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Last Updated: December 14, 2021
  • First Released: Nov 11, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Infinite Loot


You will need to get to the dreamstone’s level and the recommended level is 50, which is the max level. You can do this on the highest difficulty but you don’t get much more loot. 

The easiest is the exalted earthworm gauntlet. You can do this with any of the gauntlets in the dreamstones but they are a much higher level. 

You are going to start by completing the first three starter rounds of the dreamstones. Then get yourself the best buffs for your build don’t worry about revealing the loot.  

Once you have completed all those rounds and get to the boss phase the actual gauntlet. You are going to be consisting replaying the gauntlet. When you get into the guantlet there will be four midbosses. You will need to kill the first three and make sure you get all the loot from them and then abandon the mission. This will take you back to your sanctum, this won't abort the dreamstone.  Then you can restart the boss fight and rekill the first three bosses. 

Because you are fighting mid-bosses at level 50 you will get a ton of resources and legendaries. These fights and the loading time in the game are quick so you can do this incredibly quickly.  

A detailed video on how to use the glitch for infinite loot

Throw your shield


In the first mission, you will find a floating object on your left by the bridge. You can throw your shield at the object to retrieve it.

Throwing your shield does not count against your shield recharge time. But if you miss the object it will count against your shield recharge time. 

Shield functions:

Shield strike: this action enables you to perform a light attack after a last-second shield block. To counter-attack with a powerful strike.

Shield Throw 

You can aim and throw your shield which can hit many targets. 

Wave Attack

After you have thrown your shield, tap the shield button just before you catch your shield and this will trigger the shock around you.   

Loot in the Overworld


Look all over the overworld for loot because it is everywhere. If you use your spirit vision and you will see a giant beam of light extending above any secrets that are available in the world. 

Sometimes the beams of light are hidden or it isn’t always easy to get to the beam. So make sure to look everywhere: underneath things, over things, behind you. 

Valor Plates


The Valor Plates is your armor. You automatically receive armor at the beginning of the game. Upon completion of your tutorial mission, you will be offered a second set of armor but you can get up to five sets of armor based on your Earth realm alone. 

When you complete your mission in the Earth realm you will want to go back to the main hub. You will see that any and all valor plates can be unlocked immediately. There is a quick button to copy your loadout instead of rebuilding it.

Bronze Dad speaks over 10 tips to know when playing Godfall, they will make you a pro!

Go for these 6 Legendary Weapons


Darkstar Crusher (Legendary Hammer)
When you perform a weapon technique either northern or southern it will create a time bubble that slows enemies down by 30% with a cooldown of 2 minutes. 

This weapon will work against all enemies even the bosses. This will enable you to get quite a lot of damage without having to dodge too much. 

Standard of the Golden Lion (Legendary Banner)
The Banner is an Integral part of your loadout. The Banner will give you plus 30% weapon technique charge speed, shield charge speed, and archon fury charge speed. It enables you to refresh your powerful and useful abilities very quickly.  

The Banner will increase your charge speed to a great extent on any special ability. Your attack will be much more powerful and any special ability or technique used will inflict a great deal of damage. 

Sword of Courage (Legendary Longword)
When you inflict damage, the weapon shoots up to 2 projectiles towards enemies and inflict up to 3259 damage each. This is especially useful in places like the Tower of Trials because it is better to use against groups of enemies.

You will want to hit as many enemies as you can because the more enemies you hit the more buffs you earn. This will help you unleash the Bleed ability and that destroys enemies in a matter of seconds.

Stormflayers (Legendary Dual Blades)
Once you have activated Inner Focus, then you apply the soul-shatter buildup to destroy nearby enemies. All of your attacks will deal the soul-shatter damage. This is normally reserved for lighter attacks but this will work for any attack.

While using the Nothern technique it will activate an Inner Storm that you can use to inflict great damage. As you gain aura and then you can use the soul-shatter to destroy the rest of your enemies. 

Surety (Legendary Augment)
When you use your Northern technique to hit your enemy, this will expose your enemy’s weakness and will deal about 84% damage on the weakness in your next strike with the damage boost. This will also expose the weaknesses for your team m

Ash Meteorite (Legendary Charm)
When you hit a weak spot the weapon will shoot a projectile the will deal 3488 physical damage. 

The Charm paired with a valve plate like the Illumina will expose weaknesses very quickly.  

This video goes into detail about the legendary items and weapons.

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