Knockout City Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: October 29, 2021
Knockout City
  • First Released: May 20, 2021
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Chonky the Armadillo

Easter Eggs

An armadillo named Chonky appears in several locations throughout the maps. In addition to the actual armadillo you can find in various spots, there are also posters put up in certain areas saying that Chonky is lost.

How to unlock customization options


As you play, you’ll earn XP and level up your Street Rank. At certain Street Ranks, you’ll unlock new customization options. However, it is luck-based. Other outfits can be purchased with style chips, as well.

The one exception is that if you are part of a Crew, a Crew Logo unlocked by any member (whether they’re the leader or not) of the Crew can be used by the whole Crew as long as the leader sets it.

Beginning Tips


The tutorial introduces the basic gameplay and concepts, so it’s worth playing through when you first start the game.

Work together with your teammates. Communicate with one another, pass the ball, and strategize to work as a team.

Consider teaming up with one or two teammates to pass the ball back and forth, which will keep the ball charged and potentially confuse your opponents as they try to keep track of the threat.

If you’re in a safe area with teammates nearby, consider turning into a ball for one of your teammates to throw. Do not turn into a ball if your opponents are close enough to grab you.

Red indicators on the side of the screen mean a ball is coming from that direction. Stay alert.

If you catch a ball thrown at you by an opponent, you’re able to throw it back at them. The better your timing of the catch is, the stronger your counter will be. A perfect catch will result in a fully charged shot when you throw the ball.

Of course, you won’t always be able to catch the ball, so you also want to master dodging. A good dodge might also give you an opening to grab the ball.

If you spin before throwing a charged shot, you can throw a curveball.

If you charge a shot while flipping in the air, you can perform a lob throw.

Use a variety of different shots. Doing the same thing all the time will make you predictable, while an unpredictable playing style will make it tougher for your opponents to react.

Try to confuse your opponents by faking throws or pretending to aim in a different direction before you actually throw the ball.

Special Balls


There are 5 special balls available in the game, and one type will be chosen at the start of the match for you to find.

  • Bomb Ball – explodes after a set amount of time.
  • Moon Ball – lets you jump higher while carrying it and knocks away opponents it hits.
  • Multi-Ball – gives you 3 balls at once.
  • Cage Ball – traps an opponent struck by it, allowing you to pick up and throw the caged opponent.
  • Sniper Ball – very fast throw when fully charged.

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