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Last Updated: January 31, 2023
  • First Released: Jan 19, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Bonus Suits and Items


There are numerous suits and other bonus items you can unlock without doing anything in-game.

  • The Black Streak Suit (Classic) – available for any player playing on PC
  • The Blue Streak Suit (Classic) – available for any player playing on PS4
  • The Green Streak Suit (Classic) – available for any player playing on Xbox One
  • White Sunset Suit (Classic) – available for any player playing on Stadia
  • Futo Suit (Themed) – link the game to your IO Interactive account
  • Lynch Suit (Themed) – link the game to your IO Interactive account
  • Freedom Phantom Suit (Tactical) – link the game to your IO Interactive account
  • Raven Suit (Tactical) – import Hitman (2016) data into the game
  • Clown Suit (Themed) – import Hitman (2016) data into the game
  • Cowboy Suit (Themed) – import Hitman (2016) data into the game
  • Midnight Black Suit (Casual) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Remote Concussion Collectors Duck (Explosive) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Winter Sports Suit (Themed) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Arctic Toolbox (Container) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Snowball (Melee) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Piton (Melee) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Quickdraw (Melee) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Midnight Black Suit (Casual) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • ICA Executive Briefcase (Container) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • ICA19 Black Lilly (Pistol) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • Smart Casual Suit (Casual) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • ICA Flash Phone (Tool) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game
  • IO Elite S2VP Earphones (Melee) – import Hitman 2 + its Expansion Pass data into the game

Unlock Hitman 1 and 2 Maps and Data


You can unlock all of the content from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 by importing your previous game data into Hitman 3. This only works if you have the games on the same type of platform (ex. if you’ll need to have played Hitman 2 on PlayStation to import it into a PlayStation copy of Hitman 3).

Unlocking the Hitman 2 maps is fairly simple. Just go to Hitman 3’s in-game store and you’ll be able to download the Access Packs for Hitman 2 if you have Hitman 2 installed.

It becomes a little more complicated with Hitman 1, because you can’t unlock the maps directly. Instead, to access Hitman 1content in Hitman 3, you’ll need to first go into Hitman 2, where you’ll be able to unlock the Legacy Mission Pack if you have Hitman 1. Then you can transfer the Hitman maps as Hitman 2 content into Hitman 3.

Your Hitman 2 game progress can also be transferred over, as long as you do this before starting Hitman 3. This will transfer your unockables, XP, and level Challenges, but not other types of mission data or save files. To do this, you’ll need to link both games to your IO Interactive account and visit the Carryover section of the website to transfer your data from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3.

Potato Jesus Painting

Easter Eggs

There is a notoriously botched “restoration” of a painting of Jesus that has come to be known as “Potato Jesus” or “Monkey Christ” due to its terrible appearance. After the painting previously appeared in Hitman 2, it has now been placed in Hitman 3 as well and can be found in the Berlin level.

Lord of the Rings reference

Easter Eggs

The sign outside the lawyer’s place in the Mendoza vineyard reads “No Admittance except on party business.” This is a reference to The Lord of the Rings, in which Bilbo has such a sign outside his house.

Developer Photo QR Code

Easter Eggs

In the Chongqing mission, there is a character with a QR code on the back of his head. If you scan it with Agent 47’s camera, a picture of the game’s developers pops up.

Freedom Fighters reference

Easter Eggs

Berlin and Chongqing both include arcade machines on which you can see the logo for Freedom Fighters, an action game made by the same developers in 2003.

X-Files Reference / UFO Escape

Easter Eggs

The graffiti on the walls in Berlin includes the picture of a UFO, a telephone, and the date 1993. 1993 is the year The X-Files began playing, and if you take a picture of the graffiti with the camera and then later enter 1993 in a phone booth, you will escape by way of a UFO.

Hitman: Contracts reference

Easter Eggs

Signs in Chongqing include the name “Lee Hong,” who was one of the Five Fathers and a Triad boss in Hitman: Contracts, as well as “Blue Lotus,” the name of the rival Triad group.

Spongebob reference

Easter Eggs

There is a bathtub in Berlin that contains a pineapple and sponge hidden under the water, a nod to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Untitled Goose Game reference

Easter Eggs

In Berlin, there is a sign forbidding the presence of geese, which is most likely a nod to Untitled Goose Game.

Knives Out homage

Easter Eggs

The entire Dartmoor section, including its setting, the characters involved, and some of the environmental details, is a nod to the movie Knives Out.

