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Last Updated: July 21, 2022
F1 2021
  • First Released: Jul 15, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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F1 Setups


Your car setup is very track-dependent and can be very personal and skill-biased. What may work for an esport driver may not work for a normal player.  

The developers have tried to create a stable and predictable setup that you can run and use as a base to make tweaks. 

  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • Australian Grand Prix
  • Austrian Grand Prix
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  • Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Belgian Grand Prix
  • Brazilian Grand Prix
  • British Grand Prix
  • Canadian Grand Prix
  • Chinese Grand Prix  
  • French Grand Prix
  • Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Imola Grand Prix
  • Italian Grand Prix
  • Japanese Grand Prix
  • Jeddah Grand Prix
  • Mexican Grand Prix  
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Netherlands Grand Prix
  • Portuguese Grand Prix
  • Russian Grand Prix
  • Singapore Grand Prix
  • Spanish Grand Prix
  • USA Grand Prix 
SimRacingSetups goes through the best car setups for each truck.

Career Mode


When you play the normal career mode there is now a proper system of graduating from F2 to F1. You are able to start your career as a driver in F2. There is a system in the game where you have to do well enough to earn a better contract from the potential F1 teams. 

The acclaim level system still doesn’t work very accurately. Even if you crash in every single race and skip the qualifying. The acclaim level does not drop below half of the bar on level 4. 

However, at the end of the season, you can still be fired from the team and moved to a lower-ranking team.

If you continue to crush in every single race and qualify last you will be demoted to F2.

Beginner Tips


Slow in, fast out 
Normally players like to be the last of the late brakers, but this may not always be the quickest method unless you are overtaking.

It will take players longer to go deep and beyond the apex than for a player to roll into ut because they braked a little early.

We also suggest entering from a broad angle as you will need to keep at least one wheel inside the white line. You are able to straddle the car over the curb in some of the corners, which will help expand the radius and allow you to carry greater speed through the corner.

A small alteration to your camera settings or wheel feedback can really change your race comfort.

Steering and Braking assist 
Both options will take control over the steering and braking inputs, leaving the throttle as the only input option for control. If you turn these options off you can fully control the car. 

You will want to go to the game options, then settings, select assists and navigate down to anti-lock brakes. 

Anti-Lock Brakes 
When the car goes into a corner the car is shown as locking up. This setting will prevent that from happening and slamming the brake pedal won’t help. We suggest that if you are a beginner leave this option on and then turn it off later when you are comfortable. 

You will want to go to the game options, then settings, select assists and navigate down to anti-lock brakes. 

If you want the ABS off then you can turn this option off but there is the option to change your braking assist too. 

F1 Games From Codemasters goes through some tips and tricks for beginners.

Additional Beginner Tips


Traction Control 
You will want to keep this setting on high as this will prevent you from wheel spinning and losing control of your car. Once you are comfortable you can change the setting to medium. 

How to save on fuel and tyres 
You are given 3 programmes within practice sessions, compared to the seven previously. These tasks rewarded the player with resource points that can be spent on car development. The actual practice programmes have not changed but are cycled through.                                                                  

Adjust your fuel
Before you start the race, you will be given the option to change your race strategy and also your setup but the parc fermé setting is disabled. This setting is available in every mode. 

The option is located underneath the tyre strategy on the first screen. The game will add on a few extra laps of fuel but this can be a waste of lap time as it adds extra weight to the car.  

We also suggest that you adjust your fuel accordingly and add a little bit extra. If the car is beginning to be underfilled the game will give you a warning. 

Test out other car setups 
The right car setup can help the player put on a better performance but creating the right car setup can be difficult.  We suggest that you test other car setups to see what works best under different conditions. 

As you become more familiar with the full range of options you will be able to start experimenting with your own car setup. 

Use flashbacks 
The flashback enables players to go back to a mistake they have made and see how they can improve. 

But try not to use the flashback for every single mistake as this may make the game less enjoyable. If you start to struggle with this you can put a limit on the flashbacks. 

F1 Games From Codemasters goes through some tips and tricks for beginners.

VIP tier rewards


A player will receive:  

  • 7 500 PitCoins for completing all 30 levels of the Podium Pass
  • 5 liveries
  • 5 race suits
  • 4 gloves
  • 2 victory radio calls
  • 2 poses
  • 2 decals
  • 2 helmets
  • 2 badges
  • 2 personal stickers
  • An emote

Podium Pass


As you progress through the tiers you will earn Xp. If you want to level up your look even further you can purchase VIP with the game’s currency and gain access to some additional items.  

You will need the play to get through the 30 tiers of the Podium Pass. You can earn XP in any mode and then quickly go through the tiers. However, if you need a boost completing the Podium Pass challenges will give you a great setup.    

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