Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cheats on PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Last Updated: December 25, 2022
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
  • First Released: May 6, 2021

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Hood Cheats


Looking for that edge that gives you a leg up on the competition? Hood: Outlaws & Legends does not offer that to you… on the record. Like many other games, Hood has been hacked by users to give you that competitive edge. If you google cheats for Hood, you will find some nice options to choose from. Cheats such as x-ray vision and aimbots are available… in a less than legit way. These will help you unlock skins and earn things a lot faster than other players.

Unlimited Ammo


If you were to play as the hunter class, you need to acquire the roving rogue perk. The roving rogue perk gives you a scavenging attribute that helps you pick up ammo from the terrain. The way this exploit works is if you shoot a bolt, and then head on over to retrieve it, it not only gives you the bolt that you shot back, it gives you an additional bolt. So use this to your advantage and you can end up with unlimited bolt ammo.

Obligated showing us how to end up with infinite ammo.



As you play, you’ll gain both experience and gold. Experience allows you to level up, unlocking new perks. However, to use a perk, you’ll need to purchase it with gold. You have three available perk slots to fill. You can’t fill these slots freely, but rather each slot has a series of associated perks that are unlocked as you level up.

Beginning Tips


The Hideout includes a Training Area where you can practice. This is a good way to get used to using a hero and testing out their skills and abilities.

Once you’ve gotten used to the basics of your chosen hero, you might also consider practicing in the Map Training Mode that lets you practice the PvE experience by going up against the AI only. This is a good way to learn the maps and get used to the general gameplay experience before entering a multiplayer match.

Spawn and extraction points are fixed, while capture points can either have fixed positions relative to one another or be semi-random.

You’ll see which map you’ll be playing while in the lobby, so take that time to think through the map layout and determine what hero and team composition will work the best.

When in a multiplayer match, make sure to work with the other members of your team. Since different heroes have different abilities, you’ll need to work together if you want to make progress. Good communication and teamwork are key to victory. Try to make sure you have a well-balanced team to have access to the different heroes’ strengths, as well.

Don’t use your special abilities carelessly. Instead, wait for the moment when they’ll be most effective due to the situation.

Consider trying out different heroes not only so you know how to play them, but also so you’ll better understand how to go up against each one when you face them on the other team.

The Sheriff is a dangerous foe, and not one you want to go up against. After getting the key, avoid the Sheriff as much as you can and do your best to keep your teammates from running into him as well.

Avoiding NPCs is also wise because a player spotted by an NPC will be outlined in red, which makes it easier for the enemy team to see you as well.



There are four heroes to pick from, each with different strengths and abilities.

  • Robin Hood (Ranger) – focuses on ranged combat
  • Marianne (Hunter) – focuses on stealth and quick takedowns
  • John (Brawler) – focuses on defense and dealing damage to groups
  • Tooke (Mystic) – focuses on a blend of close combat, ranged attacks, and healing

Robin Hood

Easter Eggs

Although this can be obvious to some players, it can be quite an eye-opener to others. If you pay close attention, all four characters bear a resemblance in some way to the characters in Robin Hood. The Hood looks and adapts just like Robin Hood. The fighter known as John can be thought to be Robin Hoods’ sidekick, Little John. Marriane can be an alternate reality twist on Robin Hoods’ love interest, Maid Marion. Tooke can be thought of as a version of Friar Tuck, the monk. Would Robin Hood and his band of outlaws fight for what is right? Absolutely.

Some Helpful Unlockables


Hood: Outlaws & Legends adds a bit of substance to the five maps on offer. On each map, there are six trinkets in which to collect, which adds a little bit of achievement to each map for the player. Each trinket gives a small amount of lore to each map, so think of it as reading a story, piece by piece. If you enjoy the little bits of lore on offer in the games you play, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for trinkets.

Hood offers the player chances to unlock Legends by winning matches as that playable character, which gives a little bit of a backstory on the character that you are playing as. Much like trinkets, if you enjoy reading up on characters and their backstories, take a look around for those Legends. Striving to earn them all for a character earns you a nice little prize at the end, a nice new outfit to show off to all your online friends.

Hood offers a few weapons for each character so that you can customize the way you complete missions. The way to unlock these weapons is much like any other game there, by putting time and effort into the game. A lot of the weapons can be unlocked by simply improving your character level, but there are a few other ways in which to unlock these weapons. Improving the rank of your hideout and earning legends are other ways to unlock weapons. So start grinding and you will earn those weapons before you know it.

If you were to channel your inner Robin Hood and share your earnings with the inhabitants of your Hideout, it will increase in level. This does not help you in combat, however, but what it lacks in deadly strength, it makes up for in style points. Increasing the level of your Hideout will give you access to new skins and outfits for you and your weapons. So focusing on increasing your hideout will help you look good while kicking ass.

Focus on the Vault key


At the start of a match, the best thing to do is to use your map to locate the Sheriff's path. Once you have, get to the sheriff as fast as possible to get the vault key from him, this will allow your team to know where the vault key is and to know where the vault is. Without the key, players do not know where the vault is, so your team has an advantage on all the other teams in the match.

Obligated telling us all about the Vault Key.

Make sure that you kill the AI enemies


Most of the time, it saves you time and effort in killing the AI enemies by sneaking by them. This is not always the best choice, by killing the AI enemies, you will charge up your ultimate ability much faster than if you were to sneak by them in search of greater foes. SO making sure to execute all enemies that stand in your way will benefit you in the long run.

Obligated showing us the way by killing all AI opponents.

Use your pings


One of the best in-game mechanics in any game is the use of a ping. Marking enemies and locations can help out strategies and friendlies alike. Being aware of what is going on in certain areas of the map can be the difference between a win and a loss. So making use of the ping system by pinging areas and enemies can help you secure that win over your enemies.

Obligated showing us how to make use of the ping system.

Learn to manage your stamina


Many games make use of resource management, Hood is no different with their stamina bar. The PvP system in Hood makes the use of stamina very important, learning to use your stamina to the best of your ability will help you win fights and stay ahead of the game. Misuse your stamina and you will find yourself on the receiving end of a relentless enemy. So learn to use your stamina in the best way possible to rise above your opponents.

Obligated explaining the use of your stamina and why you should watch how you use it.

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