Allan reminder post-it note

Easter Eggs

The whiteboard in Dubai includes post-it note reminders to “Talk to Allan for details,” a nod to a mistake in Hitman: Blood Money where an item description contained only the placeholder text “Allan please add details.”

Keypad Code - 47

Easter Eggs

If you enter 47 into any keypad in the game and try to submit it, it won’t work as a code, but Agent 47 will respond with, “Perfect.”

Talking Hippo

Easter Eggs

You can find a golden hippo idol in Berlin and use it to summon a talking hippo for a strange conversation.

Secret Ending (Countdown from 47)


There is a secret ending at the end of the game if you wait 47 seconds instead of killing the Constant and inject yourself with the syringe containing a brainwashing serum, wiping Agent 47’s memory.

ICA Facility Rewards


You can unlock two rewards through the ICA Facility Maps:

  • Lockpick (Tool) – complete the Safety First, Final Terms, and Safe Conduct missions in the Cuba map.
  • Tactical Turtleneck (Suit, Tactical) – complete The Final Test (after having downloaded update 3.11 for the game)

Basic Tips


Instinct Vision lets you locate items, detect people’s positions, and see through walls, so use it often to get a better understanding of your surroundings.

Save often and consider keeping multiple saves in order to experiment with different options. Try out different things to see what happens.

It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t lose Challenge completion if you reload a save to try something different, as long as you don’t go to the main menu in between.

Take your time learning each map so you understand it better. Your first time through a particular map should probably be spent looking for items and gathering information.

Some levels will have a disguise that gives you access to most things, which makes it even easier to explore and find items.

While some changes only work temporarily, there are others that are permanent even when you return to the map later, such as opening up a shortcut.

Different disguises have different benefits, as well as different characters who might see through it, so pay attention to the type of disguise you’re wearing to figure out how to proceed.

When you look around with Instinct Vision, characters who can see through your current disguise will be marked with a white circle above their heads.

Start out with the Mission Stories before you branch out to try other things, because they’ll be more straightforward and help you understand the mission.

If you zoom in to focus on characters, you will also be able to hear their conversations more clearly.

Your camera lets you scan things and pick up clues. Anything important that you scan will be marked on the mini-map.

Mastery Level Rewards


As you progress in each area of the game, you will level up your Mastery Level of each map and unlock new things, including suits and items. Your Mastery Level will increase based on your rating for completing the mission as well as a reward for completing the challenges found in each area. You’ll want to replay the maps to get better and better at them in order to raise your Mastery Level.

As your Mastery Level for each map increases, you’ll unlock the following rewards:

Berlin Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - ICA Remote Micro Taser (tool), Entrance Staff Room (pickup)
  • Rank 3 - Club Entrance (start location)
  • Rank 4 - Projection Bar (stash)
  • Rank 5 - ICA Remote Explosive MK III (explosive)
  • Rank 6 - Projection Bar (start location)
  • Rank 7 - Custom 5mm DTI (pistol), Basement Toilet (stash)
  • Rank 8 - Radio Tower (start location)
  • Rank 9 - Biker Garage (stash)
  • Rank 10 - Lethal Poison Vial (poison)
  • Rank 11 - Chill Out (start location)
  • Rank 12 - Chill-Out Staff Trailer (pickup)
  • Rank 13 - Flash Grenade MK III (explosive)
  • Rank 14 - Skylight Access (pickup)
  • Rank 15 - Lethal Syringe MK III (poison)
  • Rank 16 - DJ Booth (start location)
  • Rank 17 - Overpass (pickup)
  • Rank 18 - Biker Hangout (start location)
  • Rank 19 - Basement Boiler Room (pickup)
  • Rank 20 - Classic Cut Long Coat Suit w/ Gloves (outfit), Number Six w/ Gloves (outfit), Remote Explosive Devil Rubber Duck (explosive)

Carpathian Mountains Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - Laboratory (start location), HWK21 Pale Homemade Silencer (pistol)
  • Rank 3 - Outdoors (start location)
  • Rank 4 - Proximity Semtex Demo Block MK III (explosive)
  • Rank 5 - ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert (shotgun)

