landmark in The Gulf
  • Subliminal Evasion – defeat the Gulf Apex Sperm Whale
  • Brutal Muscles – raise your Infamy Rank to level 10 and defeat Captain Robert Brunlett

In addition to simply unlocking Mutations and Evolutions, they can additionally be ranked up to strengthen their effects. Mutations also have an extra bonus if you use a complete set.

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