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Last Updated: March 5, 2022
  • First Released: Oct 26, 2020
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Game and media references

Easter Eggs

Ghostrunner is filled with references to other games and media, such as:

  • graffiti that reads “We have a city to burn,” a line from one of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailers
  • Genji’s sword from Overwatch, found driven into fire in a way that may be a reference to the bonfires from Dark Souls
  • objects that when looked at from the right angle look like Aku from Samurai Jack
  • Hotline Miami jacket
  • a Dopefish image
  • a Fall Guys guy at the end of a drop
  • a tiny Ghostrunner figurine
  • Kaneda’s bike from Akira
  • a sign that displays “Kill Boss” over and over again like the character from Ruiner
  • a laptop from the developers
  • enemies quoting famous lines from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • an image of a Star Wars stormtrooper
  • graffiti that reads “Yami Sheepy,” the name of the founder of the Yami Wear clothing store
  • a Killer Priest DVD
  • Lego blocks
  • graffiti that reads “What a lovely day,” possibly a reference to a line from Mad Max: Fury Road
  • the name Daniel Deluxe, who is the game’s composer
  • posters that reference the game’s developers

These easter eggs can be found along with how to reach their locations in the video below.

Unlock Hardcore Mode


When you beat the game, you will unlock a new difficulty, Hardcore Mode. Hardcore Mode features tougher enemies and altered levels.

All Unlockable Abilities


In addition to the parkour abilities you have at the start of the game, such as wall-running and dashing, you will unlock additional special abilities as you play.

  • Blink – Target multiple enemies at once; unlocked by completing The Climb.
  • Tempest – Shoot a blast at enemies; unlocked by completing Road to Amida.
  • Surge – Ranged attack; unlocked by completing In Her Own Image.
  • Overlord – Take control of enemies; unlocked during Reign In Hell.

All Unlockable Upgrades


In addition to the abilities themselves, you’ll also unlock new upgrades for your abilities and other gameplay functions while playing the game. You can equip several unlocked upgrades at a time by placing them together on the upgrade board.

The following upgrades will be unlocked as you play:

Dash Upgrades

  • Extra Charge – unlocked in The Climb
  • Cooldown – unlocked in Breathe In
  • Extra Charge 2 – unlocked in Run Up
  • Bulletproof – unlocked in Faster
  • Extra Charge 3 – unlocked in Reign In Hell

Deflect Upgrades

  • Reflect – unlocked in The Climb
  • Boost – unlocked in Breathe In
  • Elimination Boost – unlocked in Run Up
  • Absorb – unlocked in Faster
  • Microbooster – unlocked in Reign In Hell

Blink Upgrades

  • Range – unlocked in The Climb
  • Area – unlocked in The Climb
  • Extra Charge – unlocked in The Climb

Tempest Upgrades

  • Range – unlocked in Run Up
  • Multikill Refund – unlocked in Run Up

Surge Upgrades

  • Size – unlocked in In Her Own Image
  • Range – unlocked in In Her Own Image
  • Speed – unlocked in In Her Own Image
  • Charges – unlocked in In Her Own Image

Overlord Upgrades

  • Duration – unlocked in Reign In Hell

Other Upgrades

  • Aim Time Boost – unlocked in Breathe In
  • Cybervoid Attunement – unlocked in Breathe In
  • Overclock – unlocked in Faster
  • Technique Boost – unlocked in Reign In Hell
  • Detector – unlocked in The Climb
  • Tactical Overlay – unlocked in The Climb
  • Sensory Boost: X-Ray – unlocked in Breathe In
  • Sensory Boost: Slowdown – unlocked in Faster
  • Overlay 2 – unlocked in In Her Own Image

All Collectibles (swords, artifacts, audio logs)


Ghostrunner collectibles come in three forms: 25 collectible artifacts, 14 unlockable sword skins that change the appearance of your sword (although its function remains the same), and 7 audio logs to listen to.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the collectibles, use the video guide below for help.

Basic Tips


Be patient. You’ll likely die several times as you take on a new level. Just keep trying and practice.

Stay moving whenever possible. If you’re around enemies, stopping will make you an easy target. Try to plan out your movements so that you can stay in motion while attacking.

Arrows will guide you through the level. If you feel lost, look around to see if there are any arrows.

Checkpoints let you respawn from them if you die. However, they do not serve as save points if you quit the game. Make sure you’ve reached the end of a level before quitting the game, or else you’ll restart from the beginning of the level.

Your primary goal is to stay alive. Surviving is more important than defeating enemies. This also applies to boss battles, so always focus on making it to the next point and learning the boss’s patterns.

All of your abilities can be incredibly effective at turning the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with each new unlocked ability to see how to best use it to your advantage.

Dash is one of your most useful abilities. Make use of dash in combat to avoid enemy attacks as well as close in on enemies to strike.

Using your sensory boost is also effective both in and out of combat, slowing down time to help you dodge attacks or better tackle the platforming segments, sometimes even giving you the opportunity you need to save a landing you would otherwise miss.

As you unlock upgrades, try out different combinations to find the build that works best for you. The game will alert you whenever you have a new upgrade.

Use your sword not only to attack enemies, but also to deflect projectiles. With the right timing, you can knock back bullets to hit your enemies.

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