Congqing Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - Facility Server Supply Room (stash), Electronic Key Hacker MK III (tool)
  • Rank 3 - Restaurant Back Stairwell (stash)
  • Rank 4 - River-side Walkway (start location)
  • Rank 5 - ICA Pen Syringe Emetic (poison)
  • Rank 6 - Corridor (pickup)
  • Rank 7 - ICA Proximity Concussion Device MK III (explosive), Restaurant Kitchen (start location)
  • Rank 8 - Facility Maintenance Tunnel (pickup)
  • Rank 9 - Facility Rooftop (start location)
  • Rank 10 - Facility Rooftop (stash), ICA Tactical Shotgun (shotgun)
  • Rank 11 - Arcade (pickup)
  • Rank 12 - Side Alley (pickup)
  • Rank 13 - The Block (start location)
  • Rank 14 - Facility Ventilation Room (stash)
  • Rank 15 - ICA SMG Raptor Covert (submachinegun)
  • Rank 16 - Balcony (start location)
  • Rank 17 - The Laundry (stash)
  • Rank 18 - Apartment (pickup)
  • Rank 19 - Facility Lockerroom (start location)
  • Rank 20 - Neon City Suit w/ Gloves (outfit), Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Covert (sniper rifle)

Dartmoor Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - Lockpick MK III (tool), Deliveries (stash)
  • Rank 3 - Bathroom (pickup)
  • Rank 4 - Garden (start location)
  • Rank 5 - ICA19 Shortballer (pistol), Greenhouse (stash)
  • Rank 6 - Staffroom (start location)
  • Rank 7 - Sedative Poison Vial (poison), Changing Room (pickup)
  • Rank 8 - Behind Mansion (start location)
  • Rank 9 - Graveyard (pickup)
  • Rank 10 - ICA Remote Audio Distraction MK III (distraction)
  • Rank 11 - Library (start location)
  • Rank 12 - Library (stash)
  • Rank 13 - Kukri Knife (melee)
  • Rank 14 - Hallway (pickup)
  • Rank 15 - Proximity Explosive Duck (explosive)
  • Rank 16 - Zachary's Bedroom (start)
  • Rank 17 - Laundry Room (stash)
  • Rank 18 - Walking Cane (melee), Main Road (start location)
  • Rank 19 - Behind Mansion (starting location)
  • Rank 20 - Classic Cut Long Coat Suit w/ Gloves (outfit), Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle (sniper rifle)

Dubai Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - Atrium Lobby (start location), Burj Al-Ghazali Snowglobe (melee)
  • Rank 3 - Kitchen (stash)
  • Rank 4 - Meeting room (start location)
  • Rank 5 - Emetic Poison Vial (poison)
  • Rank 6 - Penthouse Supply Room (pickup)
  • Rank 7 - Art installation (start location), ICA Briefcase MK III (container)
  • Rank 8 - Artium Toliet (stash)
  • Rank 9 - Maintenance Room (pickup)
  • Rank 10 - Explosive Golf Ball (explosive)
  • Rank 11 - Guardroom (start)
  • Rank 12 - Laundry Room (stash)
  • Rank 13 - Ornate Scimitar (melee)
  • Rank 14 - Art Backstage Balcony (pickup)
  • Rank 15 - Druzhina 34 DTI (sniper rifle)
  • Rank 17 - Penthouse Ventilation Area (pickup)
  • Rank 19 - Penthouse (start location)
  • Rank 20 - ICA Proximity Explosive MK III (explosive)

Mendoza Mastery Level

  • Rank 2 - Parking Lot (start location), ICA DTI Stealth (pistol)
  • Rank 3 - Boathouse (stash)
  • Rank 4 - Vineyard (start location)
  • Rank 5 - Kalmer 2 Tranquilizer (pistol)
  • Rank 6 - Worker's Bathroom (stash)
  • Rank 7 - Tasting (start location), ICA Combat Axe (melee)
  • Rank 8 - Barrel Room (pickup)
  • Rank 9 - Shrine (start location)
  • Rank 10 - Cinema (stash), Krugermeier 2-2 Silver (pistol)
  • Rank 11 - Shrine (stash)
  • Rank 12 - Steel Tanks (pickup)
  • Rank 13 - Sniper Spot (start location)
  • Rank 14 - Villa Attic (pickup)
  • Rank 15 - DAK Black Covert (submachinegun)
  • Rank 16 - Grapefield Shed (pickup)
  • Rank 17 - Dining Area (start location)
  • Rank 18 - Villa Basement (stash)
  • Rank 19 - Dance Floor (stash)
  • Rank 20 - Black & White Tuxedo (outfit), Sieger 300 Viper (sniper rifle)

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